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MProfit version 4.03 released

As part of our continuous effort to improve MProfit we have added several new features based on customer feedback to MProfit v4.03:

  • An income module
  • Reports relating to annualized returns (XIRR)
  • Group holding reports

With our new Income Module, you can track a variety of income related transactions:

  • Dividends received from any stock or mutual fund
  • Rental income from property you own
  • Other income from your other assets
  • Bonus (accrued and pay-out) in case of insurance plans

A new feature that many of you have requested is finally here – reports relating to annualised returns (XIRR). With our new Annualized Returns report you can see how your specific investments are performing.  Also, by highlighting a specific area of the summary screen we provide instant balloon notification of Annualised Returns (XIRR) for a single asset, an asset category or all assets for an individual portfolio or group portfolio.
In addition, we have introduced new reports for group holdings.  You can view the performance of your group holdings by stocks, equity MFs or debt MFs or a combined view of all your asset classes.
Also, this version fixes some minor bugs.
How Do I Get The Update?
When using MProfit you will be prompted about the availability of v4.03. You will need to accept and allow the installation to enjoy the latest features of MProfit.
When you accept, the update will be downloaded and installed on your desktop. Please make sure that you have internet connectivity during this process and your antivirus software and/or firewall is not blocking the download to allow the installation of the MProfit update.

4 January, 2010