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I think its a most awaited solution for investors investing in the Indian stock market. Best solution one can get to differentiate your gains into long term, short term and speculation.

Kunal Jain
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It’s a fabulous and great software, very user-friendly and involves the latest features. I am using this software for last couple of months and I am very happy to use it. The support team is excellent and very quick in providing solution to any problem related to the software. Overall I am very happy with their service & I will continue to use the MProfit software. I prefer others to also use the software.

Sumit K. Sanghi

20 June, 2014

I have been using MProfit Investor PM Tool for a while and very impressed with the same.


15 June, 2014

It’s an excellent software, just what I was looking for. Excellent & prompt service.

Vihan Shah

12 June, 2014

I had recently download your MProfit Investor software, I found it very easy to use and useful application for the small investor like me who are not in active in market. Thanks a lot for the wonderful and very use full software.


9 June, 2014

Believe me, MProfit is a very nice software. The report pattern is very nice and most important, this software covers all financial products in one place so that anyone can see each and every assets in one snap shot. In software company, it is very important that how that company gives the after sell service. MProfit people give very prompt service to their clients if any clients have the problem. This software is so easy to use that anybody can understand in few hours. By cost wise this software is very less costly so anybody can afford it. Keep it up guys……

Ramanuj Soni, CFA, Richclass Investment Consultants, Surat

1 June, 2014

We are using your MProfit software since last 4 years and we are quite happy with the performance of the software. Overall, This software is combination of easy data entry (import facility with electronic file), smoothly management of portfolio, very good reporting (with accounting report, gains for IT, analysis) and excellent support from the support team.

Rajesh Kamani

30 May, 2014

I would like to inform you that your MProfit is a wonderful software for recording details and working on various accounting aspects for buying and selling of shares. Updating of records is as easy like filling a clean and pure glass of water from a filter. It is also a very user friendly software.
So far I have been using this software for the recording, updating of buying and selling of shares and greatly impressed by it. This software provided you with a variety of reports which are useful for analytical, cost analysis, income tax report format reports and makes your life easier.

The unconditional support given by the MProfit team is also excellent in all aspects and at par with the highest international standards even on the free version software provided by them.

Raju Gianani

30 May, 2014

I am trading in shares for the last 20 years. It was a herculean task to know the exact profit or loss earned in shares and mutual funds. For this I had to depend on an accountant who was not available easily for such small work. Your software has come as a boon to people like us who cannot afford to engage full time accountant. Especially your Bank statement and Balance sheet and Trading and profit account has helped small time investors to have a correct statement of income. Kudos to your team.

VB Giraddi

29 May, 2014

I must express my deep appreciation for your prompt reply as & when I have asked for help.
I am also glad that I am using software developed in India which keeps updating as per the requirements of customers. Other softwares in the market do not come anywhere close to it.

I have been using MS Money but it does not take into account our requirements. I am sure, as the days go by, you would have developed excellent software to take care of all our requirements.

In the changing environment it was badly required.

Keep it up & Best of Luck

Vijaykumar Sapre

23 May, 2014

Thanks for the support and promptly resolving the problem. Your product is the best and most user friendly software for managing investments and track portfolios.

Biren Mehta

20 May, 2014

I am an individual investor, who has been in market for last 3 years. In these years i just used to record my buy/sell transactions into google finance. But over period of time tracking the portfolio performance was becoming more & more difficult owing to multiple buy/sell transactions and corporate actions like split,bonus,dividend etc.. which don’t have an option to handled properly by google finance.
MProfit came in the form of a blessing for me. Never thought it will be so easy to transfer all my past transactions into the software using the old contract notes.

Just 1-2 days of diligently recording all transactions into MProfit and now I can just spend few minutes in a few months to record and update all my transactions.

And I have my portfolio performance at the click of a button. Also i find the report section very useful, which has many useful reports like tax liability.

I am loving the MProfit software. It’s currently made available free by MProfit for small portfolio like mine, but i don’t mind paying a small sum for this facility in future.

Raja Panda

2 May, 2014

I have used your software investor version and found it great.


16 April, 2014

Excellent after-sales service !!! Have been using MProfit since last few years. And till date all my requests or complaints have been satisfactorily handled very promptly.
Thanks. Keep going !!!

Shreyas Shah

14 April, 2014

When there’s MProfit for support, the investor can relax!

Ramakrishna Pai

4 April, 2014

MProfit is a very nice software for wealth management. Almost all asset class are included in this. Also it is very easy to operate. The best part of MProfit is its service. Whenever you have a query you get it solved totally with the team of experts. I have a nice experience of the service.

Avinash Dodal

3 April, 2014

I am now using your software for the last one year and have found it extremely user friendly and helpful.

Ashwani Sinha

2 April, 2014

I have been using your program for last three years.Your company excels in every area.Your program is well thought out and stable.Your instructions are customer oriented and easy to follow.Your support is five star. Using this program has made tracking my portfolio so much simpler. I’m just an average person trying to invest wisely, and your program helps to make this easier to do.

Nikhil Rohatgi

31 March, 2014

MProfit is a solution that I have quickly gotten used to and today I just can’t live without it. During the current financial year I have rolled up my entire accounting into MProfit on a trial basis. Bulk of my accounting transactions involve investment related – equity shares and mutual funds. These get auto accounted through the import feature. The residual accounting entries that I need to manually enter are very minimal. Even these are very intuitively handled in MProfit. Effective from 1st April 2014 I will be discontinuing Tally accounting for my personal finances. MProfit is a delight for conventional accountants like me.

Muralikrishnan A.G, Chartered Accountant

21 March, 2014

MProfit is remarkable portfolio management software. Its supporting team is excellent and ready to take new challenges to solve. It is very user Friendly & report formation is excellent. Thanks to MProfit Team.

Amish Varia, Mumbai

1 March, 2014

Firstly a Happy New year to the MProfit team, have been more than happy with the software.

Shankar S, Certified Financial Planner, Credo Capital, Chennai

1 March, 2014