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Communication with clients has become very easy as reports generated out of MProfit are self explanatory. Service from the team of MProfit has always been in time.

Parth Joshi
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I have been using this software for more than 3-4 yrs, & would mention my impression about it , with gratitude, that a better software with such a prompt service is not possible.

Dr. Ajit Kittur, Kokhapur, Maharashtra

6 years ago

I am using MProfit Software since last 2 years, I found this is very easy to use and handy software. Your reporting system is also very good and easy to understand. Secondly, your service is very prompt and too good. Thirdly, we are very much thankful to you that you have provided us a free software for those whose turnover is below Rs. 50 lakhs. This is a very aggressive policy to promote your software. We do not find any complaint with the software.

Vinod Kankaria

6 years ago

This is a good product !

Gopal Deshpande

6 years ago

I am an NRI living in UK. Prior to using MProfit, I was using another portfolio share software from India whose software was not user friendly, the support was bad and the price was very high. I came across MProfit over 2 years ago and after reading what they were offering, I decided to switch over. It was one of the best decision I have made. There are 4 main points in my view that makes MProfit stand out. These are:
1. User friendliness
2. Value for money
3. Second to none, Customer support and services
4. Regular updates

V.Shah, UK

6 years ago

I have had several interactions with you as well as many other software companies around the world and your support is truly world class.


6 years ago

I am a subscriber of your MProfit Pro. A very great accounting software. Has taken care of my major headache with respect to stocks and mutual funds.

Kamlesh, Vapi, Gujarat

6 years ago

Kudos for creating MProfit! In India, we hardly have any financial Software for individual users so a big thanks to MProfit Team.


6 years ago

Thanks very much i am a small investor i find your software so much useful and user friendly which i have never seen in any of free version.

Anand Nayak

6 years ago

I have been using the MProfit software for more than 3 years. The software is really wonderful and could download regularly all my stock transactions with ease. Also the capital gains section is very useful and one need not do too much of a calculation, the software does every thing. The support given by the team members is very good and very prompt in attending to theproblems. I thank the MProfit team for developing such an important flexible software for our day to day use.


6 years ago

I have been using MProfit Investor version for months and found it user friendly and very easy to use. I intend to buy MProfit Pro.

Samir Nare, Mumbai

6 years ago

I have tried your software. It is quite good!

Ramesh Shah

6 years ago

Thank you very much for your prompt action. I am absolute happy with the services & attention given by MProfit team members.

Tejas Kothari, Advisor, Mumbai

6 years ago

I am working in the stock market since 1985. During the last four days of my association with your company, the way I was guided and helped by your different staff members over the phone and through TeamViewer to understand the working of your system was a marvelous one. I find your programme a very interesting one and hope that I will be associated with you till the time I will work in the stock market.

RK Gupta

6 years ago

Thanks for all your valuable feedback and helping me to resume with my MProfit installation. I highly appreciate your service support, it’s 5 star – excellent.

Dineshchandra Savla

6 years ago

I am a regular reader of Outlook Money Magazine & have personally benefitted in nos of areas-taxes, insurance, capital gain, real estate etc. Recently, thru an information in the same magazine, I started using portfolio management software offered free by MProfit.
I have found it extremely helpful & easy to use. Today, when I faced a slight difficulty in understanding, the same was explained instantly when I called at the support contact no.I am delighted to have moved from earlier working on excel sheet to portfolio management software. Thanks MProfit.

Sanjeev Dawar

6 years ago

Many thanks for your prompt and helpful response. I have been very happy to be with MProfit and look forward to your Accounting package.

Pradeep Sane, Mumbai

6 years ago

“Amazing program. Outstanding service and support. ”
MProfit does exactly what I was looking for. Be it Stocks, F&O, Currency or Commodity; MProfit covers everything smoothly and efficiently.

Now I have full accounting control, Profit/Loss information, extensive and detailed report module. It used to be a cumbersome process to obtain the Profit/Loss status on daily basis. Statements, bills provided by any brokerage houses are not informative nor use friendly.

It takes 5 minutes to upload contract/bills of the transactions occurred on daily basis in MProfit. They have data base of all past prices. In May 2013, I have taken the printout of P&L, ST/LT gains and other reports which contained prices as on 31.03.2013 for giving out to my Auditors.

Support and service is absolutely fantastic. Each and every person to whom I have spoken has been very helpful, courteous and sincere in resolving few small issues or clarifications. Support personals are prompt and punctual. Truly professional.

It is great investment and I think every investor who have not yet purchased MProfit, should buy it immediately. No need to waste time in trying out the demo version. It is a must have thing for every investor.

Arvind Agrawal, Pune

6 years ago

I am using MProfit and its impresses me a lot.

Binny Singh

6 years ago

Thank You very much, I will recommend to my friends and may some of them turn to be prospective buyers.

Nitin Shah

6 years ago

Congratulations for creating an awesome portfolio management software – MProfit”


6 years ago