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MProfit makes every effort to avoid errors, omissions, mistakes, discrepancies, bugs and inaccuracies in the generation of all MProfit reports. Yet, please note that MProfit does not, in any way, guarantee the accuracy of reports generated in MProfit Software. The accuracy of reports in MProfit is subject to the accuracy of data either imported or manually entered in MProfit, as well as the accuracy of current/historical prices provided by third-party data providers.

Computation of capital gains in MProfit is as per Income Tax rules and can be complex. Accuracy of capital gain reports in MProfit is subject to the accuracy of historical prices (FMVs) as of January 31, 2018.

The Turnover Report (Section 44AB) under the MProfit F&O Module is provided for informational purposes only. The accuracy of this report is subject to the accuracy of imported transactions as well as adherance to the proper Mark-to-Market (M2M) process by MProfit users.

If any mistake, error, omission, discrepancy, bug or inaccuracy in current prices, historical prices or FMV is noticed in any report, it may be brought to our notice for immediate correction.

All MProfit users are advised to themselves verify the accuracy of their MProfit reports. All MProfit users are advised to verify their capital gain reports generated in MProfit with their CAs before filing Income Tax Returns.

MProfit will not be responsible for any loss, damage or inconvenience to anyone, of any kind, in any manner, resulting due to mistakes, errors, discrepancies, bugs or inaccuracies in MProfit reports, computations & import processes.