Software Update – Version 2.30 released

This version fixes some of the minor bugs in the application. The previous version users will get the message about the availability of new version 2.30. You need to accept and allow the installation to enjoy the full benefits of MProfit. When you accept it, it will be downloaded and installed on your PC. Please make sure that you have the internet connectivity during this process.


  1. Good software …. easy to use !
    One suggession ………
    (1) One purchases MF units under more than 2 folios.Holding should be classified according.
    One folio may be Income payout the other may be income reinvestment. This shall be helpful to track the mode of income
    (2) If number of units & investment amount is put NAV should be calculated automatically. Now the amount is calculated.
    (3) Use of TAB KEY will be useful to enter next field
    Dattatray Joshi, Devgad

  2. Thanks for the positive feedback.
    1) You can create the same fund under two different names, for e.g. Reliance Equity Fund – Dividend fund, when you create the fund for the first time, select this fund from the system list, but you can name it what you like, for e.g. Reliance Equity Fund – Dividend (Pay-out). Then you create the second fund, and the fund from the system list should be the same Reliance Equity Fund – Dividend Fund, buy the name for your portfolio should be Reliance Equity Fund – Dividend (Reinvestment). Here you have created two different names for different pay-out methods of the same fund. Both the funds, you created will be linked to the same fund in system list, and you will see the same NAV for both these funds.
    2) NAV is calculated automatically if you keep the NAV as zero. But if you enter the NAV manually, the amt will be calculated. Now if you change the amt, NAV will not change, so as to keep the same decimals as per your MF statement. If you want NAV to be calculated, you should keep the NAV zero and enter Units and amount only.
    3) Use of TAB key is already enabled. You can navigate to the next field by Enter Key or Tab Key.

  3. Dear Sir,
    I find this software is very comfortable for end user my suggestion is to faciliate it with auto update digital contract note.
    Anand Nayak

  4. Thank you for the positive feedback.
    Your suggestion is noted. We understand that import of contract notes will be very useful to the users. Our product team will review the same.

  5. Sir,
    Thank you Very much.
    This software is very useful for Share Short term & long Term Gain
    I hereby requested to you make 2 part for this
    1 for Daily rate update &
    2 for Only Accounting purpose if you can


    In future waiting for good inventions

  6. Thank you for downloading MProfit and providing positive feedback.

    1) Daily previous day closing BSE prices and MF NAVs are updated through internet when you start the application and your portfolios are updated with these prices. Live prices are not supported now. We may introduce the same later.

    2) We are working on accounting JV reports which will be very useful to enter accounting entries. Closing Balances reports for stocks and MFs are already provided which you can tally with your accounts. To facilitate accounting entries for the users, other accounting options are being evaluated at MProfit. This may take some time to implement. We will keep our customers informed about these developments.

    Thank you again for your suggestions.

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