Import options for Stocks / Equities

MProfit can import Stocks data from over 700+ brokers

Trading of stocks in India is a fragmented business with hundreds of brokers. Investors receive their digital transaction files from different brokers in disparate formats, in turn presenting data aggregation challenges for investors.

This is where MProfit can be of help:

By supporting the direct import of files from 700+ brokers & other entities, MProfit is a powerful data aggregator for Indian investors.

What brokers does MProfit support for importing files?

MProfit is likely the only platform that supports the import of transaction files from over 700+brokers, registrars & other entities.

While you can easily import files provided by large brokers, MProfit also supports importing of data from hundreds of small & medium brokers.

You can search for any broker under Import in the MProfit application.

If you are unable to locate your broker, please email us at and let us know. We can take a look at your broker formats to understand if we could support them.

Equity files you can import in MProfit

For Stocks, we recommend that you import the following types of files to MProfit:

- Digital contract notes

- Back-office tradebook files

- PMS statements
Digital Contract Notes

Digital Contract Notes are bills provided by your broker, that contain a summary of all your trades including charges for a particular day. Here's what a sample contract note looks like:

Importing contract notes to MProfit is a convenient way for you to have your daily stock transactions accurately uploaded. You can auto-import contract notes in pdf and html formats to MProfit from hundreds of brokers across India.

Learn how to import your files in MProfit

The best way to upload your contract notes to MProfit is to set up Auto-Import.

You can set up auto-forwarding rules that forward your daily contract notes to your MProfit account, as soon as you receive them in your email inbox.

By doing so, your daily trades will be automatically updated in your MProfit account, and your portfolios will remain updated without any manual effort.

Learn how to set up Auto-Import in MProfit

Back-office Tradebook Files

Tradebook files are transaction files (generally in Excel or CSV format) that you can retrieve from your broker's back-office login.

Most brokers provide back-office client logins where you can download various back-office files & reports. One such file format is known as a tradebook file.

Different brokers might have different names for a tradebook file. In essence, it is a transaction file in Excel or CSV format contains details for all your transactions in the selected time period.

MProfit lets you import tradebook files from hundreds of brokers, thereby allowing you to import your transaction data in bulk over any time period.

Below is an image of a sample tradebook file:

PMS Statements

PMS as an investment strategy is gaining popularity by the day, and MProfit has been working hard to ensure that MProfit users receive the support they need to properly manage their PMS investments.

MProfit already supports import for PMS statements across many different providers.

If you are unable to find your PMS template in the MProfit application, you can contact us at We'll try our best to add import support for your file.