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Best is the possibility of uploading any format like Karvy, CAMS, and CAS files and track investment progress. I am your proud user and recommend more advisors and investors to make use of this resource.

Deepa Nittala, Financial Advisor
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Very intuitive, user friendly and loaded with reporting templates

I have benefited immensely from my subscription to MProfit’s Portfolio Management Suite of software products.

Very intuitive, user friendly and loaded with reporting templates that fulfil the most demanding needs of today’s reporting requirements. Not to mention, the ever-friendly support team that is always at hand, to promptly address any and every issue that may arise from the use of this software.

Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend MProfit to anyone seeking a value-for-money portfolio management accounting tool.

Jayaraman Vishwanathan

3 May, 2021
Best portfolio management software I have come across

My experience with MProfit has been satisfying so far and it is the best portfolio management software I have come across.

It caters to all kinds of requirements of customer – may it be capital gain calculation, IRR calculation, tracking portfolio value, accounting etc. The best part of the product team is that it continuously keeps on improving the product and its features.

During lockdown it moved to cloud at right time considering the need for working from anywhere. It has now become easy to work on MProfit cloud on real time basis from anywhere. Customer service team too is very responsive and turnaround time is quick.

Team understands the need of customer very meticulously and provides the best possible solution in short possible time for uploading portfolio data.

Mitesh Majithia

28 April, 2021
Great enabler for investors and traders

MProfit is a great enabler for investors and traders in hassle-free automation of accounts and easy generation of all required reports by a click of a button.

This product is quite user friendly. The support from this company is the best-ever I have observed across many service / trading portals I have been using.

I strongly recommend usage of this product, with great conviction. 

Prasad Ede, Retired COO and CFO, ICICI KNOWLEDGE PARK, Hyderabad

24 April, 2021
Always go the extra mile for customer support

You have a good team of committed and sincere executives who are always ready to go the extra mile for the customer support. Wish you all the best.

Ravindran Raman

14 April, 2021
Displays all required reports and very easy to use

MProfit is very efficient in displaying all the required reports and its very easy to use. Customer support is really well and fast. Related queries are resolved in very less time.

Badal Corporation

10 April, 2021
So many useful features and excellent support

I have been using MProfit Pro for so many years. In this software there are so many useful features which is helping me to keep the records of shares, commodities & mutual fund properly.

The support team are performing very good. In this pandemic situation also, they are trying to give us excellent support. The representatives of the support team are very familiar with us to solve our queries. Hope we will get this type of support in future.

Subhadeep Rakshit

9 April, 2021
Good suite of products and customer support

MProfit has a good suite of products. But equally good is their customer support. They respond to a ticket within a few hours. They persistently follow up till the issue is resolved.

Sanjay Chakravarty

30 March, 2021
Easy to see all my family assets in a unified view

I keep searching and found MProft via internet search, or through outlook money , I don’t recall. Then first I purchased basic version.

After experiencing excellent human in time support and hand holding during my first few days and data upload, I decided to upgrade to pro where options also can be covered.

Now MProfit is my daily use site. I liked the application because of (a) excellent file upload (b) auto upload from email (c) all of my statements for MF & Stocks are covered in your templates (d) it is easy to see my all assets & family member assets in a unified view. (e) it also helped me upload all my historical data (f) I did face some issues for some old companies which are no more listed, I was advised to use Private Equity (g) I loved the new CSV download of transactions (h) I am very satisfied with each of your support team members – all of them are well trained and informed professionals, and they have positive attitude to help.

Rajesh Rathi

26 March, 2021
User friendly and intuitive, with responsive helpdesk

I am a recent user of MProfit but am really happy with the user friendly and intuitive package. However most important is the responsiveness of the helpdesk and the ease of interaction with them.

Kudos to the entire MProfit team, and thank you once again.

Jateen Doshi

22 March, 2021
Managing multiple family accounts in one place

MProfit is a great product which has immensely simplified and automated managing multiple family accounts at one place. The best part is that the support team is excellent and very responsive.

Anant Mundhra

15 March, 2021
Please convey my appreciation

I want to place on record the clarity and patience of your team member who guided me very well. You have many gems on your team. Please convey my appreciation.

Nagarajan Balasub

9 March, 2021
Big THANK YOU to MProfit

This is just to say a big THANK YOU to MProfit and its team for making my life very simple through the software. The team needs appreciation for helping out in time of need. They have been always available to resolve or guide for any issue that I have faced.

Rajiv K. Khandelwal
Director & Chief Pediatrician, Vardaan Hospital

5 March, 2021
Excellent software

Excellent software. Whatever little trading activity I am doing in equity market is only because of your software and support.

Yogesh Parikh

4 March, 2021
One of the best software for portfolio investment management

MProfit is one of the best software I have used for portfolio investment management and accounting.

The support staff is also super responsive in solving queries / issues.”

Amit Bhatia

4 March, 2021
Much better than many of the free tools in the market

Our initial impressions are that this is a very nice product with a sleek and responsive interface. We were pleasantly surprised with the quick customer support received. We believe that many companies fail here.

As long as this team can maintain great customer support, this product can be very useful. It is much better than many of the free tools available in the market. Hopefully the costs continue to remain reasonable as they are now.

Amit Shah

1 March, 2021
Using MProfit since 2011

MProfit software support team is always easy to work with and they understand my concern very well.

I am using MProfit since 2011. Its a good software, and the support team is awesome.

Harish Kawalkar

24 February, 2021
Recommend this to all Investors, Advisors and Traders

In MProfit, we have been able to find top of the line service standards with fast response time for any queries. Even during the pandemic, we were able to get our queries resolved thru mail and phone. We would recommend this to all Investors, Advisors, and Traders for making the task of accounting the transactions in all asset class easier.

Dinesh Kumar M, Tradejini Financial

12 February, 2021
Easy to work with and useful reports

I have been using MProfit for the last five or six years and find it easy to work with. It generates a host of useful reports. The software has been continuously updated to take into account changes in tax and other rules. I now have the whole family balance sheet available to me any time.

Sivakumar Iyer

5 February, 2021
Best financial management software

I have been using the desktop version of MProfit software since last 1-2 months. This I can say, is one of the best financial management software available in the market . One can manage one’s all Assets and Liabilities in one place in a very easy manner.

The software has various kinds of in-built templates to import data. The software also enables generation of various kinds of reports like P&L, Capital gain etc. on just a click. The best part of MProfit is its team and management. They are very prompt in solving all your issues. I admire their quality of service. MProfit is really worth spending on.

Prabhat Kumar Singh

3 February, 2021
Extremely satisfied

We are extremely satisfied with the product, pricing and your service.


25 January, 2021