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“MProfit is one of the best portfolio management and accounting solution, we were able to find for our clients. All customers’ feedback we got have been positive.”

Advisor – IndusWealth
“Whenever I called your office for some assistance I have spoken with knowledgeable and helpful support team – this made it very easy journey for me.”

“I heartily congratulate MProfit team to make a such beautiful software for managing personal portfolio. By addition of Accounting feature makes it more attractive.”

“I can confidently say MProfit is an excellent financial report solution provider (it is not just a software) and the team is excellent to interact with it. Keep it up !!!! “

“MProfit team is extremely helpful. This makes tedious work of maintenance and tracking of portfolios so simple and enjoyable. Even non-financial people can operate the software easily.”

“MProfit is a good software, I have been looking such a software since long time it’s very good and perfect. It’s for those who want to track their hard earnings.”

“MProfit makes life easy for investors. No more taxing efforts for reports and taxation. Just a click of a button you get what you need. Extremely user friendly and robust.”

“A fantastic user friendly software, which takes care of all aspects of the investor as well as the taxation issues. Managing money is a task, but not with MProfit.”

“I use MProfit for my investments and find its the only software giving accurate Short Term, Long Term & Intraday Profit & Loss. And, the team is always accepting new challenges to solve.”

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“MProfit has been an extremely important tool for us for maintaining information on our clients’ portfolios across asset classes. It is extremely user-friendly and has great customer support.”

“MProfit is a very user-friendly desktop software which summarizes all your investments and gives you a status report of your stock investments on a daily basis. Very satisfied customer.”

“With MProfit, my portfolios are safe and secure in my desktop. With the periodical backup feature, I can be 100% sure that my portfolio is safe and available. Every penny spent on MProfit is worth it.”

Advisor –
“As a wealth advisor all you require is to generate simple reports which MProfit has provided me and for my clients.”

“Being an advisor and an investor, it has become convenient and faster to update the portfolios, instead of using Excel. They are too quick to respond with their after sales support.”

“You are doing a fantastic job for a retail investor like me. With your inputs and innovations I am able to track & monitor my portfolio without taking help from a professional financial advisor. Keep it up.”

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“I found MProfit extremely good to use for my personal portfolio. It is simple and gives me a deep understanding of my positions. That includes the capital gains part too. I would recommend it.”

Investor –
“MProfit is an excellent tool to easily keep track of all types of investments and to generate various reports to quickly understand the performance of the market on a daily basis.”

“Making money is tough, but managing money is tougher, more so if you don’t have the right tools at your disposal. MProfit is THE tool to efficiently manage your wealth.”

Active Investor
“Accuracy, through put and core competency.”

“MProfit is an innovative product that fills the near vacuum in this application software space in the Indian market, as none existed with such good analytics. I wish the product a great success.”

“A very effective software I have come across during my rigorous surfing. The BEST investment monitoring tool available. It ensures maximising profit growth.”

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  • “We would like to thank the Mprofit Team for this Amazing Software. Our Company manages various Portfolios and Individuals, earlier it used to be quite some work to get our books of accounts entered into the system, but now with Mprofit its extremely easy. We get our daily reports and statistics on just one click. Also the service given by the support team is excellent. (Sep 15, 2015)”
    by Rishi Ruia

  • “Apart from providing an outstanding piece of software, Team MProfit never hesitates to solve any little problem the investor may have. Recently, I required assistance to transfer MProfit (along with data) from one computer to another. As soon as I sent an email query, they contacted me and using Team Viewer, completed the process smoothly. Some technical issues that cropped up because of system deficiencies were instantly corrected using their thorough technical knowledge. I am impressed! (Sep 01, 2015)”
    by Ramakrishna Pai, Bangalore

  • “MPROFIT SOFTWARE is very nice and very convenient. Mprofit Service is very good and helpful for us (Aug 28, 2015)”

  • “This software is excellent and user friendly as it take care of PMS and Accounts. I found software easy to use and time saving as stocks contracts, banks statements data are imported automatically with precision. The various reports generated by this software are amazing and fantastic in all respect. (Aug 01, 2015)”
    by Joseph Dsouza, Kingdom Of Bahrain

