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MProfit makes Portfolio Management simple for Zerodha clients

A pioneer of the “discount broking” model in India, Zerodha has established itself as India’s biggest stock broker by active retail clients, and the biggest by trading volumes on India’s top stock exchanges. Over 1 million clients actively trade with Zerodha every day, contributing to over 10% of Indian retail trading volume.
Differentiated by its unique offering of sleek and intuitive trading tools, Zerodha has played an important part in transforming the brokerage industry in India. Zerodha’s “discount brokerage” model exempts clients from broking charges on equity investments. Further, it offers a flat fee of Rs. 20 on intraday and F&O trades.
MProfit can attest, better than anyone, that Zerodha has become an important member of the Indian financial markets ecosystem. Our daily interactions with current MProfit clients provide us a with good reading of how popular Zerodha is with investors today.
Similar to MProfit, Zerodha places emphasis on robust customer support and user feedback. We have learned this first-hand from our recent interactions with Zerodha to collaboratively resolve data import roadblocks for our mutual clients. At MProfit, we have worked hard to incorporate support for various kinds of Zerodha trade files in our platform. Our mutual clients with Zerodha can thus easily import their transaction data into MProfit to obtain a seamless portfolio management experience.
Currently, MProfit provides full import support for Zerodha transaction statements across Stocks, F&O, Commodities (MCX), Currencies and Mutual Funds. Transaction statements supported by MProfit include Daily Digital Contract Notes received via email, PDF Contract Notes exported from Zerodha’s Q Backoffice and Excel Tradebook Files exported from Zerodha Q Backoffice.
Click here for detailed information on how you can import your desired Zerodha statements into MProfit.
Thank you for being a valued member of the MProfit ecosystem!

23 January, 2019