Data Security

MProfit was built from the ground up around data security. We realize it’s your private financial data and hence we at MProfit do not have access to the data. We provide multiple layers of security to ensure that your financial data remains secure.

1. All your financial data remains on your computer and does not get uploaded to a central server. When MProfit is started it connects to our servers for price and software updates only.

2. You can password protect your financial data. We provide two levels of password protection – “owner” and “user”. The “owner” has full access to all the data and the “user” will only see two columns in the portfolio summary screen, the quantity column and the amount invested. The “user” account can be used by an accountant or data entry person.

3. When you take a backup of your financial data you can select a password to protect the backup file. The same password will be needed to restore the data as well.

With our multiple layers of protection you can be assured that your financial data is safely located on your computer and your computer ONLY. Because of our system architecture, if your financial data is deleted or your password is lost, MProfit does NOT have a facility to recover your data.