  • “Mprofit has proved to be an excellent & superb value for money portfolio managemnt software for a pure-fee only investment advisor like me. It allows a seamless interface with multiple options to upload transactions, with automatic computation of capital gains, XIRR etc. The report suite is also excellent which allows customisation & branding as well. And the biggest diffrentiator at Mprofit is their superb customer service. I do not think I have seen such an excellent customer service anywhere else, atleast not in the financial services space. Also, the price is very affordable. All in all, its a great & highly recommended portfolio management tool for investors as well as advisors. (Jul 27, 2015)”
    by Abhinav Gulechha, Investment Advisor & Founder, M/s Soham Financial Planners

  • “I heartily congratulate MProfit team to make a such beautiful software for managing personal portfolio. By addition of Accounting feature makes it more attractive. This is very accurate and time saving. It was problem in maintaining the sale purchase of shares , Mutual fund to calculate short term and long term benefit. In the new era of computerization each and every investment come under the lens of taxman. So it is the right time to adopted computerized accounting system and I like Mprofit very Much (Jul 25, 2015)”
    by Anurag Gupta

  • “First of all I thank you very much for kind of co-operation and co-ordination provided till date. Moreover I congratulate to all of you for providing such an excellent portfolio management & accountancy software backed by excellent support team. I am happy to have such a nice and user friendly software. I have been using since Aug, 2011. I am using it for family portfolio, investments and financial accounts. It is a very helpful Financial Accounting and Portfolio & Wealth Management Tool at all levels. I wish you all the best for future developments. You may even think for incorporating features to generate eIT Returns. (Jul 14, 2014)”
    by Kiran S. Shah, V M Engineering

  • “Initially i downloaded and used the free version of the portfolio management software. I was very impressed with it and ended up buying the full version. It is simple and easy to use. It opened my eyes with respect to the average rate of returns (XIRR) across different investments that i had. I no longer need to keep track of my bank deposit maturity dates as i can set reminders. I can also see the current value of my stocks and mutual funds, all on one page; I need not log in to the individual AMC sites. Best part about it is that it is completely offline and all the data is stored in my system. And i can share mine and my family portfolio details with my CA and financial planner which helps in filing taxes, reviewing and consolidating my portfolios (Jul 13, 2015)”
    by Dr. Krishna Prasad

  • “Thank you very much for your wonderful support and application. (Jul 11, 2015)”
    by Sanjay

  • “I was using online portfolio by leading business channel and fed up with the advertisement popping up and delay it took to open the portfolio and well as the security of the data from internet security risk it exposed etc.

    Then tried a portfolio management application done by leading fund house and it was too complicated for me to make entries.

    Finally I searched the engine to know Indian software which allows to keep the record at my computer and that\'s how started using MProfit and since then I have the peace of mind of security of my data and done away with the advertisement popup etc. (Jul 09, 2015)”
    by Tukaram Shetty

  • “I am a physician and have been using MPROFIT since more than 3 years from the time it was free and then through the time it became free. I would like to recommend this software to those who are intent on keeping track of their investments. There have been successive improvements in the software tracking the changes in regulations and formats of all the investment companies. I have used stocks and mutual funds section predominantly and have had no problems at all. The software can be used offline, requires very minimal low speed internet connection, the outlay is user-friendly and all the reports are available in various formats for saving offline and filing tax returns. I have not had much experience with ULIPs etc but the customer service is excellent. I have encountered many startups including online shopping etc where their long term vision is poor and customer service is inadequate but that has never been the case with MPROFIT. I have always got a reply and correction within 24 hours. I might have made quite a few queries and complaints in these past few years and every single time, the problem has been solved quickly. (Jul 03, 2015)”
    by Mahesh Docherla

  • “I am using Mprofit Free version for last one week and am fully satisfied with it. I am planning to upgrade it to a paid version shortly, since i also need to make entries for my F&O trades.

    I am delighted to note that they care even for the users of free version, my query got resolved in 24 hours. The features are also very good. (Jun 25, 2015)”
    by Vinod Ambavat, Partner, Ambavat Jain & Associates LLP

  • “I’ve been using your MProfit software since last 4 months. What I’m especially happy about is the promptness of your replies to my queries & suggestions. Excellent after-sales service!!!

