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Manage Sovereign Gold Bonds with MProfit

What are sovereign gold bonds?
As part of the gold monetisation scheme launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in November 2015, sovereign gold bonds are issued by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on behalf of the government. They are a replacement for physical gold and are available in paper or demat form.
Which sovereign gold bonds are supported in MProfit?
In line with our commitment to continually improve MProfit and introduce new features, MProfit has added support for the sovereign gold bond asset class under the ‘Traded Bonds’ category. MProfit users can now track the performance of these bonds on a daily basis, review overall gains as well as annualised return (XIRR) for this category. Here is a list of the sovereign gold bond series that have been added in MProfit:
Sovereign Gold Bond 2.75% Nov 2023 Tr- I (ISIN: IN0020150085)
Sovereign Gold Bond 2.75% Feb 2024 Tr-II (ISIN: IN0020150101)
Sovereign Gold Bond 2.75% Mar 2024 Tr-III (ISIN: IN0020150119)
Sovereign Gold Bond 2.75% Aug 2024 Tr-IV (ISIN: IN0020160027)
Sovereign Gold Bond 2.75% Sep 2024 Tr-V (ISIN: IN0020160043)
Sovereign Gold Bond 2.50% Nov 2024 Tr-VI (ISIN: IN0020160076)
Sovereign Gold Bond 2.50% Mar 2025 Tr-VII (ISIN: IN0020160126)
Sovereign Gold Bond 2.50% MAY 2025 Sr-I 2017-18 (ISIN: IN0020170018)
How are capital gains calculated for sovereign gold bonds?
If sovereign gold bonds are sold in the secondary market before maturity after three or more years since purchase, capital gains on these transactions will be taxed at 20% with indexation. However, if they are sold within three years of purchase, the capital gains would be subject to the marginal tax rate. Our team is working to provide separate capital gains reports with and without indexation for this category, and these new reports should be available in the next public software update.

1 August, 2017