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MProfit Basics – Create Portfolios

At MProfit, we get many queries from customers on the best way to financially plan for the future. Due to the frequent queries, we are starting a new blog and YouTube series called MProfit Basics. MProfit allows you to organize, manage and track all your investments, making it easier to plan for the future. In this series we will follow a family of 4 (Mr. Shah, Mrs. Shah, Niraj and Sunita) and describe the benefits of using MProfit.
The very first thing to do is setup MProfit. Since there are 4 family members, each family member will have one portfolio in MProfit.
[Open Portfolio -> New]
Mr. Shah
Mrs. Shah
Niraj Shah
Sunita Shah
Once all the portfolios are created, the next step is to create a Group. The group β€œShah’s” will be created and it will connect the 4 portfolios that were created earlier. The group feature consolidates all the assets into a single view, which is how most Indian households view their investments.
[Open Group -> New]
Now that MProfit is setup, lets start to organize. The Shah family will gather all their documents related to their assets and understand who owns which assets and investments. This is a critical step as this will allow them to benefit from creating accurate reports which we will cover later. Part 2 will cover how to enter in their assets and investments.
YouTube tutorial:

19 May, 2010