    The product is definitely good with obvious room for improvement but I’m sure with a good team & commitment, the product will keep getting better.

    Kudos to the team and all the best for future. (Jun 20, 2015)”
    by Shreyas Shah

  • “I am using the software for almost a month now. Initially I was very very skeptical about the software & its features for accuracy. We have thousands derivatives contract traded in a day with multiple brokers & multiple family members. We sell options. Accuracy is very important. After uploading data for last 2 months I was amazed to see 100 % percent accuracy .

    Keep up the good work. Support Staff and Service is superb & time bound. All the features are superb & accurate. I congratulate you for making such a wonderful product & superb support staff. I wish you the best! (Jun 18, 2015)”
    by Samir Doshi, Option Writer , Mumbai

  • “I am using your software for last two year and had used many software prior to that. Your software is best and worth for every penny I paid to you. About after sales service, again you people are always available to help us immediately which is highly appreciated. In today\'s market there are very few service provider who adhere to such a high standard and Good services. Highly Appreciated. (June 10, 2015)”
    by Pinnacle Financial Services

  • “Awesome! (Jun 02, 2015)”
    by Ajitjraj

  • “I use your Mprofit Pro-Version 9.4 and its very helpful in keeping tracks of various investments (Jun 02, 2015)”
    by Manish K

  • “I have purchased the license in August-14, and found the software fantastic – easy and user friendly -for use. We are a family having significant investments in stocks & MF, have organized all our data with the software, which was otherwise scattered in excel sheets.

    The main aspect is the excellent support by the team, who have always helped to resolve all queries/ requirements at priority. Thank you very much and Wish You all the Best for Future! (Jun 01, 2015)”
    by Darshit Shah

  • “The financial software, in my humble and honest opinion, is one of the finest software of its kind. It is good enough for both alike, small investor as well as HNIs. This is because it provides easy interface and menus for data entry, edit and deletions as needed. All the reports required are available and also in excel format. Data can be imported from the banks and share brokers directly online or through statements and contract notes. It keeps itself updated and wherever there is a road block or difficulty, the support team is available to help & guide on phone or email. (May 29, 2015)”
    by Vinod Dhelia

  • “I liked this software for the various reasons briefed below : -

    1) It is very cost effective. Especially when financial / investment planning is increasingly turning institutionalized & margins are wafer thin, the small agents / sub brokers like me cannot simply afford to spend money on technological inputs & ultimately we lag behind.

    2) This software enables the user track the investments on a continuous basis & it helps us review the client’s portfolio effortlessly.

    3) It is very user friendly, be it a customer or the agent like me, we both find it very simple to use & operate. (May 22, 2015)”
    by Sandeep V Puntambekar

  • “I am using this software from past two years for managing family accounts. It is user friendly software and self explanatory but when in need excellent staff support also provided. Compare to other softwares this is the best available in the market. (May 15, 2015)”
    by Ramesh, Bangalore

  • “I must say thanks to the entire team of M support for developing this excellent software. (May 9, 2015)”
    by SK DEWAN

  • “MProfit is a last stop solution for wealth managers. It is simple to use and the report templates are easy to follow for a layman.

    We received excellent support not only at the time of installation but continue to receive the same level of support during each software upgrade. They stand behind their product by offering constant improvements in functionality.

    As a next level, I would like to see MProfit integration with social media, product integration (API / Upload option) with third party portfolio analytically tools, financial planning software and the like.

    Happy to be your client. (Apr 28, 2015)”
    by M. S. Shabbir, MD, SenSage Financial Services Pvt. Ltd

  • “Its been 3 years now I am using MProfit PMS application and will continue to use it as its the best available in market at cheapest price.

    The response for queries and ECN issues has been amazing - very quick response and resolution.

    I appreciate hard work and efforts of MProfit team and recipocate with tons of thanks to them. (Apr 23, 2015)”
    by Samir Nare

  • “We at Prakem sincerely Appreciate the response/services/updates & eagerness to comply with requirement on requests, we also are quite comfortable using your software Mprofit for equities presently, & frankly speaking we are yet to use the software to its fullest potential but sooner we intend to use most of the features/options available in your software.

