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I think its a most awaited solution for investors investing in the Indian stock market. Best solution one can get to differentiate your gains into long term, short term and speculation.

Kunal Jain
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Thank you for the prompt response. Good customer service sincerely appreciated.

Naazneen Deboo

28 January, 2013

I’ve been using MProfit for a few years now having settled on it after an extensive evaluation of options. I am impressed by the constant improvement and value addtion I see. I also had the occasion to be pleasantly surprised by the prompt response and quick resolution time of the support team to a problem. Thanks!

Daksha Bhat

26 January, 2013

I have recently downloaded MProfit Investor (Free Investor Version) and testing it to check if it will suffice my needs for Portfolio Management. I am highly pleased with the Software and would like to congratulate the MProfit team on building and delivering such a tool. There is a huge market in India for such tools which gives the power in the hands of Individual Investors who along with using professional portfolio services would liketo closely track and make alternate efforts to build their own folio’s.

I wish the best to MProfit and would suggest that it starts aggressively marketing this software, especially when the various regulatory bodies are spreading awareness about investing.

Hemant Goyal

4 January, 2013

We are using MProfit since the last 2-3 years. Initially it was installed and standardized by our accountant. However when I studied and saw the same it was amazing. It contains almost all the asset classes which are normally taken by an investor. The best part is their support and service. I have never seen faster responses to any query technical, commercial or administrative which is provided by MProfit and the same cannot be compared even with leading brands. Recently while renewing we have gone for advanced version and now the entire data of all our group family is now at my laptop which is a feature I have never seen in any software. I strongly recommend to all new users to use this software and consider this software as their part of asset.

Nirav Vora, Hem Paints Pvt. Ltd. (Rajkot)

16 October, 2012

MProfit is a great software which is also easy to use. It helps a lot to keep the track of the investments which helps me to be focus on my investments. The team and support of MProfit is excellent and I have no words to express. The moment you face some difficulties in using any feature or any problem I am sure it will not take more than few hours to resolve it. I can confidently say MProfit is an excellent software and the team is excellent to interact with it. Keep it up !!!!

Vicky Gala

15 October, 2012

Impressed with the prompt responses and support. Have just upgraded from evaluation to subscription!

Jason D’Souza

10 October, 2012

After a extensive search for a PMS Application, I tried out MProfit. A easy to use, simple but yet more effective then most available product. Being a demanding customer, I’m extremely delighted to give a big thumbs-up for the after sales service, regular product updates and support for specific scenarios. Their query response time is without doubt faster than that of response times of most essential services in India. They have a brilliant set of report formats to help with every need for all kinds of customers and their needs. Keep up the good work!!!

Dhawal Vora

28 September, 2012

I downloaded the 30-day trial version of MProfit about 3 years ago, when I was an NRI but it took me just one day to decide that this software was indispensable for keeping track of personal finances and investments in almost real time. I have been using it ever since and the application has only been getting better and better. Their support team needs to be congratulated too for the manner in which they treat their clients, almost like family. It’s not often one finds a good product and good prompt service too. Keep it up MProfit.

Harinder Kandhari

20 September, 2012

MProfit Sync is a Great feature. Thanks!

Abhishek Marwah, CPFA

1 September, 2012

I am very happy with the MProfit software, as it is helping me manage my portfolio as well as my clients.

Mahesh Kabra

1 September, 2012

Thanks for the services you have given when the software failed due some problem in my computer. It is very rare to see a company in providing such a good service.It is also very difficult to be without this product even for a day where I store all my data & do analysis. Good product & a must for everyone who deals in shares. Best wishes for your future.


1 September, 2012

I have used the trial version of MProfit and found it extremely good, easy and useful. Now I have purchased MProfit. Thanks for bringing an excellent software for the Indian Investor.

M. Pavan Kumar

1 September, 2012

You have done a fantastic job, I just enjoy using this application. You have made life easy & cool for the advisers!

Daniel S.

1 September, 2012

I am a user of your MProfit software for over 6 months and I am quite satisfied with the same.

Ajit Naik

1 September, 2012

I have been sending the portfolio reports, by using your software, to my client for the last 15 days and getting excellent feedback from the clients about the reports. For advisers, it is very smooth to operate.

Vijay Gupta

1 September, 2012

I get the real world class customer experience each time I come to you. I have experienced no problem what so ever with the application. You are always ready to accomodate improvements, enhancements- do it in all right earnestness and always ready to support your customer Big or Small.


1 September, 2012

I have been fortunate and highly impressed by MProfit. I found it is user-friendly, accurate, simple and easy to use. Features like Import , No. of Reports, Backup-Restore, Update, License management and many more makes it perfect software at reasonable price. It takes care of all criteria needed for portfolio
management for accounting purpose. After sales support is pleasant and satisfactory. Thanks and congrats to MProfit team for all support and help. Wish u All the Best.


1 September, 2012

I have been using MProfit for the last two years. I have found it useful to get a bird’s eye view of your own and your family’s portfolio. The reports on the portfolio are also very useful to understand capital gains/ Losses, annual returns, Income etc. MProfit has also been upgrading the software regularly to add to its usefulness. Their after sales service and support is exceptional to understand and maintain your software. Many suggestions given on improvements have been acted upon during up gradation. The annual charges are also reasonable and provide value for money. I recommend MProfit to all serious investors.

S. Ranganathan

1 September, 2012

I will like to say thanks you having wonderful software for personal finance management.


1 September, 2012

Thanks a ton. It was indeed a pleasure to talk with MProfit and receive the wholehearted support from the team. Such support from service providers are more a rarity these days. Please continue this practice of support and hand holding. It will pay rich dividends in the long run.


1 September, 2012