Adding SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) Transactions for Mutual Funds

This feature has been removed, you can now download all your transactions via the CAS PDF file:


Right click on the MF icon on the left hand side of the summary screen or Right click on the Buy/Sell button on the right hand side of the summary screen. Select Generate SIP Entries. You can select this from Activity Menu as well.

You will see the MF SIP form. You need to select the MF name, SIP starting date, SIP ending date, frequency of SIP transactions, like monthly, quarterly, etc., and the amount for SIP.

Click on Generate button to generate all the entries for the selected period. The dates will be selected automatically. The dates will be adjusted for Saturdays and Sundays as SIP transactions do not happen on weekends. You can change the dates if you desire. Now, you need to only fill out the units as per your MF statement for all the respective dates. The amount for each transaction will remain the same.


  1. What may be the appro. price?
    Annual charges?
    Lonchng Date i.e. available for use.
    Thank You.
    Dattatray M Joshi

  2. Price will be annouced when we launch the commercial version.
    You can use this version without any charge up to 31-Jul-2009. You will be able to use the same data when we launch the commercial version. Commercial launch will be announced by end of July.

  3. Dear Sir,

    In report module ( capital gain summary) Two more colomns are essential.
    date of buying & date of selling of equity or MF

    While filling the IT return these dates are required. Also entry of bonus units of MF is needed.

    D M Joshi

  4. Dear D M Joshi,

    1) Summary report gives MF scheme-wise total of short term and long term capital gains during the particular period. Hence dates can not be displayed in this summary report. MProfit provides separate detailed date-wise reports related to short term and long term capital gains. Go to ‘Transaction-wise’ capital gain reports, click on ‘Equity MF’ or ‘Debt MF’ and you will see the date-wise report and you will see the capital gain for each of your sale transactions. You can also get one level more detailed report, by customising this report. When the report is open, click on ‘Customise Report’, and select ‘Show details’. By doing so, you will get date-wise multiple buys of one particular sale transaction (that is if you have sold some quantity on one particular date, which have multiple buys on different dates). For e.g. If you have sold 1000 units on 10-Apr-08 and these units were bought as 500 units on 01-06-05, 300 units on 10-Oct-06, 200 units on 20-Dec-07, you will get the detailed capital gain reports for each of these buys.

    Same is the case for capital gain reports for stocks.

    2) Adding Bonus MF Units is already implemented and in testing mode. You will get the update soon.

    Hope this reply answers your queries.

  5. Ramhesh Babu says:

    I came to know your product thru search engine after seeing the product i was amazed to see your software . Kudos to your software on commercial launch i am interested in buying this software.
    After insatlling it i noticed few devlopements need to done for SIP format it should be an one time activity users should declare SIP amount and SIP date system should calculate automatically and the portfolio should also get updated based on calendar date. Normally all portfolio websites like Money control, Economic Times portfolio uses this functionality you can also adopt this method.
    Keep me posted once commercial launch is done
    Ramhesh babu RD

  6. Thank you very much for downloading MProfit and providing very encouraging feedback.

    Your feedback regarding SIP is noted. We have received feedback regarding SIP management from many users. We will introduce the same at later date.

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