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“MProfit is one of the best portfolio management and accounting solution, we were able to find for our clients. All customers’ feedback we got have been positive.”

Advisor – IndusWealth
“Whenever I called your office for some assistance I have spoken with knowledgeable and helpful support team – this made it very easy journey for me.”

“I heartily congratulate MProfit team to make a such beautiful software for managing personal portfolio. By addition of Accounting feature makes it more attractive.”

“I can confidently say MProfit is an excellent financial report solution provider (it is not just a software) and the team is excellent to interact with it. Keep it up !!!! “

“MProfit team is extremely helpful. This makes tedious work of maintenance and tracking of portfolios so simple and enjoyable. Even non-financial people can operate the software easily.”

“MProfit is a good software, I have been looking such a software since long time it’s very good and perfect. It’s for those who want to track their hard earnings.”

“MProfit makes life easy for investors. No more taxing efforts for reports and taxation. Just a click of a button you get what you need. Extremely user friendly and robust.”

“A fantastic user friendly software, which takes care of all aspects of the investor as well as the taxation issues. Managing money is a task, but not with MProfit.”

“I use MProfit for my investments and find its the only software giving accurate Short Term, Long Term & Intraday Profit & Loss. And, the team is always accepting new challenges to solve.”

Advisor –
“MProfit has been an extremely important tool for us for maintaining information on our clients’ portfolios across asset classes. It is extremely user-friendly and has great customer support.”

“MProfit is a very user-friendly desktop software which summarizes all your investments and gives you a status report of your stock investments on a daily basis. Very satisfied customer.”

“With MProfit, my portfolios are safe and secure in my desktop. With the periodical backup feature, I can be 100% sure that my portfolio is safe and available. Every penny spent on MProfit is worth it.”

Advisor –
“As a wealth advisor all you require is to generate simple reports which MProfit has provided me and for my clients.”

“Being an advisor and an investor, it has become convenient and faster to update the portfolios, instead of using Excel. They are too quick to respond with their after sales support.”

“You are doing a fantastic job for a retail investor like me. With your inputs and innovations I am able to track & monitor my portfolio without taking help from a professional financial advisor. Keep it up.”

Investor –
“I found MProfit extremely good to use for my personal portfolio. It is simple and gives me a deep understanding of my positions. That includes the capital gains part too. I would recommend it.”

Investor –
“MProfit is an excellent tool to easily keep track of all types of investments and to generate various reports to quickly understand the performance of the market on a daily basis.”

“Making money is tough, but managing money is tougher, more so if you don’t have the right tools at your disposal. MProfit is THE tool to efficiently manage your wealth.”

Active Investor
“Accuracy, through put and core competency.”

“MProfit is an innovative product that fills the near vacuum in this application software space in the Indian market, as none existed with such good analytics. I wish the product a great success.”

“A very effective software I have come across during my rigorous surfing. The BEST investment monitoring tool available. It ensures maximising profit growth.”

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  • Simple & effective to operate with super customer support
    The product is simple and effective to operate and if that was not enough they top it up with super customer support. Whether you are paid subscriber or trial or your issue is trivial or major, the customer support team gives equal attention to all customer communications and have a amazing fast turnaround time. They are totally focused to resolving customer\\\'s concern and that\\\'s what impressed me a lot. That is why I am all ready to turn myself from trial subscriber to a paid one (March 10, 2019)”
    by Manish Dewan, Director - Dravyen Finsec Pvt. Ltd.

  • “I am using MProfit portfolio software to manage my portfolio for the last more than 10 years and it has helped me a lot in filing my IT returns particularly the capital gains tax. MProfit team is also quick in resolving any issues pertaining to the software and any reports. I am very much thankful to MProfit for the kind and valuable support (Mar 01, 2019)”
    by Naresh V N karmali, Goa

  • Great product & responsive support team
    A great product for keeping a track of your portfolio. And a very prompt and responsive support team to resolve any technical problems or queries you have. Strongly recommend (Jan 07, 2019)”
    by Snehal Shah

  • Very useful and Great Support
    Everyone dabbles in MFs / Markets and hence this software is very useful for all kinds of investors including small ones. And it is free for those below 50 L. It is easy to buy, since it is available on Amazon too.

