Managing segregated portfolio funds in MProfit

At times, certain Mutual Funds are required to create segregated portfolios for unrated debt in case of default.

It is important to note that entries for segregated portfolios of Mutual Funds SHOULD NOT be directly imported from a CAS statement, so that MProfit can accurately compute your capital gains.

In such cases, you will be required to make a demerger entry for the affected mutual fund in your MProfit portfolio.

We have provided an example below for Franklin segregated funds. Please follow the steps below:

1. Login to MProfit and navigate to your MProfit portfolio

Login at and open the MProfit portfolio that contains the affected mutual fund.

2. Add a demerger entry for the affected mutual fund

Right click into the specific Mutual Fund > Other Transactions > Add Fund Demerger

3. Add record date and new segregated fund

As displayed in the image above, add the record date for your demerger entry.

Next, proceed to adding the new segregated fund asset by clicking the + button.

4. Add all relevant details for the segregated fund

Search for the segregated fund in the dropdown list and add it. Then enter other relevant details and click Save.

5. Add demerger quantity for the segregated fund

Add Quantity for the segregated fund as displayed in the image above, and keep Total Amount zero.

Next, click Save.

6. Your MProfit portfolio is now updated

Your MProfit summary screen will now display the updated segregated fund holding in your portfolio.