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Getting Your Mutual Fund Information

Many mutual fund investors face a common problem which is getting a summary of all their mutual fund investments.  Since each mutual fund house will send their own report it is up to the investor to summarize the data. Luckily, the two major mutual fund registrars – CAMS and Karvy provide a facility to allow a customer get their mutual fund information from one location.
If you use CAMS then you can request your data via an Excel file. Click here for more information.
If you use Karvy then you can login to your account and automatically import the data into MProfit. Click here for information.
Once your data is imported into MProfit you can print asset allocation reports for ALL your financial holdings such as stock, property, gold, FD, Insurance and more. You also get a daily update on all your holdings from a single screen which makes it very easy to track all your assets with MProfit.

4 October, 2010