    The three things that are found to be very useful are :
    1. Ability to upload data from any format even if it is pdf statements sent by RTAs or other agencies

    2. Ability to generate various reports including those as per latest tax laws (eg the change in tax laws from 31st Jan 2018)

    3. Great Support from staff, including on email and phone. And if the problem persists then the Senior people also get involved and help resolve the issue (Dec 08, 2018)”
    by Mukesh Kripalani

  • An excellent tool & Great experience
    I looked out for various options and zeroed on Mprofit and am happy I did. An excellent tool to maintain perfect record of my investments , that too without doing \"tedious\" data entry. Very smooth imports of Mutual Fund investments and stocks transactions. Great experience at almost no cost. Support is also refreshingly prompt (Dec 03, 2018)”
    by Milind Hukeri

  • An extremely user friendly software
    I would like to congratulate the MProfit Team for providing an extremely user friendly software which helps me keep a watch on my investments and make timely decisions.

    The support staff is just a telephone call away. Always available when I need them (Nov 28, 2018)”
    by Sunil Ganjoo

  • Affordable Price & Advanced features
    I first heard of MProfit in 2008 or 2009 when I was an NRI and needed something that would help me keep track of my investments in India. I downloaded the trial version, and it took almost no time for me to realise that this is exactly what I needed and that no other software even came close to offering the features that M-Profit does. I am able to keep track of all my investments in Mutual Funds and Equity Shares, ULIPS and Bonds, with prices updated in real time with just a 15 minute time delay.

    I have been using it ever since and over the years Mprofit has only got better. While its free version offers all its basic features free of charge to small investors whose holding is less than 50 lakhs, its Pro version now also includes Futures & Options, as well as information on historical pricing of the asserts for advanced performance analysis. It also offers the ability to integrate accounting so you may not even need a separate accounting software.

    The program can generate a wide variety of reports from the data such as Asset or Category wise transactions, LT and ST Capital Gains, XIRR, Profit & Loss, etc. The reports can also be generated in the Income Tax Return Format so you can attach the same directly to your IT returns. The latest version of the software also includes data on grandfathering so that Capital Gains going forwards is accurately calculated.

    Its affordable price and advanced features makes it a product every serious investor should seriously consider acquiring for personal portfolio management (Nov 22, 2018)”
    by Harinder Kandhari

  • The Best Accounting Software
    Accounting is a big headache, no accounting software gives us a complete picture of all our investments and liabilities at any moment of time , also if you want to save time in accounting this is the best software, where all the bank statements and all stock transactions can be recorded at a click,

    Also biggest problem is remembering the Expiry of Fixed Deposit , Mprofit gives reminders.You can have your full family accounting done and you can see the same in a group (Nov 17, 2018)”
    by Hiten K. Shah, Director Marketing, Riddhi Pharma Machinery Ltd

  • MProfit - a must have tool for the dabbler as well as the serious investor in Indian stock market!

    My father is an extensive share trader and has been doing that for the past 35 years or so. From childhood I have seen him maintain share accounts with pen and paper which would take a lot of his time. And computing profit/loss statements manually from these account books was absolutely nightmarish. Around 10 years back I managed to move him from notebooks to excel sheets on computer. But still it was a cumbersome job for him as his knowledge of excel was limited to basic formulas. There was no free software available at that time which would do his kind of calculations and maintain accounts. And then I discovered MProfit around 3 years back.

