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The software is very efficient in displaying all the required reports, well formatted besides easy-to-use. Managing client portfolio is now the most easy work in a highly volatile market. The license cost is highly competitive.

Abhijeet Joshi, Wealth Orchard Consultants
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Would recommend MProfit without hesitation to fellow investors

I used to do my capital gains calculations in Excel, and it used to take a long time to compile the same. When LTCG was re-introduced with the grandfathering clause, I knew this exercise was going to get much more tedious & difficult.

So I decided to try out MProfit, which I had heard good things about over the years. I downloaded the trial software & was happy to note that the software worked excellently. My occasional service requests too were responded to very quickly – even when I was using the trial software!  So I had no hesitation in purchasing the license thereafter. Would recommend MProfit without hesitation to fellow investors.

Bosco Menezes

18 November, 2019
Great software for someone with client accounts

I have been using MProfit since 2011 and I must say that it helps me save time in preparing capital gains report.

Before I used to maintain an excel sheet with all my holdings and calculate First-in-First-Out using formulas. However that did not work for demergers, splits and other corporate actions. It required more time.

Now with MProfit all that is history.

MProfit also allows direct import of many of the contract notes, CAMS statement for automatic entry.

A great software for someone with client accounts as different accounts can be maintained separately .

However, I wish there are more things like able to get holding views by asset allocation, by sector/industry, some more analytics on P&L, portfolio valuation graph etc.. In short better reports and analytics. I hope that comes in future versions.

Gitesh Shah

26 September, 2019
Kudos to the software and your team

The software is very good but your support team is the best. Whatever queries that I had were resolved instantaneously. Also whenever I needed any template prepared or updated, the same was also done within a week. Kudos to the software and your team.

Adithya Seth

26 September, 2019
MProfit has saved much of my time in last 4 to 5 years

I am using MProfit since last 4 to 5 years and its very easy to calculate Capital Gain Tax and I can also know my profit/loss in my portfolio and my total family portfolio at any given point of time. Moreover, the MProfit team give very fast and accurate service whenever we require with regards to contract import, reports etc.  And because of this I have recommended many of my clients/ friends. Myself being a chartered accountant, I know how much time it takes if we calculate manually for recording in Income Tax computation statements. But with the use of this software, it has saved much of my time

Natwarlal Sarda
Chartered Accountant

13 September, 2019
Extremely happy with the software

We have been using MProfit accounting software for the past four years. Extremely happy with the software, very user friendly, has lots of options, can download the contracts and bank statements, saves a lot of time in data entry, can get a good analysis of capital gains, trading account.
And extremely supportive staff who are always available to help.

Rajan A

6 September, 2019
5 stars for ease of use and excellent customer support

I have been using MProfit for quite a while now & I find it better and simple to use than others similar products in the market. The UI is intuitive & the way the financial data is laid out is pretty neat. The most awesome feature I got to know during a troubleshooting session was that there’s remote access (TeamViewer) already integrated within the MProfit PC suite…I mean wow quite nifty to troubleshoot after-sales issues isn’t it! 5 stars for ease of use & excellent customer support.

Vikram Singh

5 September, 2019
Clear picture of your investments, performance, targets & achievability

MProfit is a very efficient tool to manage your financials and review the performance of your investments from time-to-time. It helps to give a clear and assorted picture of your investments, it’s performance, the targets & its achievability. 

MProfit, in fact not just helped me target my liabilities but also to control and reduce them. I sincerely thank the team of MProfit and expect them to continue with the same in future too.

Sagar Hosurkar

26 August, 2019
Excellent service and great support

The service provided by team is excellent. They solve the problem immediately and are very proactive too. Thanks for your great support. Very rarely we see such nice support.

Arun Lahoti

26 August, 2019
Rich software features

At the outset compliments on MProfit rich software features and making the user experience simple at the same time detailed.

V. Sridharan

25 July, 2019
Effortless import of Zerodha contract notes, very happy to buy this package

I purchased MProfit primarily to take care of my Trading Data. I was fed up of entering the contract notes on daily basis as I needed a platform which could automate the mechanical chores. MProfit just fit the bill as  it could import my Zerodha contract notes effortlessly.

Though I was not an avid investor in Mutual Fund Schemes , yet when I did, MProfit was ready with that. I have invested in around 50 Mutual Fund Schemes (including all my family members). It was an herculean task to manage the NAVs on regular basis. But with MProfit is is easy to get a snap shot in almost real time basis.

Of late I have added my properties, insurance and FD in the software and MProfit has not disappointed.

