Another Change to Contract Notes

isin-numberSEBI has been very busy over the past year changing the formats of the contract notes that clients receive when they trade on the equity and commodity exchanges. Last year, they introduced a Common Contract Note format that many brokers adopted (SEBI circular here). At MProfit we changed hundreds of formats and can now import from over 1300+ data sources.

We thought our work was done but earlier this year SEBI introduced a new enhancement to include the ISIN (International Securities Identification Number) ID. The ISIN is a unique ID for each instrument traded on the exchanges. For example, Reliance Industries’ ISIN code is INE002A01018. Read the SEBI circular regarding the new ISIN addition. (Wikipedia – click to learn more about ISIN)

The good news is that you will no longer have to map your scripts in the contract notes into MProfit since we can pickup the ISIN code and then map it directly to the correct script. However, since this is a SEBI mandated changed we have been overwhelmed with the number of import template changes we have had to make to implement the ISIN code. Rest assured we will get all the templates updated but it will take some time…don’t be surprised if it takes 7-10 days to get the template updated.

We really would appreciate your patience in this matter.


  1. VIvek Jain says:

    Very nice for getting these changes in MProfit. Looking forward…MProfit team continues to do excellent job. Keep it up…

  2. Thanks for the kind words!

  3. rajiv modi says:

    Its great that mapping wont be needed in future due to inclusion of ISIN of the stocks though it does mean lots of background work for you guys but worth waiting for. Thanks for keeping the us informed and providing all the new improvements for our ease of use.

  4. Nandan Shah says:

    MProfit service is great and exceptional. Many suggestions that are given are implemented over time by forward to product team. If they can publish a road-map of future update and estimated availability, it will be helpful.

  5. Our goal is to make it easier for you to maintain your investments and adding the features makes it possible.

  6. Thanks for the compliment. As far as a public roadmap we will forward that request to the product team! 😉

    Actually, we have discussed this many times internally but everytime we come to the same conclusion – not right now.

  7. Ramakrishna Pai says:

    Your proactive approach is a boon to investors. You’re one company that always keeps its customers’ interests at heart. Thanks also for adding to our gyan with details of the relevant SEBI circulars!

  8. Hi Ramakrishna,

    Glad you like the SEBI circulars, we thought some people might find it useful.

  9. Dear Mprofit Team,

    Its really a very good software , very well thought , superb layout .
    Class integration for Group & family , & great Reports….

    Keep the good work on.


  10. Anurag Gupta says:

    I heartily congratulate MProfit team to make a such beautiful software for managing personal portfolio. By addition of Accounting feature makes it more attractive. This is very accurate and time saving. It was problem in maintaining the sale purchase of shares , Mutual fund to calculate short term and long term benefit. In the new era of computerization each and every investment come under the lens of taxman. So it is the right time to adopted computerized accounting system and I like Mprofit very Much

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