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I can now manage multiple accounts by spending not more than 15 minutes a day and its easy reports allow me to get actionable insights. Capital gains and other reports make year ending also easy for me.

Ashwin Balasubramaniam
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Nice for investors, really good. Thanks a Lot…

Rajendra Damor

excellent software; very useful for multiple asset classes

Keelanur Dilip Kumar

A great job done. Very good and simple software addressing the needs of every individual who has investments.


I am using the MProfit software and I find it very useful.

Vaidheesswarn Subrahmani

I discovered your software last weekend and since then I have been using the same. It looks very simple and useful.

Biswanath Nandi

I really like MProfit – Portfolio Management Software and it is very useful for many individuals


Appears to be a very well compiled software and am sure will be of great help to indian investors. Very good effort.


Overall I am very happy with MProfit. The application is very exhaustive and enables one to enter all the financial data. The software is very easy to use even for newbies.


I think you have a great software, so very suited to Indian needs. I have been looking for something just like this and you are a dream come true.

Sunil Arora

Thank you for having developed a useful product that tries to fulfill a long felt need of the ordinary investor.

Sunil Nehru

It is a great software, especially the online update of the prices and the revaluation of the portfolio.


KUDOS to your team for designing the best Portfolio Management tool in the Indian Financial landscape to date! This was much eagerly awaited by one and all, finally the dreams of everyone involved in financial markets to keep their all investment history at one place have been realized. I have already downloaded an evaluation version of this tool and all I can say about the tool is – Excellent, Elegant & Exceptional!!!

Vineet Bulbule

I have gone thu the main features of MProfit. Congratulations for developing this very user friendly long awaited portfolio management software for indian investors.

Shobharam Dhama

Your Software is Excellent


It is excellent work done by you

Bharat Shukla

This software is very fine.

Samar Sahoo

Very good job and user friendly software.


Initially i find software was difficult to operate. After seeing all the features i find this software is so easy to operate and user friendly. My best wishes for who want to use this software. I will just pass on to all my clients to use this software.

V.Srinivasan, LIC Agent, Chennai

This is a really great software.

Rakesh Padam

I have found the MProfit software excellent and is having excellent features.

Dinesh K.