    The best thing about MProfit is that a free version is available for net investments up to Rs. 50 lacs. Initially my father was reluctant but once he got a hang of it he made me buy the Investor+ version for him. Currently my father is managing 4 stock portfolios (himself and 3 other family members) using this software. He no longer has to maintain notebooks or excel sheets for his share trading. The import module makes the task of inputting information very easy. And the reporting module provides every kind of analysis and profit/loss statement that a serious investor can ask for. The software support team also keeps the software up to date with changes in government policies like grandfathering scheme in profit/loss statements, updates to broker contract note formats with GST, etc.

    All in all, MProfit has made investing very simple for people like my father. I keep recommending MProfit to anyone and everyone who deals in the Indian stock market. All the best to the MProfit team! (Nov 10, 2018)”
    by Ritu Aggarwal, Patiala, Punjab

  • Strongly Recommend
    I have been using M Profit for last 4-5 years for my personal accounts which also include share transactions. I am very much satisfied with it. For any problem their strong support team is always ready to help.

    I strongly recommend this software for personal use (Oct 12, 2018)”
    by Padam Harlalka

  • “MProfit software is very good. Thanks a lot for making this software helping small investors like us (01 Oct, 2018)”
    by Srinath Prakash

  • Impressed and touched
    I am highly impressed and touched with the speed and your response level.

    I was using from almost a decade and now committed to shift my accounting to MProfit for sure.

    Please accept and convey my compliments to your development and support team (Sep 25, 2018)”
    by Devendra

  • Excellent Software with useful reports and prompt support team
    I purchased MProfit Investor+ about 18 months ago and found that it is an excellent software to manage my investments. This prompted me to upgrade to Pro and I think it was a good decision.

    MProfit has enabled me to split my investments into several portfolios which gives me an accurate picture to evaluate my investments against the recommendations of my advisors, and find out for myself how good or bad the advisors recommendations have been overall.

    The reports are very useful and the Capital Gains calculations, including grandfathering, are accurate. It helped me a great deal in filing my returns for this AY.

    A software can be only as good as the support we get. MProfit software gets frequent updates for fixes and enhancements. The support team is also very prompt and helpful in handling my queries and problems.

    The Forum is also very useful with loads of information and tips.

    I would recommend this software to anyone who needs to be in control of his/her investments.

    Good job MProfit. Keep it going (Sep 17, 2018)”
    by P. Prithviraj

  • “I have recently started using mprofit investor+. It is amazing (Sep 08, 2018)”
    by Deepak Shah

  • Kudos to the MProfit Team!
    Your software is absolutely user friendly and covers all aspects of trading with multiple brokers, covers equities and FNO. The reports are excellent.

    Most of all, I am grateful to the MProfit support team for their incredile patience and willingness to help-however basic the query might be (Sep 04, 2018)”
    by Anu Bhatia

  • Must have software for all retail investors
    The first important step to be taken after you start your investment is to manage your portfolio by doing an accounting for the same. While searching for an investment management desktop software I came across a name MPROFIT Portfolio Management and Accounting Software. I gave it a try since it had both the modules in one which I felt would make my investment journey a bit easy.

    I was amazed how easily and fast I could import and record all transactions and get all types of Misc. and Statutory Reports with almost zero effort. The accounting module is extremely user friendly and much more easy and fast than the existing accounting software available in the market which is just like a blessing in disguise. Fast submission of accurate accounting reports during the year-end has now become an easy task.

    Also being a desktop application along with many extremely helpful features makes information safe, secure and a best value for money. A very good and must have software program for all independent retail Investors.

    Really appreciate the effort you guys are taking at Mprofit and thank you for the same.

    Good luck and God Bless (Sep 01, 2018)”
    by Mansukh Savla

  • Helpful Support Team
    MProfit has a really helpful support team and solves our issues promptly. The way they handled my issues has made me their permanent customer (Aug 26, 2018)”
    by Adarsh Hegde

  • Very good software & efficient support team
    Mprofit is a very good software. Found it very useful for trades done in Stock Market .Was able to prepare and finalize my accounts quickly and efficiently.

