Manage your Family Office investments with MProfit

Many of India's prominent family offices use MProfit to manage diversified portfolios across multiple entities, with investments in PMS, AIF & several other assets.

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Manage & track multiple asset classes

  • Manage investments in Stocks, Mutual Funds, F&O, Traded Bonds, Insurance, PMS, AIF & many other asset classes.
  • Track Absolute Gain and Annualised Return (XIRR) for all assets

Manage multiple portfolios and create portfolio groups

  • Maintain individual portfolios and create portfolio groups to view consolidated holdings
  • Manage your portfolios broker-wise or demat-wise, if required

Auto-import data from 5,000+ formats across 700+ brokers

  • Forward your files via email to have your data auto-imported to MProfit
  • Auto-import contract notes & other back-office files for Stocks
  • Auto-import your pdf Mutual Fund CAS statement from CAMS or NSDL
  • Import PMS & AIF statements
  • MProfit supports import across disparate formats like PDF, Excel, HTML, CSV, TXT and DBF

Manage your F&O positions

  • Manage your Stock, Currency & Commodity F&O positions
  • Import your F&O digital contract notes and trade-book files
  • Create and maintain mark-to-market records for your F&O positions
  • Track your Realised and Unrealised F&O Profit/Loss

Track real-time portfolio valuations and corporate actions

  • Receive live price updates (with a 15 minute delay) for Stocks and ETFs in your portfolios
  • Receive daily NAV updates for Mutual Funds and daily price updates for Listed Bonds
  • View historical valuations for your Stock and Mutual Fund portfolios

Get Capital Gains in Income-Tax-Return format for Stocks, Mutual Funds & Bonds

  • View long-term, short-term & intra-day Capital Gain reports in Income-Tax-Return format
  • Capital Gain reports are also available in ClearTax and Winman tax software formats
  • Capital gains for Stocks & Equity MF are available with & without LTCG Grandfathering provision
  • Capital gains for Debt MF & Gold Bonds can be viewed with & without Indexation
  • View unrealised capital gains to know your tax liability before selling an asset

Get advanced insights with MProfit reports & dashboard

  • View Annualised Return (XIRR) reports for any portfolio or group of portfolios
  • View multi-family reports that provide detailed insights into AUM and Asset Holding
  • Analyse asset allocation at the family level, both asset-wise and portfolio-wise
  • Get historical valuations for any portfolio to track performance over time

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