    1) Your software is quite user friendly & easy to import the trades/files
    2) Your services & responses too have been prompt & supportive
    3) Reports too are quite good & as per requirements
    4) We would appreciate if you could also come out with option of updating BSE rates, as most of our trades/business is executed through BSE
    5) It’s useful for our Investors as they can keep track of their portfolios live & online
    6) Presently we have been using this for equity, along with our back offices financial accounting purposes & sooner we Intend to add on all our mutual fund database too & we shall expect same support & response from your team
    7) Going forward we shall keep you updated & informed on our requirements/modifications in soft wares if any & hope & expect you too shall comply with same on feasibilities
    8) Over all we are presently quite satisfied & appreciate your services & look forward for same in future as well.

    (Apr 22, 2015)”
    by Kedar Kulkarni, Prakem Investments

  • “I want to divide the review in two parts.

    Part One: many advisers are entering mutual fund and stock broker industry. For starter, MProfit can be an excellent cost-efficient Back office tool to provide valuation and other reports to clients.

    Part Two: Regulatory changes are forcing many to become advisers in true-sense. Such advisers need to gather various information from various intermediaries for all family members. MProfit makes life easier to gather such information with click of a button thanks to various import templates. Various reports can help to make decision on future investments or liabilities.

    Accounting module is well thought addition. There is gap in service. Investment adviser and account/book keeping persons are different. So there is a chance of wrong book keeping. This module can help to address the same.

    No one is perfect. So does software. But the team is future looking and making sure to provide nearest to perfect software in shortest time period. Three cheers for them. (Apr 20, 2015)”
    by Udbhav Shah

  • “Mprofit is the best Portfolio software utilised by me since from last 5 years and now Accounting feature is most useful because all stock and mutual fund transaction directly import in account book, very helpful. This is one of the best software for me. It offer a wide range of solutions and features in a single package. All services offer something different and have strengths in particular areas. (Apr 15, 2015)”
    by Sanjay R. Agrawal

  • “You application is awesome and it does what it should do. (Mar 31, 2015)”
    by Amit Agrawal

  • “Fantastic piece of software which helps get a consolidated view of all your holdings. Earlier you had to rely on a broker or financial planner to give this information, now with a few clicks and easy upload of data you can manage your own finances better. The support staff has also been very friendly and go out of their way to try and fix any issue (not that there are many). All in all a good piece of software at an attractive price point. Look forward to renewing for 3 years at a go if possible !! (March 4, 2015)”
    by R. Sankaran

  • “After testing for almost 2 years, I must say I am impressed with the features especially integraion, the frequency of improvements and bugs fixes and the prompt support the MProfit team has provided. Remember to keep the product light (on disk space), with frills-free features and quick to use – difficult but necessary as the product grows. I would recommend for improving the UI with bright colours. (Mar 01, 2015)”
    by Shashank Jain

  • “MProfit deserves a Perfect Ten rating. It takes just moments to import contract notes as well as output reports for every conceivable need of the investor. Moreover the customer service team delights in incorporating improvements every now & then. It saves loads of paperwork & hours of fretting. Makes monitoring one\'s portfolio an absolute breeze. (Feb. 26, 2015)”
    by Ramakrishna Pai

  • “I have been using Mprofit for the past 2 years and found it extremely useful. While the PMS section gives me a birds eye view of all my assets along with the detailed view of each asset, the accounting section gives me the assets / liabilities view along with details of my cashflow. This gives me full control of my investments and finances and provides valuable inputs for my financial planning.

    I am very happy with the product and delighted with the support team. The responses from the support team has been swift and relevant. Overall it has been a great experience. (Feb 13, 2015)”
    by Chandramouli Natarajan

  • “I used to maintain information and balance sheet in Excel. It took significant effort from my end to maintain and reconcile information. Filing of Income Tax Return used to be a big Everest as lot of information needed to be ready for successful completion and Filing on the Tax Return.

