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“MProfit is one of the best portfolio management and accounting solution, we were able to find for our clients. All customers’ feedback we got have been positive.”

Advisor – IndusWealth
“Whenever I called your office for some assistance I have spoken with knowledgeable and helpful support team – this made it very easy journey for me.”

“I heartily congratulate MProfit team to make a such beautiful software for managing personal portfolio. By addition of Accounting feature makes it more attractive.”

“I can confidently say MProfit is an excellent financial report solution provider (it is not just a software) and the team is excellent to interact with it. Keep it up !!!! “

“MProfit team is extremely helpful. This makes tedious work of maintenance and tracking of portfolios so simple and enjoyable. Even non-financial people can operate the software easily.”

“MProfit is a good software, I have been looking such a software since long time it’s very good and perfect. It’s for those who want to track their hard earnings.”

“MProfit makes life easy for investors. No more taxing efforts for reports and taxation. Just a click of a button you get what you need. Extremely user friendly and robust.”

“A fantastic user friendly software, which takes care of all aspects of the investor as well as the taxation issues. Managing money is a task, but not with MProfit.”

“I use MProfit for my investments and find its the only software giving accurate Short Term, Long Term & Intraday Profit & Loss. And, the team is always accepting new challenges to solve.”

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“MProfit has been an extremely important tool for us for maintaining information on our clients’ portfolios across asset classes. It is extremely user-friendly and has great customer support.”

“MProfit is a very user-friendly desktop software which summarizes all your investments and gives you a status report of your stock investments on a daily basis. Very satisfied customer.”

“With MProfit, my portfolios are safe and secure in my desktop. With the periodical backup feature, I can be 100% sure that my portfolio is safe and available. Every penny spent on MProfit is worth it.”

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“As a wealth advisor all you require is to generate simple reports which MProfit has provided me and for my clients.”

“Being an advisor and an investor, it has become convenient and faster to update the portfolios, instead of using Excel. They are too quick to respond with their after sales support.”

“You are doing a fantastic job for a retail investor like me. With your inputs and innovations I am able to track & monitor my portfolio without taking help from a professional financial advisor. Keep it up.”

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“I found MProfit extremely good to use for my personal portfolio. It is simple and gives me a deep understanding of my positions. That includes the capital gains part too. I would recommend it.”

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“MProfit is an excellent tool to easily keep track of all types of investments and to generate various reports to quickly understand the performance of the market on a daily basis.”

“Making money is tough, but managing money is tougher, more so if you don’t have the right tools at your disposal. MProfit is THE tool to efficiently manage your wealth.”

Active Investor
“Accuracy, through put and core competency.”

“MProfit is an innovative product that fills the near vacuum in this application software space in the Indian market, as none existed with such good analytics. I wish the product a great success.”

“A very effective software I have come across during my rigorous surfing. The BEST investment monitoring tool available. It ensures maximising profit growth.”

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  • “I have been a customer of MPROFIT for about 2.5 years. I just want state for the record my appreciation of your product and your service.

    Product has been very easy to use – you have made it very intuitive and user friendly. It has been a breeze to come on board and use various features. I also appreciate your attempts to keep up with the technology changes and going to MOBILE and CLOUD. I am looking forward to the CLOUD version.

    Whenever I called your office for some assistance I have spoken with knowledgeable and helpful support team – this made it very easy journey for me.

    Thanks a ton and keep up the great work your are doing!!!

    I love your product and happy to recommend you and be your reference (Nov 30, 2016)”
    by Praveen Reddy, Principal Advisor, IndusWealth

  • “It is about a month I downloaded the free version. I checked the peer websites also but I found this to be the most user friendly. It is soothing to the eyes, the report formats are practically planned, uploading data is easy and last but not the least the grouping of portfolios give a good overall picture. Secondly the back office is super prompt. In the import option my Broker was not present, so I sent them 3 contract notes and they included my brokers contract note format for uploading. Now I do not need to upload it manually. The point here is that their response is always positive and fast. And I am not even a paid customer till now. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. (Nov 24, 2016)”
    by Aniruddha Sen

  • “Your software is excellent!! (Nov 23, 2016)”
    by Srinivas

  • “I am using the MProfit Investor for more than 3 years and it has become an inevitable companion for me in maintaining my accounts and investments.