The support too is immaculate whenever required. When the data formats of Zerodha changed, the support team was able to resolve the issues in few days with slight initial transient hiccup. Though it took them few days to resolve the issue completely, yet the response was instant. I am very happy about by decision to buy this package.

Sanjeev Kapur

24 July, 2019
Robust software, prompt support and best pricing

I am very happy with your software and your very prompt response from the support team. I am using your software for over 2 years now. Most of the time, the software works very smoothly which is very good. But the best part is, the constant updates to your software that you do from time to time as well as per the need of the customer.

I do not think that there is any other product in the market which can compete with MProfit in terms of robustness of software, prompt support and regular updates, new feature addition and best of all – pricing.

All the best to you all and continue the same level of service and support! I recommend your product to all my friends and family

Ankit Hemani

10 June, 2019
New Cloud Application – another big stride

I have been using MProfit for the last couple of years as a Wealth Manager. The Software has made us an IT enabled organisation instantly as our clients now have access to all their investments on their mobile phones and they are loving it. This has not only helped us scale up business but has also provided a premium feel to our services.

What is even better is the unparalleled instant support which MProfit provides over the phone, which motivates us to grow faster as we now have an IT Partner. Over the last 2 years MProfit has continuously innovated culminating into their new Cloud Application which is another big stride in getting us closer to our clients and vice versa. Thanks MProfit!!!

Vinay Bagri, Chartered Accountant

14 May, 2019
Loving the Android application

Want to congratulate MProfit team for launching the wonderful PMS application on the cloud and Android application. I am loving the Android application.

It is convenient and user-friendly. Great job! Keep making such improvements. One day, your application will be the most sort after system for tracking and managing investments by small and medium investors in India.


11 May, 2019
Made Life Wonderfully Easy

I have been using MProfit for more than three years now and it has made the life wonderfully easy. Unlike other products, there is no need to spend hours in doing manual entry of the data. 

The bank statements, Mutual Fund statements and Stock Contract Notes all get imported into the system in a jiffy. There are several useful reports available. And I have always found the support to be extremely helpful and co-operative

Rajneesh Gupta

5 May, 2019
Such a useful application

I am using MProfit Investor for almost an year. I would tell you that I thoroughly enjoy using the application and just yesterday I migrated to v10 and I am even more delighted.

The addition of the web client and the mobile app with cloud sync is extremely useful. I can see that one by one all the features of desktop app are coming to web client and expect the Portfolio import option to be implemented as soon as possible.

Thanks once again for doing a tremendous job developing such an useful application.

Keep rocking!!


4 May, 2019
MProfit – A Great Financial Tool

Today I have downloaded the MProfit 10 in my Laptop and the App in my IPad and spent a couple of hours on exploring the various features of the App and the Reports/Charts that could be generated from Cloud.

Through the App, now we are able to access the portfolio of the family and of members and could obtain the summary and transaction details of all assets and meaningful charts with simple touches on the screen.

It is a wonderful milestone in MProfit for having introduced such a very user friendly App. Due care has been taken for the requirements of the users. Designing of the App has been well thought of and implemented very appreciably. 

With more than three decades of exposure as a Banker and the feel of the customer expectation, I admire your dedication to elevate the software to such an elite level and the concern you are exhibiting to the customer needs.

MProfit has become an inevitable financial life tool.

I congratulate the entire team of MProfit and extend my sincere thanks as an user.

M.Pari, Former Bank Executive

2 May, 2019
Brilliant job

Just Downloaded the cloud version 10. Still to explore it completely but already thrilled to the awesome work done.

Also soo sooo soo glad to have the iOS App. Amazing Work! Congratulations to the team! 

Allied Investments

23 April, 2019
Simple & effective to operate with super customer support

The product is simple and effective to operate and if that was not enough they top it up with super customer support. Whether you are paid subscriber or trial or your issue is trivial or major, the customer support team gives equal attention to all customer communications and have a amazing fast turnaround time. They are totally focused to resolving customer’s concern and that’s what impressed me a lot. That is why I am all ready to turn myself from trial subscriber to a paid one

Manish Dewan, Director – Dravyen Finsec Pvt. Ltd.

10 March, 2019
Helpful in filing IT returns particularly capital gains tax

I am using MProfit portfolio software to manage my portfolio for the last more than 10 years and it has helped me a lot in filing my IT returns particularly the capital gains tax. MProfit team is also quick in resolving any issues pertaining to the software and any reports. I am very much thankful to MProfit for the kind and valuable support

Naresh V N karmali, Goa

1 March, 2019
Great product & responsive support team

A great product for keeping a track of your portfolio. And a very prompt and responsive support team to resolve any technical problems or queries you have. Strongly recommend

Snehal Shah

7 January, 2019