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MProfit v4.2 update available

As part of our continuous effort to improve MProfit we have added several new reports and improved the layout of several existing reports. With our reports, you get a snapshot of your overall asset allocation and can analyze if you are over invested in a specific asset class, stock or mutual fund and then decide if you need to re-balance your portfolio.
New Reports:

Accounting JV (Reports -> Accounts) – useful for entering journal entries for accounting purposes. It lists the journal voucher entries based on stocks and MF buy and sale transactions.
With stocks, details like debit/credit of intra-day profit/loss, short term or long term capital gains, STT, transaction charges and broker’s ledger account are listed based on the contract note details.
With Mutual Funds, details like debit/credit of short term or long term capital gains and bank’s account are listed based on the buy or sale transaction.
Other Transactions (Reports -> Transactions) – transactions are listed with details like income, withdrawal, investment, opening and closing balance.
Due Dates (Reports -> Miscellaneous) – Lists the due dates for various events (reminders), like premium due, maturity date and lock-in period complete. Due dates for next six months can be selected via the customization option. In the group portfolio, the report lists the due dates for all the group (family) members in one consolidated report.

Improved Layouts:

  • XIRR (individual and group)
  • Asset Allocation (individual and group)
  • Group Holding

Video of New Features
If you would like to see a demo of the newest features, below is a YouTube video showing v4.2 in action.

How Do I Get The Update?
From the main menu select Help -> Check for updates. You will need to restart MProfit to proceed with the update.
Please make sure that you have internet connectivity during this process and that your antivirus software and/or firewall is not blocking the download.

29 April, 2010