    The courteous technical support rendered by your team is highly appreciable and makes the users of the software delighted. (Nov 22, 2016)”
    by M.Pari, Former Bank Executive, Trichy

  • “I am happy to download your Free software MProfit Investor [latest version] which is Excellent and user friendly. Further I found that Reports category is in line with expectation and requirements.

    However, it is extremely useful for small investors like me to keep track records of portfolios both live as well as online. I am only interested in Equity and this is the only software which I like very much.

    My best wishes to all the dedicated team of MProfit for their painstakingly making such software for the use of needy investors. (Oct 24, 2016)”
    by M G Sheikh, Ex.Officiating MD, Earstwhile Vadodara Stock Exchange Limited

  • “I thank you for developing the wonderful software. It is very useful to me (Oct 18, 2016)”
    by RM. Pethaperumal

  • “I have been using Mprofit Investor+ for last 3 years in a personal capacity & am satisfied with it. Their support team was very prompt & helpful in solving my broker template related issue. Wishing them the best! (Oct 06, 2016)”
    by Vijay Phadnis

  • “Congratulations for being a leading software for share market investments. The software is very efficient in displaying all the required reports, well formatted besides easy to use. Managing client portfolio is now the most easy work in a highly volatile market.

    We are using it for the last 3-4 years and received great support from your team, always very quick. When our license expired it was renewed very easily by a single phone call. The license cost is highly competitive. We are very satisfied using MProfit.

    All the very best. Keep up rising! (Oct 06, 2016)”
    by Abhijeet Joshi, Wealth Orchard Consultants

  • “I have installed MProfit software and honestly it’s simply great!! Thanks for such a wonderful software. (Sep 09,2016)”
    by G. Vidapanakal, Senior Consulting Specialist

  • “Your quick action is highly appreciable.
    Hope you scale new heights! (Aug 17, 2016)”
    by Anil Agarwal

  • “Mprofit is the best software for people to track their investments. It has a very user-friendly interface and is totally value for money. It makes the book-keeping process much easier and less tedious. And the response of the support team is brilliant. Very quick resolutions and very satisfying responses! (Aug 10, 2016)”
    by Hemik Shah

  • “Firstly, I am happy to share that I have bought the one year licence today :). Happy to be part of the Mprofit community (Aug 09, 2016)”
    by Ankit

  • “I am a financial advisor and wealth manager based out of Pune. I have been using the software for the last 3 months and thoroughly impressed with the features of the software, help and support of the product team and their prompt response. Kevin always has been of great help in what otherwise has been a very easy to use software. Excellent reports are generated by the software. Would honestly recommend the software to all financial advisors, wealth managers and investors. Go for it without a second thought (Aug 08, 2016)”
    by Abhay Choudhari, Financial Advisor

  • “I am quite impressed with MProfit features and am planning to purchase an Investor Plus license shortly to manage portfolio and accounts in my familly (Jul 31, 2016)”
    by Janakiraman

  • “I appreciate your prompt response. Such prompt ness will make your company a hit amongst customers (Jul 28, 2016)”
    by Nikhil Gujar

  • “I am a happy customer of Mprofit. You guys are doing very good job and your software is awesome (Jul 24, 2016)”
    by Sandeep Mohta

  • “My MROFIT!!!! I am Excited ….congrats. You deserve a deep sense of appreciation with satisfaction.

    Your support & service is at par excellence. Whatever the issues brought before u, your support team comes in hand with immediate onetime solution.

