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Lalkar Securities

For 2012 we are starting a new feature on our blog by speaking with some of our clients who use MProfit.  The interviews will be a combination of what they do and how MProfit benefits them.
Hansal Thacker, Director at Lalkar Securities
Company Information
Lalkar Securities was started in the early 1980’s and has a pan India presence with a concentration in Maharashtra. They have offices in Pune, Delhi, Jodhpur, and Bangalore which are company owned and the rest are franchises.
Focus of the company
The main focus remains to be the wealth advisory business which requires a broking arm and a distribution platform to facilitate the business. Although many brokers talk about wealth advisory, very few can effectively deliver the performance that is required.
How is the industry changing?
The industry is shifting from “sales” to “skill”. Investors remain in the false assumption that  a buy and hold strategy would continue to grow their wealth. Unfortunately, with the wide spectrum of assets available the industry will be in need of investment specialists who can demystify, analyze and recommend products to their clients. Gone are the days when only HNI’s, trusts and corporate clients had advisors. In today’s volatile markets, everyone is in need of a Wealth Advisor.
Top 3 benefits of MProfit Advisor

  1. Consolidation of asset classes – MProfit is one of the few products that can aggregate such as wide spectrum of investments products – stocks, mutual funds, insurance, PPF, EPF, ULIPs, FDs, ETFs, gold, silver, property, etc…
  2. User friendly reports – clients can easily understand what the numbers mean
  3. Comprehensive portfolio performance tracking – from the main summary screen you can easily see how the portfolios are performing
2 March, 2012