Automate capital gains for clients with MProfit

CAs across India use MProfit to aggregate trade data for their clients and seamlessly report capital gains compliant with the latest Income Tax rules.

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Auto-import client data from 5,000+ file formats across 700+ brokers

  • Auto-import contract notes & other back-office files for Stocks
  • Auto-import Mutual Fund CAS statements provided to clients by CAMS or NSDL
  • You can forward files via email to have your data auto-imported to MProfit
  • MProfit supports import across disparate formats like PDF, Excel, HTML, CSV, TXT and DBF

Compute client capital gains for Stocks & Equity Mutual Funds

  • View long-term, short-term & intra-day Capital Gain reports in Income-Tax-Return format
  • Capital Gain reports are also available in Winman and ClearTax tax software formats
  • Capital gains for Stocks & Equity MF are available with & without LTCG Grandfathering provision
  • Capital gains are auto-adjusted post corporate actions, as per Income Tax rules

Compute client capital gains for Debt Mutual Funds, Traded Bonds & Gold Bonds

  • View long term capital gains with or without indexation, in line with India's Cost Inflation Index (CII)
  • Capital gains for Traded Bonds & Gold Bonds in MProfit use different holding periods, as per Income Tax rules

Manage F&O for your clients and get F&O P/L reporting

  • Manage Stock, Currency & Commodity F&O positions for your clients
  • Import F&O digital contract notes and trade-book files
  • Create and maintain mark-to-market records for F&O positions
  • Track Realised and Unrealised F&O Profit/Loss

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