    Also the support provided by the team at Mprofit is highly efficient. Always the call back has come from their end whenever the support team was busy and till now very satisfied with the software and the support team (Aug 24, 2018)”
    by Nirav Mehta

  • “I recently started using Mprofit. It is wonderful (Aug 20, 2018)”
    by P. Balaji

  • “Thank you MProfit team for your prompt support. I have been using Mprofit for almost a year now and considering upgrade at renewal (Aug 14, 2018)”
    by Pankaj Shah

  • Impressive Support Team
    I am very much impressed with Mprofit, specially for customer support. Even if I have not yet purchased license, but support team helped me every time I contacted them or made any query. This is really very much impressive (Aug 02, 2018)”
    by CA. Ashish Kumar

  • “Your support was of great help. We have been using Tally erp since a long time. And we found your software to be very useful and easy to use. (Jul 29, 2018)”
    by T Gadekar

  • “I am now in the 3rd or 4th year of use in your software and happy and comfortable with the software. Also your support is pro active and available almost on demand (Jul 20, 2018)”
    by RK

  • “I have started using your Mprofit Pro. Really superb work done by your team (Jul 13, 2018)”
    by Nitin Ved

  • “I am using Mpofit pro Trial version. I am very happy as it is very user friendly (Jul 12, 2018)”
    by Rajesh W.

  • “I have your Mprofit Investor Portfolio Management Software which is running very fine. Very good for Investors like us. I am very happy using it and quite satisfied (Jul 01, 2018)”
    by J J Rajapathak

  • Amazing Software
    Really appreciate the effort you guys are taking at Mprofit. It is an amazing software that I am loving to use (Jun 28, 2018)”
    by Harsh Mehta, Allied Investments

  • Great Software
    Great software. Too good for monitoring MF &STOCKS. SUPPORT Team is very helpful. Whole heartedly recommend.

    I am a senior finance professional and I use it regularly and I have been able to decide on Investments. (Jun 20, 2018)”
    by Balasubramanian

    Thank You for the prompt support yesterday over the call, for import of Kotak Bank transactions. The support of entire team of Mprofit is AMAZING - PROMPT AND SPONTANEOUS.

    The software is fantastic tool for managing the transactions, absolutely easy to operate. (Jun 20, 2018)”
    by Darshit Shah

  • One of the Best Software
    I am happy to work in Mprofit software. I feel it is really one of the best software you have given us! (Jun 17, 2018)”
    by M.R.S.Balajee

  • “I am using MProfit Pro for the past few years and it has really helped me in record keeping and tax working (Jun 12, 2018)”
    by P. Vaishampayan

  • “I am really happy that you rolled out the grandfathering patch for the LTCG. The design is also good for representation. It takes a great nightmare out of the investor and he can now focus on the actual investing. Thanks!! (Jun 11, 2018)”
    by R. Mohandas

  • Superb Customer Service
    Your customer service is superb. I have not faced any difficulty since I started using MPROFIT. It is working fine.

    My best regards to your highly efficient team members (May 31, 2018)”
    by Prakash Mishra

  • Best Solution to differentiate long term, short term and speculation

    I think its a most awaited solution for the investors who were investing in Indian stock market. We all were always in need for a suitable accounting solution to simplify the various gains from the stock market. Best solution one can get to differentiate your gains into long term, short term and speculation (Apr 27, 2018)”
    by Kunal Jain

  • Manage Multiple Portfolios hassle free
    Mprofit has made managing multiple portfolios absolutely hassle free for me. I can now manage multiple accounts by spending not more than 15 minutes a day and its easy report allow me to get actionable insights. Capital gains and other reports make year ending also easy for me. Would gladly recommend this product to anyone managing large multiple portfolios. Please do note this is not an investment recommendation or technical analysis tool (Apr 20, 2018)”
    by Ashwin Balasubramaniam

  • All in all, 5/5 rating
    Have been using MProfit to manage my portfolio for some time now and I must say that it is one of the best platforms that I have used so far. Being from the finance industry myself, I am fairly picky with how I like to see my portfolio and MProfit ticks most of the boxes.

