MProfit Advisor for more then 500 portfolios

MProfit Advisor

Do you have more than 500 portfolios to manage?  We have a plan for that as well.

Step 1: Pick MProfit Advisor for 1,000 portfolios

Rs. 15,000 per year (+taxes)

Step 2: Add for each additional 1,000 portfolios

Rs. 5,000 per year (+taxes)

Step 3: Add for each additional computer

Rs. 5,000 per year (+taxes)

Please contact us at (022) 4002-4149 when you are ready to purchase MProfit Advisor for more than 500 portfolios.

An example – You are a sub-broker that manages 8,000 portfolios and have 5 computers that need access to MProfit Advisor. You would purchase MProfit Advisor for Rs. 15,000 and an additional portfolio pack for Rs. 35,000 (7 x Rs. 5,000). Then you will need 4 additional licenses at Rs. 20,000 (4 x Rs. 5,000). You will need to apply taxes to the total amount as well.