Hear what people have to say about MProfit:


“I can confidently say MProfit is an excellent financial report solution provider (it is not just a software) and the team is excellent to interact with it. Keep it up !!!! “


“MProfit team is extremely helpful. This makes tedious work of maintenance and tracking of portfolios so simple and enjoyable. Even non-financial people can operate the software easily.”


“MProfit is a good software, I have been looking such a software since long time it’s very good and perfect. It’s for those who want to track their hard earnings.”


“MProfit makes life easy for investors. No more taxing efforts for reports and taxation. Just a click of a button you get what you need. Extremely user friendly and robust.”


“A fantastic user friendly software, which takes care of all aspects of the investor as well as the taxation issues. Managing money is a task, but not with MProfit.”


“I use MProfit for my investments and find its the only software giving accurate Short Term, Long Term & Intraday Profit & Loss. And, the team is always accepting new challenges to solve.”


“MProfit has been an extremely important tool for us for maintaining information on our clients’ portfolios across asset classes. It is extremely user-friendly and has great customer support.”


“MProfit is a very user-friendly desktop software which summarizes all your investments and gives you a status report of your stock investments on a daily basis. Very satisfied customer.”


“With MProfit, my portfolios are safe and secure in my desktop. With the periodical backup feature, I can be 100% sure that my portfolio is safe and available. Every penny spent on MProfit is worth it.”


“As a wealth advisor all you require is to generate simple reports which MProfit has provided me and for my clients.”


“Being an advisor and an investor, it has become convenient and faster to update the portfolios, instead of using Excel. They are too quick to respond with their after sales support.”


“You are doing a fantastic job for a retail investor like me. With your inputs and innovations I am able to track & monitor my portfolio without taking help from a professional financial advisor. Keep it up.”


“I found MProfit extremely good to use for my personal portfolio. It is simple and gives me a deep understanding of my positions. That includes the capital gains part too. I would recommend it.”


“MProfit is an excellent tool to easily keep track of all types of investments and to generate various reports to quickly understand the performance of the market on a daily basis.”


“Making money is tough, but managing money is tougher, more so if you don’t have the right tools at your disposal. MProfit is THE tool to efficiently manage your wealth.”

Active Investor 

“Accuracy, through put and core competency.”


“MProfit is an innovative product that fills the near vacuum in this application software space in the Indian market, as none existed with such good analytics. I wish the product a great success.”


“A very effective software I have come across during my rigorous surfing. The BEST investment monitoring tool available. It ensures maximising profit growth.” 

If you love using MProfit and want the world to know, then contact us at and we will feature you on this page.

  • “I have used your software investor version and found it great. (April 16, 2014)”
    by Shailendra

  • “I have been using the software since last 2 years and i have found the features outstanding , right from Stocks to the newly adopted accounting features it\'s outstanding , Single click and you are done. Please keep up the work and thanks for providing such an excellent Software. (April 12, 2014)”
    by Parag Mehta, Mumbai

  • “I would like to convey my sincere thanks to your team for the prompt service in attending to my problem connected with reports generation from MProfit software. (Apr. 9, 2014)”
    by Kirti Kumar Mandalaywala, Surat

  • “When there\'s MProfit for support, the investor can relax! (Apr. 4, 2014)”
    by Ramakrishna Pai

  • “I am a retail investor & really I like your software & it is a boon for any investor. it helps me to use your software with a lot of ease & made my work easier than you can ever imagine. Hats off to the whole team of MPROFIT (Really a value addition) (April 01, 2014)”
    by Siddharth Kamdar

  • “I have been using your program for last three years.Your company excels in every area.Your program is well thought out and stable.Your instructions are customer oriented and easy to follow.Your support is five star. Using this program has made tracking my portfolio so much simpler. I\'m just an average person trying to invest wisely, and your program helps to make this easier to do. (March 31, 2014)”
    by Nikhil Rohatgi

  • “MProfit is a solution that I have quickly gotten used to and today I just can't live without it. During the current financial year I have rolled up my entire accounting into MProfit on a trial basis. Bulk of my accounting transactions involve investment related - equity shares and mutual funds. These get auto accounted through the import feature. The residual accounting entries that I need to manually enter are very minimal. Even these are very intuitively handled in MProfit. Effective from 1st April 2014 I will be discontinuing Tally accounting for my personal finances. MProfit is a delight for conventional accountants like me. (Mar. 21, 2014)”
    by Muralikrishnan A.G, Chartered Accountant

