VM Venkatarajan

Review from VM Venkatarajan

Compliments for a great product:

I have used MProfit for the last one month as a trial version and I was impressed about the quality of the product (bug free). Being from the software Industry myself, with substantial track record, I can say sincerely that I admire the software for its elegance, look and features, especially the Reports part, which no other Indian Product I know of gives.

Also impressive features are the daily computation of gains or losses against each line of asset, and the reports and analysis parts, with asset allocation distribution pie chart.

The most important is also the security measures by prompting the client for weekly back up with options both for online and offline back up storage. These are very important, especially for non-IT savvy people.

I have bought the package.

I wish the team to have a roaring success in marketing the product in the days ahead. May be, you need to increase your ad base, by going beyond Value Research site, like small TV ads in NDTV Profit etc. .

From system improvement perspective, I might come up with a few suggestions for consideration in course of time, as after all improvement is part of our life.

All the best to the team for bringing this valuable product, which I believe is required by every serious and long term investor.