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Managing your ULIPs and Insurance

MProfit has made the process of managing your ULIPs (unit linked insurance plans) and insurance policies easier.  Once you have decided which products to buy then you can easily enter in the details in MProfit and start tracking your investments.
Below is a quick introduction of how to enter your ULIPs and the type of reports you can generate with it.

Customers ask why we don’t automatically update the prices of ULIP products. The reason is because when you have a ULIP the expenses get deducted by selling some of your units. So, if we automatically updated the prices but you forget to update the quantity then you would have an incorrect amount for the total value. Hence, we recommend you update the policy value based on what your ULIP providers sends to you via mail. In addition, ULIPs are very long term products (15-20 years) so to track them on a daily or weekly basis is not really required.

15 February, 2011