  • “I am utilizing MProfit from year 2010. earlier I am using my accounts both portfolio and financial with Tally. After using your software I have become comfortable and my productivity also increased. The best part of this software is real time status of your money, Good customer support and the most important handling your grievances and working on that. I have tried lot of software but there is no match of MProfit as good portfolio and financial accounting software. Best of Luck and thanks to the MProfit team to become number 1 software in this field. (Mar. 8, 2014)”
    by Anurag Gupta

  • “Thanks a lot for MProfit, the most wonderful software of its class! (Mar. 7, 2014)”
    by NSA Ravie

  • “MProfit is a very nice software for wealth management. Almost all asset class are included in this. Also it is very easy to operate. The best part of MProfit is its service. Whenever you have a query you get it solved totally with the team of experts. I have a nice experience of the service. (Mar. 4, 2014)”
    by Avinash Dodal

  • “I have been using Mprofit for past 1 year and I am 100% satisfied with the service you people offer and your software take care of all kind of reports which I want as a financial advisor to take care of details in to my client accounts. I had several interactions with you as well as other software providers and I must say that your support is awesome. Your service is very prompt and too good. Your software charges are also very nominal compared to other peers in market. Many Many Thanks for it. (Mar 01, 2014)”
    by Khushboo Maheshwari, Financial Advisor

  • “Thank you for the software. It is really helpful and efficient. (Feb 27, 2014)”
    by Bob Mohan

  • “MProfit is a solution for financial data maintenance. The key features are: 1. excellent management & staff and their response 2. cost effective 3. user friendly.

    The most important part is their positive attitude and prompt response to queries. Notably they understand problems and needs of the customers. Data import function is very useful function of the software. One can easily import all kinds of data. One can test all real features of software for 1 month trial period and service of Pre trial & Post trial is the same. (Feb. 27, 2014)”
    by Mandar Bhalerao, P-Cube Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. (Group company of Praj Industries)

  • “It's amazing . I created my family, account, portfolio and imports some of my contract notes . It's really fantastic experience to see all the automated stuffs. (Feb 23, 2014)”
    by Veeramani

  • “The real powerhouse is the import function, which lets you add a template for Broker Contract Note, Mutual Funds, Insurance and F&O, taking the hassle out of inputting the data at all. These lists include almost every known intermediary in the market today so you shouldn’t have a problem importing your data irrespective of who you’ve invested with, including pdfs from eCAS - for mutual funds. (Feb. 15, 2014) Click for a full review on his blog
    by Atul Karmarkar

  • “Your team is doing excellent service by providing such an useful software. (Feb 20, 2014)”
    by Pradeep Baliga

  • “I deeply appreciate your service to small traders like me by providing us with such a nice software. (Feb. 14, 2014)”
    by Devadoss E.

  • “I am an individual investor, who has been in market for last 3 years. In these years i just used to record my buy/sell transactions into google finance. But over period of time tracking the portfolio performance was becoming more & more difficult owing to multiple buy/sell transactions and corporate actions like split,bonus,dividend etc.. which don't have an option to handled properly by google finance.

    MProfit came in the form of a blessing for me. Never thought it will be so easy to transfer all my past transactions into the software using the old contract notes.

    Just 1-2 days of diligently recording all transactions into MProfit and now I can just spend few minutes in a few months to record and update all my transactions.

    And I have my portfolio performance at the click of a button. Also i find the report section very useful, which has many useful reports like tax liability.

    I am loving the MProfit software. It's currently made available free by MProfit for small portfolio like mine, but i don't mind paying a small sum for this facility in future. (Feb. 05, 2014)”
    by Raja Panda

  • “I am now using your software for the last one year and have found it extremely user friendly and helpful. (Feb 04, 2014)”
    by Ashwani Sinha

  • “Initially when I started investing in equity market after reading a book by Robert Kiosaki, I found it very difficult to compute capital gains manually for tax purpose particularly when there are many transactions in a month or an year. Keeping track of the transactions using Excel seemed to be impractical, cumbersome and error prone. MProft came to my rescue and made my life easier! I have been using it since last four years and I am very happy with it. I can quickly find out my capital gains, profit and loss and can get so many other reports for analysis. Further, I can find out worth of my investments at any time. This is made possible due to automatic update of prices of shares and other investment instruments. Though I bought initially, MProft is free now!. No product is worth using if support is bad. So far, I found MProfit customer support excellent. I recommend this product to all investors. (Jan 26, 2014)”
    by M. Vidyasagar