    I was looking for a solution that is proven not only from comfort of use but more importantly a product that resolved all my requirements. Requirements such as Time Saving, Reconciling information from various sources (i.e., Brokers, Bank etc.) Easy Tax Filing and more importantly reporting. I evaluated various other software products and MProfit Pro product is the only one which is the perfect solution for my requirements.

    Your team has really done a very thorough work in conceptualizing this product. It is only a one time effort to get all data imported and then it is just a monthly process to reconcile information and have the information whenever we need.

    What really differentiates MProfit is that you have opened the door for all to use this product for 30 days. This gives time for clients to get themselves clear on product features and usability. If they feel the product does not fits their needs, they have the option of not using the product otherwise the service is available at a nominal monthly fee.

    Kudos goes to support team for being there when clients need them. Just one message and support team is in contact with client to resolve these issues. This is what clients are looking for.

    Great work from your team. I am hopeful of seeing much more new and useful features in upcoming releases.

    Keep doing the great work and keep your clients happy. (Feb. 7, 2015)”
    by Vivek Jain

  • “I have purchased Mprofit few months back and found this product is really useful to track all kinds of investments. Report section has various reports and are really useful for the user. (Feb 01, 2015)”
    by Sunil Sawaikar

  • “It is an excelent product and I would be happy to continue the same. (Jan 26, 2015)”
    by Dilip N Kulkarni

  • “It’s a fabulous and great software, very user-friendly and involves the latest features. I am using this software for last couple of years and I am very happy to use it. The support team is excellent and very quick in providing solution to any problem related to the software. Overall I am very happy with their service & I will continue to use the MProfit software. (Jan. 20, 2015)”
    by S. Dasan

  • “I am really impressed with this software. I have been using the software for more than 2 years and find it very user friendly, contract note import tool for both Cash segment and F&O from various brokers across the country. The import contract note tool is very handy and saves me a lot of time when managing multiples portfolios. The report section has made it very easy to calculate and analyse my trades, P/L, expenses and reports.

    Mprofit team has done an excellent job by creating this highly user friendly and trader savvy software.

    Overall I would rate 9 out of 10 to this software. (Jan 16, 2015)”
    by Bikash Khanna

  • “Firstly, let me put on record that you guys have prepared a wonderful software that takes care of almost all needs of an Equity Investor. In addition to that,the transition from my old software to new one was seamless and smooth.

    I am really happy to come across this software and as a testimony to the statement, I would surely subscribe to the version that suits my requirement (Jan 09, 2015)”
    by Keyur Shah

  • “Glad to say that this is the best software for Indians. I really love using the tool for my personal financial management. The service is really great with response time for any issues I contacted was within 3 hours each.

    I really appreciate the kind of hard work the team is doing in improving the tool and wish them a good luck for the same. (Jan. 8, 2015)”
    by Shrinivas Hanchate

  • “We are using MProfit Pro software, we are happy with the software. It is very useful for Portfolio Management of many clients. It is very helpful to understand the performance of the market and our holdings on a daily basis & for comparison.

    The MProfit team gives good support and prompt reply. It is very easy to operate. MProfit is very good software. We are happy with the Software.

    You are doing a great job. (Jan 07, 2015)”
    by Darshana Satra, Manager, Wealth Orchard Consultants

  • “I really liked the software.

    I really appreciate for such a nice software, indian investors need better portfolio management software. (Jan 01, 2015)”
    by Riyaz

  • “I am a subscriber of MProfit since August 2010 when the yearly subscription charges were Rs.1,198/-. I have renewed my subscription every year without any hesitation since the last 4 years including this year when I paid Rs.2,347/-for the basic version inclusive of the new accounting module.

    While I use many software which requires annual renewal charges, this is probably the only software which has lasted on my desktop for over four years, being renewed without any reminders or cajoling.

    The best reasons for this love affair can be attributed to four reasons:-1) Fantastic support through Email/ Phone /Team viewer within 24 hours 2)Consistent and regular value addition to the software through up gradation 3) absolute value for money 4) taking on board suggestions for improvements.

    So keep it up MProfit-without diluting your basic ethics while you grow bigger and bigger and add many more wings.

