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I can now manage multiple accounts by spending not more than 15 minutes a day and its easy reports allow me to get actionable insights. Capital gains and other reports make year ending also easy for me.

Ashwin Balasubramaniam
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Software seems interesting, i like it and yes at an affordable cost. Good features at reasonable price…. good.

Anad Kulkarni

1 September, 2012

Very useful software for PMS services


1 September, 2012

It is very very good and useful software.

Pandurang Pawar

1 September, 2012

Your software is too good

Viral Dalal, Veer Securities

1 September, 2012

I would like to congratulate you on the development of a good, fast, affordable and versatile product.

Shailendra Goel

1 September, 2012

This software looks smart.

Joy Parekh, Edelweiss Securities

1 September, 2012

The unique advantage of MProfit personal investment software compared to others available online or offline is that it consolidates various investments of family members in one master file in a very simple process.

Ahhishek Agarwal, Director of Triloki Greenfields

1 September, 2012

I have installed the software and still evaluating it – first impression is very impressive!!


1 September, 2012

Making money is tough, but managing money is tougher, more so if you don’t have the right tools at your disposal. MProfit is THE tool to efficiently manage your wealth. I love their intuitive reports, easy data entry, and automatic daily price updates.

Pankaj Chandak, VP at MF Global

1 September, 2012

Reasonable clean user inferace:) Overall, it is a pretty ‘nifty’ software


1 September, 2012

We are using your MProfit software since last 2 months. Overall, we are quite happy with the performance of the software. We are also very happy with the quick and positive replies that we receive from MProfit with regards to our queries.


1 September, 2012

I installed MProfit, it has a lot of good features.

Balaji S.

1 September, 2012

I downloaded the product and installed it on my Windows 7 machine. The first looks are pretty promising. Please convey my congrats to the team who built this product!! I particularly like your report module. Not only it has excellent reports but the choice of reports is also great.

Rajendra Dixit

1 September, 2012

Your import feature is so easy! My staff usually spends almost 2 hours every day on entering contracts. Now this is reduced to 10 minutes.

Vishal Shah

1 September, 2012

Software is Best and customer service is more BETTER.

Alnavazbeg Mirza

1 September, 2012

I have used mapping with NJ Fundz and the experience was really great as it was completely hassle free, precise and the process of transfer the data is quite simple. The software has been found very useful.

Sanjay Gupta

1 September, 2012

I have seen the demo version of MProfit, its nice software.

P. Thakkar

1 September, 2012

I have seen your demo. The best part of the same is recently you have developed the ability to import data.

Chimay M

1 September, 2012

I am using MProfit for the past few days. I have found it useful for my level of activities.

Arvind Jain

1 September, 2012

Any business has two common but important aspects, viz. time and money. A “SOFTWARE” with good service back up, like that of MProfit, means “SAFER TWO”, i.e. safer from the points of views of time as well as money. While the one without good service backup would mean “WASTER OF” time as well as money. Keep it up, MProfit.

B.B. Huria

10 August, 2012