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MProfit Software Update – Version 2.48 released

We are happy to announce the availability of new software update ver 2.48 for MProfit Software.
Following features have been added in this new version 2.48

  • Generation of  SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) entries for Mutual Funds (MFs)
  • Addition of Folio Numbers for MFs
  • Addition of Lock-In Period and reminder alert for MFs (very useful for ELSS tax saving schemes)
  • Instant display of details like Folio Number, Lock-in Period, Maturity Date, Agent Name, Reference Name for various assets in balloon notification
  • Instant display of details of ULIP and Insurance products like policy numbers, maturity date, Lock-in Date in balloon notification
  • Support for Zero Values (Bonus shares) in Private Equity and Bonds
  • % gain/loss display in today’s total gain and overall gains
  • Addition of shortcuts for Bonus, Merger, Demerger & Split by right click on Stocks icon as well as from Activity Menu
  • Name Change support with effective date for all the assets

Apart from addition of above mentioned features, this version also fixes some of the minor bugs in the application. The previous version users will get the message about the availability of new version 2.48. You need to accept and allow the installation to enjoy the full benefits of MProfit. When you accept it, it will be downloaded and installed on your desktop. Please make sure that you have the internet connectivity during this process.

14 August, 2009