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Customer in the spotlight: Kanwardeep Singh

Meet Kanwardeep Singh, a savvy investor from Mumbai who has been reaping the benefits of investing for several years. Over the years, Kanwardeep has generated excellent returns, with a portfolio focused on equity mutual funds. In this post, we take a closer look at his investment journey and how MProfit has helped him to track and review his investments.

Kanwardeep’s investment journey began early in his career when a senior colleague introduced him to the world of personal finance and investments. What’s amazing is that he invested part of his very first salary into mutual funds through an SIP! Since then, Kanwardeep started consistently allocating part of his savings towards building a diversified investment corpus.

With an increase in portfolio size came an increase in complexity. As Kanwardeep’s portfolio grew, keeping track of the investments became increasingly difficult. That’s when Kanwardeep found MProfit, a solution that he believes has streamlined his portfolio management.

How has MProfit made life easy for Kanwardeep?

One of the key features that Kanwardeep loves about MProfit is the ability to view XIRR at various levels – investment, portfolio and overall family. Kanwardeep and his wife have individual portfolios, but thanks to MProfit – he can track his returns at the overall family level! This has helped him make more informed investment decisions.

Kanwardeep asserts that reporting has gotten much easier with MProfit too. He can easily generate reports for tax purposes, including transaction reports, capital gains reports, and current portfolio statements, which can be shared with his CA in minutes!

Kanwardeep reviews his investments almost weekly but does a more thorough review once every six months to assess if any changes are needed. Thanks to MProfit, this process is now much more simplified, allowing him to allocate his assets better! By using MProfit, Kanwardeep has been able to stay on top of his investment goals and make the most out of his portfolio.

Kanwardeep’s story underscores the importance of starting early on in one’s investing journey. He has been able to truly leverage the power of compounding to grow his portfolio! Kanwardeep also attests first-hand to the benefits of using a reliable portfolio tracking tool like MProfit to review one’s investments efficiently.

So why not follow in Kanwardeep’s footsteps and give MProfit a try? Your investment portfolio will thank you for it!

6 April, 2023