    I am Using Mprofit for several years, Simply Experiencing enjoying & educated. My job is made simple & easy, only because of MPROFIT, to take care of my entire After Trade data entries by a click of mouse & I get all my work done in one stroke. With its expansive features for trading & investment, not only for stocks but with provision for various multiple asset allocations, I have ready financial & accounting solutions from simply downloading the contract notes. With hundreds of templates of multiple format contract notes of almost all the brokerage houses in India, MPROFIT generates all the required summarized reports like portfolio holdings-purchase sales-profit & loss- capital gains etc., for submitting Income tax returns on shares & investments.

    Incredible indeed…Thank you my Mprofit!!! When u r there, what else I need, but focus more on my trading & investment. best wishes & complements (Jul 18, 2016)”
    by Vasudevan narasimachari, Chennai

  • “MProfit is one of the few comprehensive databases available in India that is simplistic and highly accurate. It\'s reports are customisable to a vast extent, ensuring that virtually any kind of requirement by end-user investors is addressed. As compared to some of the competing products, the subscription charged by MProfit is negligible.

    The support staff are available on short notice at all times and are extremely quick in answering any potential question that may arise. I continue to use this software for over 3 years and look forward to a long association with them in future. (Jul 13, 2016)”
    by A. Chakrabarty

  • “I have upgraded to the MProfit Pro, thanks for your support during the trail period (which has another 7 days to go), and also the software really works. After fighting to get things done on perfios, getting information in is lot easier on Mprofit and the auto-update of NAVs, stock prices and historical pricing is really cool.

    So here I am, a committed customer. Looking forward to a great service from you and a continuing relationship. (Jun 20, 2016)”
    by Suryaprakash K

  • “I am using Mprofit from last 3 years. It has been a great experience, my entire approach to managing client portfolio has become systematic and easy. Thanks a lot Mprofit. (Jun 10, 2016)”
    by Phoenix Wealth Management I Pvt Ltd

  • “It is awesome, user friendly, easy to use, time saver, falling short of words to describe, accurate results, best after sale service, will never hear a NO regarding any suggestion you give and will try to incorporate the same in the software, So if you want to save time to do more productive work then one must buy MProfit. (May 25, 2016)”
    by Dharmen Sutaria

  • “I really salute that person who created this software in view of stock market. Now my work after market is much lesser. Everybody who works in stock market should have MProfit. (May 20, 2016)”
    by Aadesh Anand, Gain Capital Pvt. Ltd.

  • “I have been using MProfit Investor+ for over 1 year. It was the best rated Portfolio Management Software so I downloaded the trial package in Feb of 2015 and within few days it impressed me so much that I purchased the Investor+ package in March 2015. I have not looked back since then and MProfit continues to impress me with every new feature I explore/use. It is comprehensive yet very simple to use.

    The best part is the super efficient and excellent support! If I have any problem I am sure of resolving it in 1 phone call! I do not think any software provides this level of support at this price. Kudos to your superb team! (May 1, 2016)”
    by Kanishk Kejriwal

  • “The best thing about Mprofit is their support team. They respond promptly and resolve the issues with 100% satisfaction. (May 05, 2016)”
    by Parinda

  • “I have been using MProfit ever since 2015. Being a Stock Broker, MProfit has helped a lot in managing my clients accounts. PMS, F&O transaction option is just fantastic.

    Cheers Team Mprofit. (Apr 22, 2016)”
    by Prashant Bhiwaniwala, Director, Ujala Capital Market Pvt. Ltd, Kolkata

  • “I am a doctor. I have been using MPROFIT since 4 years and currently I am using MPROFIT INVESTOR. My family also maintains several trading accounts with different vendors. Since I have been using MPROFIT, I have been able to maintain all their accounts in this single offline software. All records can be entered and if there is any glitch, over the phone instructions do a perfect job of solving the problems.

