How can investors import data to MProfit?

Why MProfit?

As an investor, you might trade across many asset classes. As a result, you probably receive your trade statements in from a variety of different sources in disparate file formats.

This presents a challenge for you to do the following:

  • Aggregating your investment portfolios across different assets in one place
  • Tracking portfolio returns and asset allocation
  • Computing accurate capital gains for taxation purposes

MProfit provides a seamless solution to this challenge and addresses each of the above requirements.

With MProfit, you can auto-import your data from 4000+ file formats across 700+ brokers.
What files or statements can I directly import to MProfit?

MProfit accepts files for import in pdf, excel, csv, html, txt and dbf formats.

By supporting the direct import of files from 700+ brokers & other entities, MProfit is a powerful data aggregator for Indian investors.

You can auto-import a range of different files to MProfit as detailed below:

Mutual Funds:

- Consolidated Account Statement (CAS) from CAMSOnline
Monthly Consolidated Account Statement (CAS) from NSDL
Learn how to request & import your CAS from CAMSOnline


- Digital Contract Notes provided by a broker
- Back-office Tradebook Files provided by a broker
Learn more about importing data for Stocks

MProfit also provides import support for a number of PMS and AIF statements.

How do I import my files or statements to MProfit?

Click the link below for a step-by-step guide on how to import any transaction file to MProfit:

Step-by-step guide on how to import a file to MProfit

If you are unable to import your file in the MProfit application, you can write us an email to We can guide you to import the file correctly, or look into providing support if it is a new file format.

Auto-import your files to your MProfit account

With Mprofit, you can forward your transaction files for import directly to your MProfit account.

To fully automate importing, you can also set up forwarding rules in your email inbox so that your files are auto-imported to your MProfit account.

Learn how to set up auto-import in MProfit

For Financial Advisors

To import client transaction data to MProfit, Financial Advisors have a range of options to choose from:

Learn more about importing your client data as an Advisor