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MProfit v5.2 update available

We are pleased to announce our latest release v5.2. It contains several new reports, our new Quick Reports feature and many new import options.
1. Trading Profit/Loss Reports – Trading summary and detailed reports useful for investors who track their profit/loss on their trading activities in stocks based on average purchase price. The calculations would be different than those generated by capital gain reports which are based on First In First Out (FIFO) basis.
2. Income Reports – Reports give a summary or detailed view of income generated from your assets. For stocks, it would include dividend payout. For mutual funds, it would include dividend pay out and dividend reinvestment. For property it would include rent received. The report also includes all the interest income from your fixed income investment such as Bank FDs, Bonds, PPFs, Post Office, etc.
3. Quick Reports view – From the main summary screen the new “Quick Reports” button provides quick access to 3 reports: Portfolio summary, Trading P/L summary and Income summary.
4. Import – We have added many new brokers you can import contract notes including ACK Capital Management, Adroit Financial, Arcadia, Asset Alliance Securities, Beats Software, BRICS Securities, Chuknoo Securities, Composite Securities, Edelweiss Securities, Farsight Securities, First Global, Kedia Shares, Labdhi, Latin Manharlal and Microsec Capital. (click for a current list of brokers)
Video of New Features
If you would like to see the import feature, below is a YouTube video showing v5.2 in action.

How Do I Get The Update?
From the main menu select Help -> Check for Updates. You will need to restart MProfit to proceed with the update.
Please make sure that you have internet connectivity during this process and that your anti-virus software and/or firewall is not blocking the download.

5 January, 2011