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Managing your Mutual Funds

A continuing series that describes how MProfit handles specific asset classes and how you can benefit from it.
There are many product that manage Mutual Funds, but none are as powerful as MProfit. Whether you have equity or debt mutual funds…we can manage it. You can choose from the 1000s of mutual funds, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and Fixed Maturity Plans (FMPs) to manage. With our unique Group view, you can aggregate and view your entire family’s portfolio. Some of the features are below:

  • NAVs are automatically updated via the internet and reflected in your mutual funds holdings
  • Capital Gain tax reports are printed separately for Equity MF and Debt MF
  • Transactions in MF are categorised as subscription (buy), redemption (sale), dividend reinvestment and bonus units
  • Provision for details like folio number, lock-in period, agent name and reminder alert for lock-in period
  • Record for dividend pay-out for MFs
  • Balloon notification displays folio number, lock-in period and Agent name (when your mouse is rolled over the MF name)
  • Tax Calculator to help identify short-term and long-term gain and calculate the tax liability before you redeem (sell) MF units
  • Generate past SIP entries through one form
  • MF holdings can be viewed alphabetically or by current values
  • Group (Family) portfolio will give you the consolidated view your entire family’s MF holdings. You can view the details of how many family members are holding one particular fund with details like quantity, purchase value and current value.


Wait, there is more.  Where MProfit really shines is it’s reporting engine (it’s like a Ferrari!). The Group (Family) portfolio reports such as MF portfolio summary, asset allocation in mutual funds, group holding reports and annualised returns (XIRR) are very important reports to help you make the right investment decisions.  Overall, the report feature list is quite impressive:

  • MF portfolio pummary with overall gain percentage gain
  • Asset allocation with pie chart showing percent holding with respect to MF assets and overall assets
  • Annualised return (XIRR) reports for individual scheme as well as for all your MFs
  • Realised and unrealised gain for MF schemes
  • Various transaction reports such as Date wise, scheme wise as well as buy, sale and dividend re-investment transactions
  • Short term capital gain reports for equity and debt MFs in various formats
  • Closing balance report for MFs to reconcile with books of accounts

Go ahead and download a FREE 30 day trial and see for yourself.

2 February, 2010