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“MProfit is one of the best portfolio management and accounting solution, we were able to find for our clients. All customers’ feedback we got have been positive.”

Advisor – IndusWealth
“Whenever I called your office for some assistance I have spoken with knowledgeable and helpful support team – this made it very easy journey for me.”

“I heartily congratulate MProfit team to make a such beautiful software for managing personal portfolio. By addition of Accounting feature makes it more attractive.”

“I can confidently say MProfit is an excellent financial report solution provider (it is not just a software) and the team is excellent to interact with it. Keep it up !!!! “

“MProfit team is extremely helpful. This makes tedious work of maintenance and tracking of portfolios so simple and enjoyable. Even non-financial people can operate the software easily.”

“MProfit is a good software, I have been looking such a software since long time it’s very good and perfect. It’s for those who want to track their hard earnings.”

“MProfit makes life easy for investors. No more taxing efforts for reports and taxation. Just a click of a button you get what you need. Extremely user friendly and robust.”

“A fantastic user friendly software, which takes care of all aspects of the investor as well as the taxation issues. Managing money is a task, but not with MProfit.”

“I use MProfit for my investments and find its the only software giving accurate Short Term, Long Term & Intraday Profit & Loss. And, the team is always accepting new challenges to solve.”

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“MProfit has been an extremely important tool for us for maintaining information on our clients’ portfolios across asset classes. It is extremely user-friendly and has great customer support.”

“MProfit is a very user-friendly desktop software which summarizes all your investments and gives you a status report of your stock investments on a daily basis. Very satisfied customer.”

“With MProfit, my portfolios are safe and secure in my desktop. With the periodical backup feature, I can be 100% sure that my portfolio is safe and available. Every penny spent on MProfit is worth it.”

Advisor –
“As a wealth advisor all you require is to generate simple reports which MProfit has provided me and for my clients.”

“Being an advisor and an investor, it has become convenient and faster to update the portfolios, instead of using Excel. They are too quick to respond with their after sales support.”

“You are doing a fantastic job for a retail investor like me. With your inputs and innovations I am able to track & monitor my portfolio without taking help from a professional financial advisor. Keep it up.”

Investor –
“I found MProfit extremely good to use for my personal portfolio. It is simple and gives me a deep understanding of my positions. That includes the capital gains part too. I would recommend it.”

Investor –
“MProfit is an excellent tool to easily keep track of all types of investments and to generate various reports to quickly understand the performance of the market on a daily basis.”

“Making money is tough, but managing money is tougher, more so if you don’t have the right tools at your disposal. MProfit is THE tool to efficiently manage your wealth.”

Active Investor
“Accuracy, through put and core competency.”

“MProfit is an innovative product that fills the near vacuum in this application software space in the Indian market, as none existed with such good analytics. I wish the product a great success.”

“A very effective software I have come across during my rigorous surfing. The BEST investment monitoring tool available. It ensures maximising profit growth.”

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  • “Thank you for having developed a useful product that tries to fulfill a long felt need of the ordinary investor.”
    by Sunil Nehru

  • “It is a great software, especially the online update of the prices and the revaluation of the portfolio.”
    by V.Sridharan

  • “KUDOS to your team for designing the best Portfolio Management tool in the Indian Financial landscape to date! This was much eagerly awaited by one and all, finally the dreams of everyone involved in financial markets to keep their all investment history at one place have been realized. I have already downloaded an evaluation version of this tool and all I can say about the tool is – Excellent, Elegant & Exceptional!!!”
    by Vineet Bulbule

  • “I have gone thu the main features of MProfit. Congratulations for developing this very user friendly long awaited portfolio management software for indian investors.”
    by Shobharam Dhama

  • “Your Software is Excellent”
    by Sandeep

  • “It is excellent work done by you”
    by Bharat Shukla

  • “This software is very fine.”
    by Samar Sahoo

  • “Very good job and user friendly software.”
    by Apoorva

  • “Initially i find software was difficult to operate. After seeing all the features i find this software is so easy to operate and user friendly. My best wishes for who want to use this software. I will just pass on to all my clients to use this software.”
    by V.Srinivasan, LIC Agent, Chennai

  • “This is a really great software.”
    by Rakesh Padam

  • “I have found the MProfit software excellent and is having excellent features.”
    by Dinesh K.

  • “I like ur software bcz its easy 2 maintain any portfolio of my investor.”
    by Mr.Kuna Tripathy….IFA

  • “I find this software is very comfortable for end user.”
    by Anand Nayak

  • “I came to know your product thru search engine, after seeing the product i was amazed to see your software . Kudos to your software.”
    by Ramhesh Babu

  • “I have downloaded the software and its wonderful. Thanks for such a nice software.”
    by Brij Sharma

  • “This software is very useful for Share Short term & long Term Gain”
    by Vikas

  • “Excellent. I am very happy with your software as well as your support.”
    by Dsilva

  • “Mprofit is becoming more & more user friendly. I am telling & showing the software to my friends.”
    by D M Joshi

  • “I looked mprofit software that will be very helpful in managing investment portfolio.”
    by Nilesh Kinge

  • “Free Pre-release (Beta) is very useful for me”
    by V.Vijayakumar

  • “I had downloded the beta softwre from your site. It is very good/useful software.”
    by Amit Luthra

