MProfit is an easy to use personal desktop Portfolio Management Software for Indian retail investors and Non-Resident Indians (NRIs). It allows you to take control of your investments such as stocks, MFs, ULIPs, insurance policies, property, gold and many other asset classes. (PDF brochure)


  • Manage multiple individual and group portfolios
  • Track the consolidated investments of the entire family via the grouping feature
  • Manage assets like stocks, MFs, ETFs, ULIPs, insurance policies, private equity, FDs, bonds, PPF, gold, silver, property, art and many more…
  • Import data from contract notes, CAMS/KARVY, Excel and online portals [ complete list ]
  • Auto price updates for stocks (15 minute delay), mutual funds and ETF NAVs
  • Reports for annualised returns, capital gains, asset allocation, profit/loss reports (for traders) and others…
  • Track income from all assets such as dividend, interest, rental and other sources
  • Reminders/Alerts for premium dues, maturity dates and end of lock-in periods
  • All your financial data is saved locally on your computer for data security

Highlights for Stock investors

  • Track your purchase & sale transactions in a simple and familiar contract note format
  • Import data from over 60 brokers and Excel sheets
  • Daily gain, overall gain, annualised return (XIRR) and current value
  • Support for bonuses, splits, merger & demerger transactions (closing balances and capital gain calculations are adjusted based on these corporate actions as per the income tax rules)
  • Intra-day, short term and long term capital gain reports based on First In First Out (FIFO)
  • Profit/Loss reports for traders based on average purchase price
  • Track dividends received from companies

Highlights for Mutual Fund & ETF investors

  • Track your purchase & sale transactions
  • Manage buy (subscribe), sell (redeem), dividend reinvestment and addition of bonus units (value for such bonus units is zero)
  • Keep track of mutual fund schemes with folio numbers
  • Daily gain, overall gain, annualised return (XIRR) and current value
  • Import data from mutual fund registrars CAMS and KARVY as well as online portals like FundsIndia.com, NJFundz and Prudent Corporate Advisory
  • Lock-in period reminder alert for MFs (very useful for ELSS tax saving schemes)

Import Your Data

  • Digital contract notes
  • Excel templates
  • Online portals
  • Back office files
  • For more information and a complete list click here

Manage Multiple Portfolios & Groups

  • Create multiple portfolios
  • The portfolios can be grouped to create a family group portfolio
  • Each portfolio can be added to multiple groups
  • Various group reports are available to track the performance of the group portfolio

ULIPs, Insurance Policies and Private Equity

  • Keep track of all the details associated with your ULIP and insurance plans such as: policy number, sum assured, name of the nominee, premium term, lock-in date and maturity date
  • Reminder alert for the premium, lock-in date and maturity date
  • Complete record of premium and withdrawals
  • Keep track of funds associated with ULIP plans
  • Option to set ULIP policy value based on funds values or manually as per the policy statement
  • Balloon notification display of details for ULIP and Insurance products like policy numbers, maturity date and lock-in date via

Fixed Deposits, Bonds, PPF/EPF, loand and other asset classes

  • Calculation of current value and maturity values
  • Display of daily gain in terms of accrued (accumulated) interest
  • Interest in PPF/EPF category is calculated based on PPF rules
  • Interest calculation is based on reducing balance method in case of loans, deposits and Post Office schemes
  • Current value can be set based on interest rate or market value for bonds
  • Track income received from rental income and other sources


  • Provides various reports that can be easily understood and customized per your needs
  • Long term and short term capital gain calculation reports for stocks and mutual funds based on First In First Out (FIFO) basis
  • Intra-day profit/loss reports for stocks
  • Capital gain reports are adjusted for bonuses, splits, merger & demerger transactions as per income tax rules
  • Various other useful reports such as annualised returns (XIRR) report, portfolio summary reports, asset allocation reports, transaction reports and insurance/ULIP reports
  • Investors can review the diversification and performance of their portfolios through asset allocation and realised/unrealised gains reports
  • Asset allocation reports can display either a pie chart or bar chart
  • Trading P/L report – trading summary and detailed reports, useful for investors who track their profit/loss on their trading activities in stocks based on average purchase price
  • Income report for individual and group gives a summary or detailed view of income generated from all the assets
  • Insurance summary report for individual and group provides summary of total sum assured, premium paid and policy values
  • Group holding report gives family member-wise holding details for stocks and mutual funds
  • Accounting reports such as closing balance and JV report

Other Features

  • Database update for newly listed stocks, mutual funds, ETFs and company name change updates
  • Software updates included as new features and reports are added
  • Password feature for owner (full access) and user (can only enter transactions and can’t see current prices and values)
  • Support for internet proxy settings (helpful in corporate office networks)
  • Various reminder alerts such as due dates for insurance premiums, maturity of FDs, deposits and insurance policies, and for other investments can be set