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Comparing Portfolio Values for Different Periods

Many of the users have asked us how they can compare their own individual portfolios as well as family (group) portfolios for different periods.
One of the easiest way to do this is to save asset allocation reports for individual portfolios and group portfolios in pdf or excel format, say monthly or quarterly. You can then always compare your portfolio values of past and current date.
You need to go to Analytical Reports and select Asset Allocation Reports. In stead of printing this report, you need to click the ‘Save’ button on the top panel of your report window. Select the format in which you want to save your reports and save it with the appropriate name ending with date, for e.g. Name1-NetWorth-31-Mar-2009, Name2-NetWorth-30-Jun-2009. Once you do that, it would be extremely easy to compare your net worth reports for different dates. Please let me know if you have any suggestions or better ideas.

26 July, 2009