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This is best software I have seen as on date for people who are dealing in equities. I used to spend almost 20-30 man days in a year and now I feel I can finish everything in couple of days time.

Sumit Bohra, CEO – Insurance Broking, IndiaNivesh Group
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We are using MProfit Software from 2 years and I have uploaded all data from 2006 in our software from Excel trade files. It is so simple, that I have uploaded all data from 2006 to 2011 data in just 1 hour and also like to thanks for wonderful support team.
If you don’t get actually position of your portfolio then you are losing money, MProfit Software can give you original picture of your portfolio and also all type of I.T. Related Reports like STCG/LTCG, individual reports, Group Reports.

Samir Bhagat, M J Financial, Surat

MProfit is very simple and user friendly software… Extensive import facility is one of the *Key Features* in MProfit. Support Team has informed that they are working on Accounting and Mobile applications, which should really enhance the application..Simply purchase it….

Nirav Acharya

MProfit is very simple and user friendly software… Extensive import facility is one of the *Key Features* in MProfit. Support Team has informed that they are working on Accounting and Mobile applications, which should really enhance the application..Simply purchase it….

Nirav Acharya

MProfit has all the capabilities of bridging technology with investments & financial goals for analysing, reviewing & taking reports smoothly. Very good for adopting new reports implementation for enhancement of reports etc…etc…
I can confidently say MProfit is an excellent financial report solution provider (it is not a software ) and the team is excellent to interact with it. Keep it up !!!!

Bihag Parikh, advisor from Ahmedabad

I am an individual investor as well as an advisor, managing portfolios in stocks, mutual funds and F&O products. I have been using MProfit since last 3 years and I am find it to be the most user friendly portfolio management software.
Above all I find the support team at MProfit to be among the best. There response time and resolution of queries is very fast and more than satisfactory.

Mahesh Kabra, Jaipur

I have been using this product for more than 3 years and it made my life easy in keeping track of my investments.

Vidyasagar Mundroy

Great job, very nice and easy to use.

S. Guruprasad

I am grateful to the MProfit team for solving all the issues.

Muliyil Vijayan

This is to place on record the excellent customer support that MProfit provides. Even though the issue that has been raised by me was not really solved due to some bug in the software, the technical support persons were extremely helpful, follow up was excellent and I was assured that the problem would be sorted out in the next update to the program. This I think is a refreshing change from the usual Indian way of working where the less said about the support the better.

Dr. Rajesh Nathani

I am into trading since last 40 years, and i wonder why MProfit was not launched earlier. MProfit is the dream come true utility software for a thrifty investor, who is always looking for a bargain. MProfit is not just a bargain but a gift, hence a dream come true. What i like most about MProfit apart from its fantastic user friendly features is “it’s mind blowing customer service”, when most of the free software do not provide any support, MProfit goes out of its way to lend you a helping hand. Believe me I could not have asked for more. I would have gladly paid a handsome fees for this kind of service, but then why pay when it is free, instead a zillion thanks.

Dr. M. Farooq Khan, MD, Pisho Enterprises

I have been using this software for more than 3-4 yrs, & would mention my impression about it , with gratitude, that a better software with such a prompt service is not possible.

Dr. Ajit Kittur, Kokhapur, Maharashtra

I am using MProfit Software since last 2 years, I found this is very easy to use and handy software. Your reporting system is also very good and easy to understand. Secondly, your service is very prompt and too good. Thirdly, we are very much thankful to you that you have provided us a free software for those whose turnover is below Rs. 50 lakhs. This is a very aggressive policy to promote your software. We do not find any complaint with the software.

Vinod Kankaria

This is a good product !

Gopal Deshpande

I am an NRI living in UK. Prior to using MProfit, I was using another portfolio share software from India whose software was not user friendly, the support was bad and the price was very high. I came across MProfit over 2 years ago and after reading what they were offering, I decided to switch over. It was one of the best decision I have made. There are 4 main points in my view that makes MProfit stand out. These are:
1. User friendliness
2. Value for money
3. Second to none, Customer support and services
4. Regular updates

V.Shah, UK

I have had several interactions with you as well as many other software companies around the world and your support is truly world class.


I am a subscriber of your MProfit Pro. A very great accounting software. Has taken care of my major headache with respect to stocks and mutual funds.

Kamlesh, Vapi, Gujarat

Kudos for creating MProfit! In India, we hardly have any financial Software for individual users so a big thanks to MProfit Team.


Thanks very much i am a small investor i find your software so much useful and user friendly which i have never seen in any of free version.

Anand Nayak

I have been using the MProfit software for more than 3 years. The software is really wonderful and could download regularly all my stock transactions with ease. Also the capital gains section is very useful and one need not do too much of a calculation, the software does every thing. The support given by the team members is very good and very prompt in attending to theproblems. I thank the MProfit team for developing such an important flexible software for our day to day use.


I have been using MProfit Investor version for months and found it user friendly and very easy to use. I intend to buy MProfit Pro.

Samir Nare, Mumbai