  • “We were using a high end software from a renowned research organisation for almost 9 years but since we started using MProfit, the things were so simple and almost all the Asset Class Data is available in a single software. We also added some clients only for the reason of ease of offline data availability, in a single software, at client’s end. Their support team never lets you down for any question asked. Thanks to the Team and keep adding the new things....(Jan 24, 2014)”
    by Abhijit Khandekar, Eagle Wealth Advisers Pvt. Ltd., Nasik

  • “Let me congratulate you for designing such a good software, keeping it user friendly, allowing people to try it before deciding to buy the same, and the stupendous support being extended by your entire team. To say the least I am impressed and inspired to emulate you guys. (Jan 21, 2014)”
    by Premal B Thakkar, CFA, Alliance Consultants, Surat

  • “MProfit sets a new bar in customer service. And they don't differentiate between a customer evaluating a trial and a paid subscriber - that's saying volumes about their dedication. Instant, knowledgeable chat representatives and telephonic initiatives to solve the issue - impressive. (Jan. 19, 2014)”
    by Sundeep Goyal

  • “We are using MProfit Pro software, we are happy with all the features. It is very useful for Portfolio Management as well as for accounting purpose, calculation of Income Tax and other expenses, tracking overall Holdings, to generate various reports. It is very helpful to understand the performance of the market and our holdings on a daily basis.
    The MProfit team gives good support and prompt reply. MProfit is very good software. We are happy with the Software & we will continue with using the same. (Jan 16, 2014)”
    by Darshana Satra, Wealth Orchard Consultants, Pune

  • “Thank you for MProfit, an outstanding application. Your ingenuity is very much appreciated. MProfit itself is a prime example of how technology can be harnessed to meet user needs. (Jan 10, 2014)”
    by Ramakrishna Pai

  • “I am using this software, have liked the features. (Jan 08, 2014)”
    by Vijay

  • “Believe me, Mprofit is a very nice software. The report pattern is very nice and most important, this software covers all financial products in one place so that anyone can see each and every assets in one snap shot. In software company, it is very important that how that company gives the after sell service. MPROFIT people give very prompt service to their clients if any clients have the problem. This software is so easy to use that anybody can understand in few hours. By cost wise this software is very less costly so anybody can afford it. Keep it up guys…… (Jan 06, 2014)”
    by Ramanuj Soni, CFA, Richclass Investment Consultants, Surat

  • “MProfit is remarkable portfolio management software. Its supporting team is excellent and ready to take new challenges to solve. It is very user Friendly & report formation is excellent. Thanks to MProfit Team. (Jan 03, 2014)”
    by Amish Varia, Mumbai

  • “Firstly a Happy New year to the Mprofit team, have been more than happy with the software. (Jan 03, 2014)”
    by Shankar S, Certified Financial Planner, Credo Capital, Chennai

  • “I am current using Free version of MProfit Investor. Mprofit is a nice product and also very user friendly. (Dec 26, 2013)”
    by Sagar Kathaley

  • “I am a subscriber of your MProfit Pro. A very great accounting software. Has taken care of my major headache with respect to stocks and mutual funds. (Dec. 5, 2013)”
    by Kamlesh, Vapi, Gujarat

  • “I am using your software (free) from quite some time. I find it very useful and simple. I also appreciate your timely support. Thanks for such a nice software support. (Nov. 18, 2013)”
    by Shree Narain Mishra

  • “We are using MProfit Software from 2 years and I have uploaded all data from 2006 in our software from Excel trade files. It is so simple, that I have uploaded all data from 2006 to 2011 data in just 1 hour and also like to thanks for wonderful support team.

    If you don't get actually position of your portfolio then you are losing money, MProfit Software can give you original picture of your portfolio and also all type of I.T. Related Reports like STCG/LTCG, individual reports, Group Reports. (Nov. 9, 2013)”
    by Samir Bhagat, M J Financial, Surat

  • “I was searching for a good portfolio management software for my father and I. We have been selling/buying shares since last 35 years. We were maintaining everything on an excel sheet and TDS calculations were becoming more and more difficult with the size of our portfolio growing. I eventually hired an IT developer to help me develop the software. Since I was into databases I created the database design. This custom software served our basic needs but still went berserk when doing TDS calculations. I was searching the web to see if there was any good desktop portfolio management software. MProfit was a dream come true for us. I was trading with Indiabulls for a long time and just a couple of months ago they added Indiabulls electronic contract notes to be automatically populate the data into their product. This saves me a lot of time and avoids keying errors. I wish they added more non-traditional vendors also to their portfolio. Overall I'm very happy with MProfit and their fabulous customer service support team. (Oct. 25, 2013)”
    by Narendra - Toronto, Canada

  • “I am using MProfit for more than 2 years. Before MProfit, I have tried at least 3 financial softwares. But as MProfit was the best, I bought this. Recently MProfit launched a freeware version also.

