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It is the best software to manage your portfolio. No need for manual entries as it automatically imports the Contract Note. They have templates for all the brokers. And the best part is their Support.

Dharmil Motani, Mumbai
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I am current using Free version of MProfit Investor. MProfit is a nice product and also very user friendly.

Sagar Kathaley

26 December, 2013

I must say, I am thoroughly impressed with your support and response even though the product is free! Keep up the good work.

Satyajeet Pimplay

5 December, 2013

I am using your software (free) from quite some time. I find it very useful and simple. I also appreciate your timely support. Thanks for such a nice software support.

Shree Narain Mishra

18 November, 2013

I have been using MProfit for the past one year and I found the tool very user friendly. I admire the clarity of designing the menu and the variety of reports we could generate on various types of assets. Above all I realized and enjoyed the quality of support, the MProfit team rendered this day in assisting / clarifying me on an issue in regard to migration of data from the earlier version. I am sure your customer friendly approach will elevate the product to much higher level.

M. Pari

10 November, 2013

I was searching for a good portfolio management software for my father and I. We have been selling/buying shares since last 35 years. We were maintaining everything on an excel sheet and TDS calculations were becoming more and more difficult with the size of our portfolio growing. I eventually hired an IT developer to help me develop the software. Since I was into databases I created the database design. This custom software served our basic needs but still went berserk when doing TDS calculations. I was searching the web to see if there was any good desktop portfolio management software. MProfit was a dream come true for us. I was trading with Indiabulls for a long time and just a couple of months ago they added Indiabulls electronic contract notes to be automatically populate the data into their product. This saves me a lot of time and avoids keying errors. I wish they added more non-traditional vendors also to their portfolio. Overall I’m very happy with MProfit and their fabulous customer service support team.

Narendra – Toronto, Canada

25 October, 2013

I am using MProfit for more than 2 years. Before MProfit, I have tried at least 3 financial softwares. But as MProfit was the best, I bought this. Recently MProfit launched a freeware version also.
MProfit is very easy to use to set up all data & its import function is also easy to use. Moreover we can have video help for the problems & also blog. The MProfit team gives excellent telephonic support. Their response is prompt and helpful.

Many thanks to the team.

Kedar Gadgil

23 October, 2013

I am a user of your software for the last two years & I am more than satisfied with your product. Generally it is experienced that many softwares are user friendly but they exorbitantly priced. With MProfit, I can say that its a big value for money & extremely user friendly.
For the last two years , I can vouch that all my Short term gains & long term gains in the stock markets are provided by me to my Chartered Accountant.

Also, today I was really surprised at which your support team works. My query was resolved within 3 hours. Just great.

So all the Best to all of you & thanks alot.

Jayant Patankar, Pune

16 October, 2013

Today I explored the Accounting module released by you. I could compare the other Accounting Software available for the individuals in the market. I earnestly feel that the wish list and the dream of many persons on the requirement of an ideal and a full-fledged Accounting Tool have been given life by your team.
Both the PMS and the Accounting module reflect an excellent mix of the Accounting Principles driven by the technology. Every micro level aspects ranging from the comfort in data entry to report presentation have been given lot of weightage and thrust keeping it very simple to understand and use.

M. Pari, Trichy, Tamilnadu

14 October, 2013

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely congratulate Mrofit on Release of MProfit Beta Accounting. This is a much awaited Release for everybody who are using the Desktop Portfolio Management Software. The reasons are simple; PMS is always extension of Accounting. Accounting, Portfolio Management and Filing of Income Tax will have become one seamless exercise and I think we are heading in that direction.Such a big release always requires a massive effort on the part of the team to develop, test, document and launch. They have reason to celebrate this milestone. With this step, MProfit demonstrates its continued investment in innovating and enhancing MProfit and committed to providing customers with support.

P. Sarathy, Bangalore

14 October, 2013

MProfit is extremely easy to learn and very simple to maintain. Extensive import facility is what makes it shine. Within a blink of an eye, we have updated information in front of our eyes. Support team is excellent. It is because of MProfit that i can save valuable time on updating information.

Nirav Acharya, Vadodara, Gujarat

23 September, 2013

We are using MProfit Software from 2 years and I have uploaded all data from 2006 in our software from Excel trade files. It is so simple, that I have uploaded all data from 2006 to 2011 data in just 1 hour and also like to thanks for wonderful support team.
If you don’t get actually position of your portfolio then you are losing money, MProfit Software can give you original picture of your portfolio and also all type of I.T. Related Reports like STCG/LTCG, individual reports, Group Reports.

Samir Bhagat, M J Financial, Surat

11 September, 2013

MProfit is very simple and user friendly software… Extensive import facility is one of the *Key Features* in MProfit. Support Team has informed that they are working on Accounting and Mobile applications, which should really enhance the application..Simply purchase it….

Nirav Acharya

4 September, 2013

MProfit is very simple and user friendly software… Extensive import facility is one of the *Key Features* in MProfit. Support Team has informed that they are working on Accounting and Mobile applications, which should really enhance the application..Simply purchase it….

Nirav Acharya

4 September, 2013

MProfit has all the capabilities of bridging technology with investments & financial goals for analysing, reviewing & taking reports smoothly. Very good for adopting new reports implementation for enhancement of reports etc…etc…
I can confidently say MProfit is an excellent financial report solution provider (it is not a software ) and the team is excellent to interact with it. Keep it up !!!!

Bihag Parikh, advisor from Ahmedabad

23 August, 2013

I am an individual investor as well as an advisor, managing portfolios in stocks, mutual funds and F&O products. I have been using MProfit since last 3 years and I am find it to be the most user friendly portfolio management software.
Above all I find the support team at MProfit to be among the best. There response time and resolution of queries is very fast and more than satisfactory.

Mahesh Kabra, Jaipur

14 August, 2013

I have been using this product for more than 3 years and it made my life easy in keeping track of my investments.

Vidyasagar Mundroy

2 August, 2013

Great job, very nice and easy to use.

S. Guruprasad

1 August, 2013

I am grateful to the MProfit team for solving all the issues.

Muliyil Vijayan

1 August, 2013

This is to place on record the excellent customer support that MProfit provides. Even though the issue that has been raised by me was not really solved due to some bug in the software, the technical support persons were extremely helpful, follow up was excellent and I was assured that the problem would be sorted out in the next update to the program. This I think is a refreshing change from the usual Indian way of working where the less said about the support the better.

Dr. Rajesh Nathani

1 August, 2013

I am into trading since last 40 years, and i wonder why MProfit was not launched earlier. MProfit is the dream come true utility software for a thrifty investor, who is always looking for a bargain. MProfit is not just a bargain but a gift, hence a dream come true. What i like most about MProfit apart from its fantastic user friendly features is “it’s mind blowing customer service”, when most of the free software do not provide any support, MProfit goes out of its way to lend you a helping hand. Believe me I could not have asked for more. I would have gladly paid a handsome fees for this kind of service, but then why pay when it is free, instead a zillion thanks.

Dr. M. Farooq Khan, MD, Pisho Enterprises

13 July, 2013