    It is simple to use, shows all the relevant information succinctly and the HelpDesk is very good! They are quick to respond and try and action your suggestions quickly.

    All in all, 5/5 rating. Good luck! (Apr 17, 2018)”
    by Karan Desai

  • Another satisfied customer
    I am very satisfied with Mprofit support team, certainly excellent pms software with right price. I have raised the bar of my expectations with Mprofit. I highly admire the hard work of whole Mprofit team and hoping for maintaining long term relationship with Mprofit. I will refer this Mprofit to as and when somebody is looking for pms software (April 07, 2018)”
    by Mukul Katare

  • MProfit – A boon for Investors

    I had been looking for a good user friendly accounting software for stock market investments and I had never found one until I was introduced to this software by a friend of mine. I must admit that this was really far superior to what I could imagine and made life so much easier for me.

    What took me 30 minutes a day now takes only 30 minutes a month to record all transactions and get instant report on current Capital gain statement along with current portfolio value. I am also impressed by the service of your team. Best wishes to team MProfit!! (Mar 26, 2018)”
  • Excellent Software and Courteous Support Team
    I am using paid software of Mprofit and wish to thank Mprofit and its management for providing such a nice software for recording transactions of sale purchase of shares. Really it is an excellent software.

    Moreover your support team is very courteous and co-operative. I wish all the best to Mprofit management and its team for future growth (Mar 16, 2018)”
    by D P GUPTA

  • MProfit of the Indians, By the Indians and For the Indians!

    1) I have been using this software for the last couple of years and very much impressed with the features.
    2) Easy to use software, supports importing of various formats from leading broker house, mutual fund houses, CAMS etc.
    3) Variety of reporting options (especially LTCG) with just click of a button..Amazing...
    4) Last but not the least, very good customer support even for the user using FREE Version of MProfit.

    Great software with great features. Appreciate your efforts and Keep up the great work. Wishing MProfit team the very best for the future endeavors! (Feb 23, 2018)”
    by Rajesh MJ

  • Happy clients make for a happy advisor
    As an advisor both the correctness of data as well as after sales support is a big pain point, however in many years of using Mprofit Advisor can surely vouch for both data sanctity and sales support. One of the few organisations where updates are frequent and useful. Happy clients make for a happy advisor (Jan 17, 2018)”
    by Shankar S, CFP, Credo Capital

  • “It is very very good software. It has made my task of calculation of STG and LTG on sale and purchase of shares very easy. I have been searching for such for software for the last two years and was spending lot of time by entering each and every entry in excel sheet.

    I am very happy with this software (Feb 15, 2018)”
    by D P Gupta

  • “It is excellent software and after sales service is also good. I can give 10/10 to this software (Feb 15, 2018)”
    by Milan Panchamia

  • “I found MProfit very useful and all assets I can manage in this. It gives live prices and capital gain reports and many more reports. The support team is fantastic specially because they give quick response (Feb 07, 2018)”
    by Mamatha Shetty

  • “Amazing software it is. I have not seen anything better! (Jan 27, 2018)”
    by Nilesh

  • “I am great fan of your quick service. Hatsoff to your team! (Jan 15, 2018)”
    by Saikummar Dasoju

  • Divided By Investments, United by MProfit
    I do not remember since when I started using Mprofit, but it is the best portal. Divided By Investments, United by MProfit. is all can say about MProfit. Very fast response to queries. Sharp and up to date Support Team (Jan 10, 2018)”
    by Amar Bandgar, Sub Broker, Religare Securities

  • “I am presently trying out MProfit pro version. My compliments for a wonderful product (Jan 07, 2018)”
    by Shreyans Mehta

  • Made in India product with best customer support
    As a physician, I have been dabbling in investments since 15 years but the problem has always been accounting and calculating tax estimates which my CA was reluctant to do. It was also tedious to take each contract note and entering every detail especially when using all the services of a institution like ICICIDIRECT. I had started using MPROFIT since its inception when it was free to use and have gained complete confidence in the software and I am now a paid subscriber.

