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Adding SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) Transactions for Mutual Funds

This feature has been removed, you can now download all your transactions via the CAS PDF file:

Right click on the MF icon on the left hand side of the summary screen or Right click on the Buy/Sell button on the right hand side of the summary screen. Select Generate SIP Entries. You can select this from Activity Menu as well.
You will see the MF SIP form. You need to select the MF name, SIP starting date, SIP ending date, frequency of SIP transactions, like monthly, quarterly, etc., and the amount for SIP.
Click on Generate button to generate all the entries for the selected period. The dates will be selected automatically. The dates will be adjusted for Saturdays and Sundays as SIP transactions do not happen on weekends. You can change the dates if you desire. Now, you need to only fill out the units as per your MF statement for all the respective dates. The amount for each transaction will remain the same.

5 June, 2009