    I am able to take down several types of reports including those needed to submit for my CA for IT returns. There is no need to be constantly connected to the internet. You can backup to local drive as well as to cloud storage. Overall, an excellent software and worth every paise you spend on it. (Apr 21, 2016)”
    by Dr Mahesh Docherla

  • “I downloaded Mrpofit a month ago and have been investing directly for 2 years. I am now wondering why i did not know about this earlier. It is a good software to have to manage your portfolio. Their support is also quick and efficient. (Apr 21, 2016)”
    by Ashwin Balasubramaniam

  • “I have been using your software since the past 3 years and I would love to congratulate you guys for having developed such a brilliant product.

    It is the best that I have come across. (April 5, 2016)”
    by Harsh Mehta

  • “MProfit is the best software I have come across that blends today\'s digital capabilities and speed of record keeping. Accounting and portfolio management has become very fast due to all banking, broker contract notes upload templates and integration with live data feeds. Accounting for individuals has simply become breeze. Support team also is highly responsive and knowledgeable. (Mar 19, 2016)”
    by Suneel Aradhye

  • “I have been using Mprofit for last 3 Years & selected this software after studying various other Portfolio Management software (Free & Paid). Mprofit manages my & family members portfolio very well. It has Grouping facility where individual portfolios can be combined to view current position at a glance. For any queries Mprofit Support Team is very good & provides immediate resolution of query. (Mar 18, 2016)”
    by Ravi Modi, Technical Director, ThinPC Technology Pvt Ltd

  • “Thanks for your prompt attention regarding my query. I have never seen such warm response from any of the service provider company in my life. Though you are knowing that I am using your free software, you are taking such deep interest to resolve my problem. (Mar 17, 2016)”
    by Vipul Mehta

  • “I use this and pretty good tool which I admire. (Mar 3, 2016)”
    by Manohar Bhat

  • “Many thanks to MProfit team.

    U r spoiling ur customer with your large heart customer care. (Feb 19, 2016)”
    by Ritesh Poladia

  • “I have been using MProfit for several years now. The product is well designed, user friendly and stable. The updates are smooth. The best part is support which is very good and easily the best I have experienced. (Feb 12, 2016)”
    by Prasad PN

  • “Mprofit is a very good software for keeping your portfolio on track with very efficient and easy to use import options. They have a very good and reliable support team to help with any issues faced.

    The support is prompt and responsive. Overall a good software. (Feb 03, 2016)”
    by Paradise Merchants

  • “I am using Mprofit softwere since 4 months, it is a good softwere with very good updation with market. The softwere is easy to use and comfortable. (Feb 03, 2016)”
    by Vishal Patel, Puja Advisors Pvt Ltd

  • “I have used your trial version of software. And I loved it. (Jan 30, 2016)”
    by Amar Shetty

  • “MProfit !!!! A really worthy software every financial organisation should have!!

    Mprofit is a very timesavy tool!!! You can import the data from various brokers / banks in the software!! No need to enter the transactions manually.

    Also one can easily monitor the performance of their investments as the software provides realtime prices for various investments.

    Reports are available in various formats. You can easily choose the format.

    Another important feature that one can see the records for multiple financial years in a single screen. No need to open various accounts for difference financial years.

    Also the support team is very very helpful. They help you out in very short time. Incase there are no readymade template for import of data, the company arranges to make template for you with max 2-3 days.

    I can say, MProfit - A very smart software by very Smart and Friendly Team (Jan 28, 2016)”
    by Pavankumar Jagiasi

  • “I have been using Mprofit since last 1 year and i found it very useful. It takes 5 minutes for me to update all my daily transactions and see my profitability and stock positions. The versatility of importing contract notes from any stock broker is the most unique one and their support is just AWESOME.

    It is a must to have software for any investor. (Jan 26, 2016)”
    by Swaminathan Subramanian

  • “I was doing my mutual fund with a national distributor and was keen on doing myself. But, the biggest hurdle was a software which would integrate my investments in my code as well as those done with the ND. After searching for all that was available in the market, I had almost given up hope when somebody suggested me MProfit.

