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How Radix Securities Benefits from MProfit

Sumeet Savla, Proprietor at Radix Securities
Company Background
Radix Securities located in Bombay was started in April 2010 by Sumeet Savla, he previously worked at PayPal as a software engineer. Radix Securities is a wealth advisory firm that advises on stocks, mutual funds and insurance for NRI’s. His technology background has allowed him to develop his own stock screening algorithm which he uses to generate his buy and sell signals.  Even in these uncertain times, some stocks are hitting 52 week highs and that is where Radix Securities uses their algorithm to decide when to buy and sell. They maintain a medium (2 years) to long (10 years) term outlook on the stocks that they buy.
Benefits of MProfit Advisor
Some of the tools he uses daily include Excel, charting software and MProfit Advisor. Before using MProfit Advisor all of the client data was in Excel and it was very difficult to maintain. They started to use MProfit Advisor about a year back and have not looked back. Two features that Sumeet loves is the overall portfolio summary screen and the historical pricing report. With the portfolio summary screen he can view a clients holdings of all the various asset classes in a single view. With the historical pricing report he can now see what a clients portfolio was worth a month ago, 3 months or even a couple years ago. Some of his clients still like to receive monthly reports and the reports from MProfit are very easy to read and understand.
One thing they want to see in MProfit is the ability to generate a balance sheet.  Luckily, the team at MProfit is working on adding this feature to MProfit in the coming months.

13 March, 2013