    Looking forward to your Android/IOS application which will run on all devices. (Dec. 20, 2014)”
    by S. Ranganathan

  • “I had started using this software a month back and let me confess that this is best software I have seen as on date for people who are dealing in equities. It is very user friendly and the system of uploading the contract notes and bank statement has made life quite easier for me. I use to spend almost 20-30 man days in a year and now I feel I can finish everything in couple of days time.
    Goodluck to your team and keep up the good work. (Dec.15, 2014)”
    by Sumit Bohra, CEO - Insurance Broking, IndiaNivesh Group

  • “I have been using MProfit for the last two years now. I am writing this to record my appreciation of the proactive customer service team in MProfit that takes care of customer issues. In the past whenever I approached them with an issue, for some clarification or some hand holding, they have always responded immediately and solved the query to my satisfaction each time.

    Great work! Please keep it up!! (Dec. 9, 2014)”
    by Sivakumar

  • “THANKS A LOT FOR YOUR ONLINE SUPPORT. Thanks with Regards (Nov. 17, 2014)”
    by Vishnu Prakash Kankani

  • “I am quite happy with your software (13 Nov, 2014)”

  • “I have been using the free version as an individual for the past one year. I recently decided to upgrade to MProfit Investor+ because my investments were exceeding the limit for the free version. My experience with MProfit, both product and customer service, has been excellent. I like especially the reports and the ease with which one can update folios from statements generated from the mutual fund registrars.

    I would strongly recommend this software to keep all one\'s investment portfolios in one place in order to monitor or bequeath to one\'s legal heirs. (Oct. 28, 2014)”
    by Prof. Mitter Vedu

  • “As an investor, I was getting overwhelmed with trying to keep a track of my investments. After initially trying out two other programs besides yours, I concluded that your MProfit Investor+ is a highly superior one. Well thought out, integrated and easy, enabling me to know my financial position effectively with the balance sheet and income statement that it creates, and, most importantly, the capital gains reports that also distinguishes the equity and debt investments separately. I have shown the reports to my CA and he is relieved that his life will become easier when preparing my tax returns. And, kudos to your technical and customer service professionals who have guided me very courteously enabling me to utilise MProfit Investor+ to its fullest. Thanks MProfit. (Oct. 15, 2014)”
    by Bipin Choksi

  • “I wish to place on record my sincere appreciation for a very solid and proactive response. Yours is a good tool but would like to share suggestions to improve it more. Sincere thanks to the team. (Oct 13, 2014)”
    by Venkatesh Sharma

  • “Its really the best software & support ever I have been with. Thanks a lot for creating efficiencies & helping avoid avoidable work. (Oct. 9, 2014)”
    by Darshak Shah

  • “Mprofit is a highly productive tool for managing your finances backed with an excellent and dedicated support team which goes extra mile to ensure timely resolution of issues. Keep up the good work (Sep 22, 2014)”
    by Ashwani Tiwari, Certified Financial Planner

  • “I would like to congratulate and thank your team for making one of the best & easy to use software. (Sep 17, 2014)”
    by Nirav, Surat

  • “We thank you very much for kind of support, co-operation being given till date and also for such a nice very useful software. (Sep 09, 2014)”
    by Kiran S. Shah, Partenr at V M Engineering

  • “Your unflinching support even for free users is exemplary. One cannot find such dedication and zeal to serve users in this age and era. Hats off to you. I wish you great success. (Sep 09, 2014)”
    by Dr. Raman Kumar

  • “The software meets majority of the my requirements and Kudos to entire Mprofit team for coming out with a robust Integrated PMS & accounting software (Sep 09, 2014)”
    by Romil Singla

  • “Thank you for your Excellent Support!!!! (Sept. 3, 2014)”
    by Sanjay

  • “While I was searching for some software for personal accounts on internet, I came across MProfit software , I am using free version for last ten days and find it very good software. The support from MProfit team is also excellent. (Sept. 1, 2014)”
    by Jagdish Kapoor

  • “I am using Pro version and I am impressed with its capabilities. (Aug 28, 2014)”
    by Sudhir Shah

  • “Your support level is amazing. (Aug 27, 2014)”
    by Darshit Shah

  • “I am presently using your software and am quite happy with it. (Aug 25, 2014)”
    by Bipin Choksi, Mumbai

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