How can Advisors import client data to MProfit?

Why use MProfit for aggregating client data?

As a Financial Advisor, seamlessly importing your client data from different sources is made possible with MProfit.

Some noteworthy facts about MProfit's import capabilities:

  • MProfit supports import of files from 700+ brokers, registars & other entities
  • You can auto-import daily files to MProfit, including subscription files from Mutual Fund registrars
  • Formats supported include pdf, xl, csv, html, txt, dbf
  • MProfit keeps adding import support for new file formats each day!

If you are trying to import a file that is not currently supported in MProfit, please email us a sample to and we will look into it.

For stocks, MProfit lets you import sub-broker files & other back-office files from hundreds of brokers.

MProfit supports commonly available file formats such as:

  • Sub-broker back-office files
  • Back-office multi-client tradebook files
  • Single & multi day digital contract notes
Mutual Funds
MProfit supports auto-import of distributor transaction files from CAMS, Karvy & Franklin Templeton.

Mutual Fund files that you can directly import to MProfit include:

  • CAMS Distributor Transaction File - CAMS WBR2
  • Karvy Distributor Transaction File - Karvy 312 / 221
  • Franklin Templeton Distributor Transaction File
  • Client CAS statements from CAMS and NSDL.

Learn how to request registrar mailback files in the links below:


MProfit supports transaction statements provided by many PMS and AIF and the list is growing, in line with recent popularity of these asset classes.

If you have a new file format that you would like us to support, just send us a sample at, and we'll look into providing import support for the file.

Other Assets

MProfit provides you Excel import templates for a range of other asset classes, namely:

Bonds, Private Equity, Deposits, EPF/PPF, Fixed Deposits, Insurance, Loans, ULIP & more

To import data for these asset classes using MProfit templates:

  1. In MProfit, search for the template under Import; use the keyword "MProfit" to narrow down your search
  2. Once you find your template, add it to My Templates
  3. Click on Template Information ( i ), download the sample MProfit Excel template
  4. Populate your data in the downloaded Excel file
  5. Once you have entered all your data in the file, save the file & import it to MProfit
  6. Your data will now be imported
Can't find my template in MProfit

If you are unable to find your required template in MProfit, email us at and we can help you locate it.

If the file that you want to import is not currently supported, you can send us a sample to and we'll try our best to support it.

Auto-import for Advisors

As an Advisor, you deal with large volumes of client data at any given time.

MProfit lets you have your data automatically imported with our Auto-Import feature.

As an Advisor, you can create specific forwarding rules in your email inbox so that your transaction files are automatically forwarded to your MProfit account for auto-import.

Further, your clients can also create similar forwarding rules in their personal emails, if they want their transaction files to be auto-imported to your MProfit account.

Auto-import keeps your MProfit client portfolios updated at all times, allowing you to thus provide your clients with real-time portfolio reporting.

Click here to learn about auto-import in MProfit