    MProfit is very easy to use to set up all data & its import function is also easy to use. Moreover we can have video help for the problems & also blog. The MProfit team gives excellent telephonic support. Their response is prompt and helpful.

    Many thanks to the team. (Oct. 23, 2013)”
    by Kedar Gadgil

  • “I am a user of your software for the last two years & I am more than satisfied with your product. Generally it is experienced that many softwares are user friendly but they exorbitantly priced. With MPROFIT, I can say that its a big value for money & extremely user friendly.

    For the last two years , I can vouch that all my Short term gains & long term gains in the stock markets are provided by me to my Chartered Accountant.

    Also, today I was really surprised at which your support team works. My query was resolved within 3 hours. Just great.

    So all the Best to all of you & thanks alot. (Oct. 16, 2013)”
    by Jayant Patankar, Pune

  • “Today I explored the Accounting module released by you. I could compare the other Accounting Software available for the individuals in the market. I earnestly feel that the wish list and the dream of many persons on the requirement of an ideal and a full-fledged Accounting Tool have been given life by your team.

    Both the PMS and the Accounting module reflect an excellent mix of the Accounting Principles driven by the technology. Every micro level aspects ranging from the comfort in data entry to report presentation have been given lot of weightage and thrust keeping it very simple to understand and use. (Oct. 14, 2013)”
    by M. Pari, Trichy, Tamilnadu

  • “I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely congratulate Mrofit on Release of MProfit Beta Accounting. This is a much awaited Release for everybody who are using the Desktop Portfolio Management Software. The reasons are simple; PMS is always extension of Accounting. Accounting, Portfolio Management and Filing of Income Tax will have become one seamless exercise and I think we are heading in that direction.
    Such a big release always requires a massive effort on the part of the team to develop, test, document and launch. They have reason to celebrate this milestone. With this step, MProfit demonstrates its continued investment in innovating and enhancing MProfit and committed to providing customers with support. (Oct. 14, 2013)”
    by P. Sarathy, Bangalore

  • “I have been using MProfit for the past one year and I found the tool very user friendly. I admire the clarity of designing the menu and the variety of reports we could generate on various types of assets. Above all I realized and enjoyed the quality of support, the MProfit team rendered this day in assisting / clarifying me on an issue in regard to migration of data from the earlier version. I am sure your customer friendly approach will elevate the product to much higher level. (Oct. 11, 2013)”
    by M. Pari

  • “Many thanks for your prompt and helpful response. I have been very happy to be with MProfit and look forward to your Accounting package. (Oct. 4, 2013)”
    by Pradeep Sane, Mumbai

  • “MProfit is extremely easy to learn and very simple to maintain. Extensive import facility is what makes it shine. Within a blink of an eye, we have updated information in front of our eyes. Support team is excellent. It is because of MProfit that i can save valuable time on updating information. (Sept. 23, 2013)”
    by Nirav Acharya, Vadodara, Gujarat

  • “MProfit has all the capabilities of bridging technology with investments & financial goals for analysing, reviewing & taking reports smoothly. Very good for adopting new reports implementation for enhancement of reports etc...etc…

    I can confidently say MProfit is an excellent financial report solution provider (it is not a software ) and the team is excellent to interact with it. Keep it up !!!! (Aug. 23, 2013)”
    by Bihag Parikh, advisor from Ahmedabad

  • “I am an individual investor as well as an advisor, managing portfolios in stocks, mutual funds and F&O products. I have been using MProfit since last 3 years and I am find it to be the most user friendly portfolio management software.

    Above all I find the support team at MProfit to be among the best. There response time and resolution of queries is very fast and more than satisfactory. (Aug. 14, 2013)”
    by Mahesh Kabra, Jaipur

  • “This is a good product ! (August 06, 2013)”
    by Gopal Deshpande

  • “Kudos for creating MProfit! In India, we hardly have any financial Software for individual users so a big thanks to MProfit Team. (August 05, 2013)”
    by Puneet

  • “I am into trading since last 40 years, and i wonder why MProfit was not launched earlier. MProfit is the dream come true utility software for a thrifty investor, who is always looking for a bargain. MProfit is not just a bargain but a gift, hence a dream come true. What i like most about MProfit apart from its fantastic user friendly features is "it's mind blowing customer service", when most of the free software do not provide any support, MProfit goes out of its way to lend you a helping hand. Believe me I could not have asked for more. I would have gladly paid a handsome fees for this kind of service, but then why pay when it is free, instead a zillion thanks. (July 13, 2013)”
    by Dr. M. Farooq Khan, MD, Pisho Enterprises

