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MProfit talks at RupeeCamp

Over the weekend, the first RupeeCamp was held in Mumbai and led by it’s organizer Ranjan Varma.  So what is RupeeCamp? According to the website “RupeeCamp is a structured program on personal finance where you will learn all the money skills you require. RupeeCamp is for young professionals who need cost effective, independent advice on managing their money.”
In reality, RupeeCamp is an initiative to get like minded people interested in managing their money and discussing topics to help people get a better understanding of what options are available.
MProfit was invited to talk about “Tools and Technology.” It’s a topic that is dear to us and we were quite excited to participate.  We talked about various ways to track your expenses and portfolio. Things as basic as pen and paper to write down your expenses or using Excel were some of the topics we talked about and how to use them.
Overall, it was a great one day seminar and we are looking forward to the next one. For more information, please visit RupeeCamp at

11 April, 2011