    My CA also understands the reports very easily. MPROFIT does not charge anything etc for modifications & updates in software when the laws are changed and importing contract notes are completed in seconds. Any query is solved within a few hours in the daytime and where I do query at night, I immediately get online assistance and correction within 24 hours without fail. The support team is prompt, knowledgeable and once they have contacted, they will put in the time necessary to solve the problem.

    Such service at such low subscription is a rarity in India. You have all the aspects of an international standard services company in the form of customer services, regular updates, online rectification of problems, accountability and most of all patient and decent services. I recommend this software to each and every Indian and hope that everyone encourages MPROFIT which follows excellent business and work ethics. This is one, MADE IN INDIA company which truly deserves our support and everyone should make use of the services provided by this company. (Jan 05, 2018)”
    by Dr. Mahesh Docherla

  • My digital financial secretary
    I am blessed to have MProfit as my digital financial secretary. The MProfit is very simple and powerful financial application. I got MProfit support at my door step many times.

    I had been using many applications and now I ended up with MProfit. It covers all modules of finance / investment. The only one thing that all NRI would really to have is 3 digit fractions in currency. Thanks to MProfit (Jan 04, 2018)”
    by John Henry Joseph

  • “I feel following are the best aspects of Mprofit

    1) One stop solution for PMS which covers almost all Indian financial instruments like Stocks,MF, Bank accounts, PF, Home loan, Gold, ULIPs etc.
    2) Easy way to import transactions from various sources. I was able to import all my transactions from various sources with a click of button. Transactions can be imported from almost all banks, all stock brokers etc.
    3) Lots of reports to do analysis of financial progress
    4) Good security and privacy as data stays on my laptop instead of cloud.
    5) Special kudos to support team. I got my queries answered in 8 working hours always.

    One small improvement area is XIRR calculation. It can not be calculated for specific selected period. The period has to be always till end of current financial year. But I am sure Mprofit will add this feature too (Nov 29, 2017)”
    by Unmesh Kulkarni

  • “We are using Mprofit for 6 months and we feel that it is the best accounting and PMS solution an investor can get because of its simplified interface, easy and automatic data entry, bundled services and customer support. It helps us to take investment decision, save tax and keeps our account books up to date (Nov 23, 2017)”
    by Devesh Jhawar

  • “I have been using mprofit for last few years. It is indeed a very good software, especially for its XIRR calculation and many other features (Nov 18, 2017)”
    by S. Subash

  • “I was searching All in One accounting software (Stock/F&O/MF/PMS) on net and I found MProfit site. I got demo version, I used demo version only 5 days and immediately I purchased MProfit Pro version.

    MProfit is very easy and very useful and amazing software. Less typing and few mouse clicks, all report are ready. I am very impressed with your constant support and fast service. (Nov 09, 2017)”
    by Paras Kamani, Real Invest

  • “I am using the MProfit Investor + for the past 4 years and I am very much satisfied with the features and the excellent support of MProfit (Nov 01, 2017)”
    by M. Pari

  • “I am using your software for analysis of my mutual Funds. The software is fantastic and very very helpful to me check my updates of my Fund Values and to change my Investment Strategy (Oct 24, 2017)”
    by RONI.A.P.P.

  • “I deeply appreciate the professional way in which my issue was handled. Kudos to the MProfit team (Oct 10, 2017)”
    by Ramani

  • “I must appreciate the promptness with which you resolve the issues, & consistency you have maintained in this respect over the years. Well done. Keep it up (Oct 07, 2017)”
    by V N Sapre

  • “Your tool is really good (Oct 05, 2017)”
    by Harsha

  • “Use of this software has saved countless hours as its very easy to import contract notes, Bank statements etc and create P&L, B&S. Also, customer support is prompt in resolving all queries (Oct 04, 2017)”
    by CA Ankush Bhutra

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