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Automatic Updates

We have received many queries asking how various updates are provided in MProfit.
We provide end of the day closing prices of BSE stocks as well as Mutual Funds NAVs. The prices are updated automatically in MProfit when you start the application. Apart from price updates, we provide following automatic updates through internet.
1) Database Updates (which are addition of newly listed stocks, Mutual Funds and Company Name Change updates)
2) Software Updates (We keep improving the software functionality and keep adding new features & reports)
When new database updates are available, you will see the ‘ U ‘ symbol at the bottom of the summary screen. If you click on ‘ U ‘ and accept the updates, application will be restarted to update your database with these new updates. When new software update is available, you will receive the message about the new version availability.
Please keep accepting these new updates to enjoy the full benefits of MProfit application. You need internet connectivity to receive all the updates.

23 July, 2009