    LO! It changed my life.

    MProfit is one of the most Advisor-friendly software available in the Market today. Not only that, its cost is very competitive. I am now more confident of doubling my AUM as I fully concentrate on increasing my AUM without having to worry about a reliable Portfolio Program. MProfit does this and more.

    MProfit not only maintains the records in an extremely user-friendly manner but also generates all kinds of very very useful reports. Its doing the job of 3 Office Staff for the salary of HALF A CLERK!!!

    Thanks MProfit. (Jan 25, 2016)”
    by Srikanth Matrubai, CEO, SriKavi Wealth Advisors

  • “I am glad to have purchased the MProfit Investor s/w for my share trading portfolio. I am finding it very useful and user friendly for maintaining my investment portfolio up to date. The import function in the s/w has simplified our work with the automatic update of our trading transactions within seconds.

    It is nice to work with s/w offering different views of investment portfolio based on todays gain, overall gain etc and providing various reports for analysis, realized profit/loss, income tax report etc. I would suggest MProfit to provide also the reports based on Last in / First out value of stock as it would help in accessing actual gains. (Jan 25, 2016)”
    by Hemant Ramchandani

  • “I have been using MProfit for last few months and I think it is extremely useful is maintaining accounts of my share transactions. I just download the contract note in HTML format from ISE Securities & Services Ltd. and the transactions are uploaded into the accounting package MProfit from the contract note directly without doing any manual entry.

    I cannot just maintain accounts with MProfit but i can also use some of the built in MIS features to track how much profit or loss I am making on day to day basis. I think this package is absolutely necessary for people who invest or trade in shares on a regular basis. (Jan 14, 2016)”
    by Vijendra Sawhney

  • “Mprofit provides a very good base for accounting of various financial products and a whole lot of MIS reports for decision making. This is coupled with a very quick and efficient back support team which takes the software to another level. Pretty impressed with the work 🙂
    Keep it up guys !!!! (Jan 12, 2016)”
    by Rinkesh Jain, Articled Assistant, Ambavat Jain & Associates LLP

  • “The recently added traded bonds feature is quite impressive (Jan 10, 2016)”
    by Nitin

  • “Thanks for your prompt response in solving the issue. MProfit support team has always responded to any query/issue very fast and I am very happy with the team. I like the product and the service very much. (Jan 9, 2016)”
    by Mouli

  • “I love your software. I am an individual investor managing my family portfolio on your software (Jan 7, 2016)”
    by Krishna Prasad

  • “Thank you for the mprofit software the investor version, it has really helped millions of users to take control of the finances and take decisions with the support of consolidated data under one roof (Jan 03, 2016)”
    by Sundaram

  • “I would like to congratulate the team for the successful incorporation of several thought process in Mprofit software. Many Congratulations!!!

    I am life science researcher using this software (free ware) since Feb 2015 onwards. In today’s busy world people (non-financial) hardly gets time to look into their investments returns. This user friendly software enables hassle free uploading of investment statement generated from the respective companies which enables to see all the investments under one umbrella. The financial terms generated on day today basis (gains/loss), profit and loss statement, STCG, LTCG, XIRR returns, etc., provides an insight to take quick decision and actions.

    Another aspect which I am satisfied is the untiring support from the customer care team. The software has undergone various changes and fine tuned to the core to deliver the results. I would see this as an application that every person should have who is really interested in investments. One can see “Eagle’s view of all the investments” in this Software. (Dec 07, 2015)”
    by Rajendra Moorthy

  • “I have been using MProfit PMS software for 1 year and it is a great software and would recommend it considering the features. It is a user friendly software and very easy to start using it, to import the contracts thus saving lot of time instead of manually entering the transactions. I managed to import my previous 2 years contract notes within minutes and was able to reconcile the account statement quickly. It has many customized reports and is very easy to view capital gains, P&L etc,.