  • “I really highly appreciate the efforts made by you. It is really tremendous and worth applauding.”
    by Jagdish Purohit, Editor,

  • “I downloaded this software for my personal use. It’s really a fantastic software.”
    by Kamal Kumar Agarwal

  • “Find it very user friendly- all parameters are well defined, very informative if the data input is done meticulously. The report section is well made, and with the various combinations available, it suits every need.”
    by Deepa Kumar

  • “I found it very impresive and charge what you have quoted in unbelievable price, at this any normal people will look into. I hope this will success to a very great extent.”
    by Girish Jain

  • “Very good pricing. I think it will do wonders for small investors. All the best to Mprofit team.”
    by Nirav Bhansali

  • “I find your Portfolio Management Software very interesting.”
    by Prashant

  • “It’s best software for short term and long term capital gain calculation. I recommend.”
    by Mousam Gangrade, Tax Consultant

  • “Your MProfit software is well and good.”
    by Subha Dey

  • “I want to say only one word, excellent!”
    by C K Vora

  • “I am currently a user of “Microsoft Money” for keeping tab on my finances. Being an Indian I was feeling the pinch since MS Money is an exclusively US based, US web support software. Today, I came across your MProfit and downloaded the beta version and I must compliment your team for this good job of coming up with a software that is truely Indian and matches the Indian requirement wrt financial/savings instruments prevalent in the country.”
    by Dhiraj Khattar

  • “Impressive Software…I have been waiting this kind of s/w. Really Really usefull. Hope you will add news for each scrip that could also help us along with company reports and broker reports for us for understanding company biz. Keep up the guys. You will Rock.:)”
    by Mahesh, Software Engineer

  • “Very Satisfactory”
    by Jai Singh Nagar

  • “I have been searching for a portfolio management software for the Indian retail investors for some time.Thanks for coming up with such a good software & at such low rates.”
    by Shaji Shibili, Dubai

  • “Allow me to congratulate you on a most utilitarian initiative on your part. I also congratulate you on embarking upon a niche area that most other software developers have chosen to ignore. I am sure that your software will be a roaring success. Wishing you the best in future and hoping to hear from you soon, regarding updates or new releases.”
    by Carl

  • “I am impressed by the features of your software. This is exactly what I was looking for.”
    by Suresh Ranadive

  • “Many thanks for bringing out an easy to use and versatile software for Indian investors.”
    by Capt. Vijay Vikartan

  • “I have downloaded trial version of Portfolio Management Software. I am very much happy with the same.”
    by Nandish Shah

  • “Desktop Portfolio Management Software is very good software. Use of this software is very satisfactory.”
    by Sushil Vijay

  • “I downloaded your mprofit beta software for my stock updates. It’s really very good and easy to use…”
    by Suhas Ganvir

  • “I wish for all the success in all your products. I Must appreciate and admire your prompt feedback and valuable support.”
    by Dinesh Savla

  • “Your company has offered an excellent software which is fairly easy to use and calculates all the reports which are essential for maintaining records/filing of returns at the end of financial year.”
    by Joshua Nagawkar

  • “I have downloaded trial version of your software and I am using it. I appreciate you for bringing out such easy to use software and I am quite happy with it.”
    by M K Raman

  • “I used the trail version, I think it is the best software for investor”
    by Harish Mishra

  • “I managed to have a glance though your software for Investors. I must say its’ pretty impressive and quite functional.”
    by Pulkit Bakliwal

  • “I have downloaded the trial version of your software, and so far it looks pretty good.”
    by Cyrus Mody

  • “I am delighted to see a software like yours for management of portfolios”
    by Madhusudan Naidu

  • “I have downloaded free trial version of MProfit, it seems useful.”
    by Amit Patel

  • “I really appriciate the product which is designed by you.”
    by Naveen

  • “I have gone through your demo, and it’s quite good.”
    by N. V. Karmali

  • “Good software! Elegant too.”
    by Manoj Nair

  • “I am very impressed with your prompt service and response. Such service is hard to see these days. I have recommended your product to some of my friends.”
    by Dr. Ramesh

  • “I do like your portfolio mgr product which in a simplified way takes care of investments and reports.”
    by Shashank

  • “Excellent software! Very useful for multiple asset classes.”
    by Arun Aggarwal

  • “The power of the software is in it’s very short installation time. The user interface is very light hence quick to open, process. Designis simple, no jazzy screens, no bugging javascript. And most important thing is features are pin point. no un necessary “Could be required” things like we see in Many Microsoft products. What user wants most, you are offering.”
    by DWH

  • “I have installed the trial version and It’s really useful. Simply superb, the User Interface is wonderful (Flex?), export facility of the report directly from Preview is very useful, reports are interactive enough, ST/LT capital gain is being calculated correctly. I wish you best luck and would like to emerge as India’s Quicken.”
    by MIP

  • “This is really helpful to keep you update about your assets.”
    by Mr. Gupta

  • “Your software functionality is superb”
    by Sridharan

  • “I really thank u for such a useful software.”
    by Mr. Parikh

  • “MProfit is really a nice product, which I have been searching since last so many years. I am already user of Tata EX-Software, I think you would be aware of that module. Now a days they have discontinued the support for the software and so I was in need of a good software which track/monitor my investments online. In this term MProfit is really nice one.”
    by D. Vasavada

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