Press Release – MProfit v4.2 update available

Press Release

MProfit v4.2 update available

MProfit is an easy to use personal desktop Portfolio Management Software for Indian retail investors and Non-Resident Indians (NRIs). It allows you to take control of your investments such as stocks, MFs, ULIPs, insurance policies, property, gold and many other asset classes. And does it securely, since all your personal data is saved locally on your computer.

MUMBAI, INDIA — 04:00 PM IST, April 29, 2010. MProfit, a personal portfolio management software company, today released version 4.2. In the latest release, MProfit has added several new reports and improved the layout of several existing reports.

Three new reports have been added the Accounting JV, Other Transactions and Due Dates report.

Account JV is useful for entering journal entries for accounting purposes. It lists the journal voucher entries based on stocks and MF buy and sale transactions.

The Other Transactions report has transactions listed with details such as income, withdrawal, investment, opening and closing balance.

The Due Dates report lists the due dates for various events (reminders) such as premium due, maturity date and lock-in period complete. Due dates for next six months can be selected via the customization option. In the group portfolio, the report lists the due dates for all the group (family) members in one consolidated report.

In addition the layout has been improved on three existing reports:  XIRR (individual and group), Asset Allocation (individual and group) and Group Holding.

“With our reports, you get a snapshot of your overall asset allocation and can analyze if you are over invested in a specific asset class, stock or mutual fund and then decide if you need to re-balance your portfolio” said Manish Jain, VP of Business Development.

Prospective customers can visit MProfit online at to learn more or download a product brochure from


MProfit was founded by several experts in the field of investment and technology and focused on products for the Indian consumer. The founders have a long and outstanding track record of building and running software companies for more than 15 years. MProfit is based in Nariman Point the financial district of Mumbai, India.


Manish Jain, VP Business Development, MProfit.