  • “I am using MProfit Software since last 2 years, I found this is very easy to use and handy software. Your reporting system is also very good and easy to understand. Secondly, your service is very prompt and too good. Thirdly, we are very much thankful to you that you have provided us a free software for those whose turnover is below Rs. 50 lakhs. This is a very aggressive policy to promote your software. We do not find any complaint with the software. (June 26, 2013)”
    by Vinod Kankaria

  • “I am an NRI living in UK. Prior to using MProfit, I was using another portfolio share software from India whose software was not user friendly, the support was bad and the price was very high. I came across MProfit over 2 years ago and after reading what they were offering, I decided to switch over. It was one of the best decision I have made. There are 4 main points in my view that makes MProfit stand out. These are:

    1. User friendliness
    2. Value for money
    3. Second to none, Customer support and services
    4. Regular updates
    (May 29, 2013)”
    by V.Shah, UK

  • “I have had several interactions with you as well as many other software companies around the world and your support is truly world class. (May 14, 2013)”
    by PC

  • “I must say, I am thoroughly impressed with your support and response even though the product is free! Keep up the good work. (May 12, 2013)”
    by Satyajeet Pimplay

  • “I have been using this software for more than 3-4 yrs, & would mention my impression about it , with gratitude, that a better software with such a prompt service is not possible. (May 07, 2013)”
    by Dr. Ajit Kittur, Kokhapur, Maharashtra

  • “Thanks very much i am a small investor i find your software so much useful and user friendly which i have never seen in any of free version. (May 05, 2013)”
    by Anand Nayak

  • “"Amazing program. Outstanding service and support. "

    Mprofit does exactly what I was looking for. Be it Stocks, F&O, Currency or Commodity; Mprofit covers everything smoothly and efficiently.

    Now I have full accounting control, Profit/Loss information, extensive and detailed report module. It used to be a cumbersome process to obtain the Profit/Loss status on daily basis. Statements, bills provided by any brokerage houses are not informative nor use friendly.

    It takes 5 minutes to upload contract/bills of the transactions occurred on daily basis in Mprofit. They have data base of all past prices. In May 2013, I have taken the printout of P&L, ST/LT gains and other reports which contained prices as on 31.03.2013 for giving out to my Auditors.

    Support and service is absolutely fantastic. Each and every person to whom I have spoken has been very helpful, courteous and sincere in resolving few small issues or clarifications. Support personals are prompt and punctual. Truly professional.

    It is great investment and I think every investor who have not yet purchased Mprofit, should buy it immediately. No need to waste time in trying out the demo version. It is a must have thing for every investor. (May 04, 2013)”
    by Arvind Agrawal, Pune

  • “I have been using Mprofit Investor version for months and found it user friendly and very easy to use. I intend to buy MProfit Pro. (April 30, 2013)”
    by Samir Nare, Mumbai

  • “I have tried your software. It is quite good! (April 27, 2013)”
    by Ramesh Shah

  • “Thank you very much for your prompt action. I am absolute happy with the services & attention given by MProfit team members. (Apr. 26, 2013)”
    by Tejas Kothari, Advisor, Mumbai

  • “I am working in the stock market since 1985. During the last four days of my association with your company, the way I was guided and helped by your different staff members over the phone and through TeamViewer to understand the working of your system was a marvelous one. I find your programme a very interesting one and hope that I will be associated with you till the time I will work in the stock market. (Apr. 24, 2013)”
    by RK Gupta

  • “Thanks for all your valuable feedback and helping me to resume with my MProfit installation. I highly appreciate your service support, it's 5 star - excellent. (Apr. 21, 2013)”
    by Dineshchandra Savla

  • “I am a regular reader of Outlook Money Magazine & have personally benefitted in nos of areas-taxes, insurance, capital gain, real estate etc. Recently, thru an information in the same magazine, I started using portfolio management software offered free by MProfit.

    I have found it extremely helpful & easy to use. Today, when I faced a slight difficulty in understanding, the same was explained instantly when I called at the support contact no.I am delighted to have moved from earlier working on excel sheet to portfolio management software. Thanks MProfit. (Apr. 14, 2013)”
    by Sanjeev Dawar

  • “MProfit is very simple and user friendly software... Extensive import facility is one of the *Key Features* in MProfit. Support Team has informed that they are working on Accounting and Mobile applications, which should really enhance the application..
    Simply purchase it.... (Apr. 9, 2013)”
    by Nirav Acharya

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