Capital Gains Calculations

cap_gains_taxesThe financial year is over and in the next several months many of us will be filing your income tax returns. If you invest in stocks and/or mutual funds, you will need to prepare the capital gains calculations for your short-term and long-term gains for stocks and mutual funds. Also, if you have any intra-day profits/losses for stocks you will have to calculate those gains as well.

MProfit provides various simplified reports for capital gains calculations. MProfit follows the First In First Out (FIFO) method for calculating capital gains. MProfit provides a summary as well as transaction wise capital gains reports. Capital gains reports are listed separately for equity mutual funds and debt mutual funds.

MProfit calculates and adjusts capital gains calculations based on corporate actions such as merger, de-merger and split and bonus.

Below are several articles which explain in detail how MProfit handles capital gains calculations.

Capital Gain Calculations for Shares (Stocks)

Capital Gain Calculations for Mutual Funds (MF)

A video tutorial on Capital Gains Reports

Lastly, MProfit not only calculates capital gains post sale, MProfit has a feature called Tax Calculator.  The Tax Calculator can help you determine your short-term and long-term capital gains and the amount of tax payable before you decide to sell your stocks or mutual funds.

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