    It is worth mentioning about the Support team as they respond to the queries promptly and assisted me in setting up Accounts. They were able to modify the import template quickly when there was some changes made to the contract notes from the Broker side.

    Thanks for your hardwork in providing an excellent software and quality Support much appreciated. (Nov 25, 2015)”
    by Raviraj P.R

  • “MProfit is the best software (Accurate & Perfect), i have had the best and fastest service from MProfit always……..
    Kudos to the MProfit team. (Nov 20, 2015)”
    by Hemant Mahbubani

  • “Software is robust and it is easy to reinstall using the backup, which I had to when my Win10 crashed and had to reinstall it fresh. The best part of the usage over the year is the quick response of the Support Team, whether its for re-activation issue or error in upload of a contract note. The feature of Remote Assistance is very handy for a person who is not all that tech savvy and cannot explain the issue in technical terms.

    Overall it is an immensely useful product with a equally good Support Team at our service. You are sure to become a permanent customer. Best wishes for road ahead. (Nov 15, 2015)”
    by Rajiv Modi

  • “Great product, saves me a lot of time from the earlier legacy system. Great team - good technical knowledge, very helpful and open to suggestions.
    All in all .. thanks guys ..highly recommended (Nov 10, 2015)”
    by Niren Parekh

  • “I am using mProfit for the last 2 years and I am quite happy. Once I had a problem and their support staff not only looked into the issue, but they provided me the remote assistance and fixed it. And this was for the free version. Kudos to the mProfit team for the excellent job. (Oct 16, 2015)”
    by Neerav Paliwal

  • “The main part of Mprofit that caught my eye was the capital gain calculator and the tax friendly reports they generate. Team Mprofit have done an amazing job in removing tax hassels for investors and traders alike. Their contribution towards this area is immense and better still its free for investors to use.

    I would certainly recommend using this to maintain your equity portfolios and for your capital gain calculations. Kudos to team Mprofit and their great work. (Oct 15, 2015)”
    by Sunit Pinto, S A Financial Services

  • “I have been using your Mprofit Pro version software from over last 1 year. I must compliment the entire team for the good work. (Oct 15, 2015)”
    by Ashwani Tiwari

  • “Thank you for making available a wonderful software which turned out to be a life saviour for me. (Oct 14, 2015)”
    by Kandarp Dudhoria

  • “I am using MProfit Investor+ for the past two years. The software is very user friendly and exactly designed to meet the needs of the individual investors, though the other higher versions are meant for business people and professionals. Accounting of my investments in stock market, Deposits and renewal thereof, house hold expenses, etc. has become very much effortless and trouble free. A range of meaningful reports could be generated and the same make our purpose well achieved.

    The assistance offered by MProfit team whenever we seek clarifications is immediate and the regular value addition to the software is un-comparable.

    The MProfit has now become an inevitable partner of my life. Thanks a lot. (Oct 13, 2015)”
    by M.Pari, Panel Faculty Member, IFBI

  • “Big fan of your software! (Oct 12, 2015)”
    by Vikram Purohit

  • “I have downloaded Mprofit Investor version. I must say this is the best software I have ever had. Smooth User Interface, Easy Controls makes this software amazing. The hard work and dedication of developers can be seen in this software. Keep the good work.
    Ratings are as follows:
    1 Software UI 10/10
    2 Customer care support 9.5/10
    3 Reports and their appearance 10/10
    (Sep 30, 2015)”
    by Mangesh Joshi

  • “Recently out of curiosity I downloaded MProfit and to my surprise I found PMS is amazingly a wonder. It is so simple and user friendly that without any demo or support I managed to import all of my Equity Contract notes from 2011 onwards with ease and effortless.

    I am extremely happy about your excellent service support. I had a problem while importing one of the Contract note, and your support team took less than 4 hours to resolve the issue. Kudos to your Service team.(Sep 27, 2015)”
    by Hariprakash, Bengaluru

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