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This is a pre-release (beta) version and fully functional. You can use this version without any charge up to 31-Jul-2009. You will be able to use the same data, when we launch the commercial version. I hope that it will be very useful for everyone for calculating capital gains calculations for the financial year ending March 31, 2009. The pricing for the commercial version will be decided later and we can assure you that the pricing will be very attractive.

MProfit is a Desktop Portfolio Management Software for Indian Investors. It is also useful for Non Resident Indians. It is extremely easy to use and you can jump start using and managing your portfolios by going through ‘Getting Started’ section in User Manual. This is not a web based solution. We believe that most of the individuals would not like to store their personal financial data on web portals due to data theft and online security issues. MProfit stores your personal portfolios data on your PC. MProfit manages individual portfolio and family (group) portfolios and tracks the net worth of individual and group portfolios with the updated prices of stocks and MF.

MProfit has many more features and reports which are useful for Indian Investors. It provides Long term and Short term capital gain reports. It handles various corporate actions like Bonus, Split, Merger and De-merger. Capital gain reports are adjusted based on these actions as per the income tax rules. Apart from capital gains reports, you will explore many more features and reports while using MProfit.

One of the main features of MProfit is a Group portfolio. You can create multiple groups within your family. You can explore some of the interesting report like Asset Allocation, which will give you information about how your family wealth is diversified.

The closing values of BSE stocks and Mutual Fund NAVs are updated automatically through internet from our server when you start the application.

There are also two types of updates which we provide through internet,

1)     Database Updates (which are addition of newly listed stocks, Mutual Funds and Company Name Change updates)
2)     Software Updates (We keep improving the software functionality and keep adding new features & reports)

Please keep accepting these new updates to enjoy the full benefits of MProfit application. Please use the Backup feature to take regular backups of your MProfit data.

This is a pre-release (Beta) version and may need improvement. If you come across any bugs while using the software, please share the same with us so that we can keep improving the functionality and make MProfit software more robust.

Please click here to download User Manual to know about all the features of MProfit. Help is always available by pressing F1 while using MProfit.

Please send any feedback or query to and our support team will respond to your query.


  1. Shobharam Dhama says:

    I have gone thu the main features of MPROFIT. Congratulations for developing this very user friendly long awaited portfolio management software for indian investors.

    Can you please tell me whether or not Intraday trades are seperately managed or merged in aggregate with the delivery trades?

  2. Thank you for the encouraging response.
    Intraday trades are separately managed for calculations of Intraday profit/loss. For e.g. when you Buy 200 and sell 100 on the same day, this sale of 100 shares will be treated as intraday and balance 100 buy will be added to your portfolio. Similarly, when you buy 100 and sell 200 on one particular day, sale of 100 out of 200 will be considered as intraday sale and gain/loss on another balance 100 will be calculated as short term or long term gain based on the purchase date. We follow First In First Out rule for calculating capital gain calculations as per income tax rules.

  3. paritosh says:


  4. 1) Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are already included in MProfit under MF (Mutual Fund) category. ETF falls under Debt MF category. Capital gain calculations of ETFs are calculated same as Debt MF. You can create ETF from a new MF scheme from the available system list. Assign it as Debt MF. It is a one time process. Once you create the ETF scheme, add all your buy and sell transactions under this scheme. The daily price of ETF(NAV) will be updated through the internet. It does not matter if you buy/sell ETF through NSE or through Mutual Fund House. ETF NAVs provided by MF houses should be very similar to the prices of NSE.

    ETF cannot be added to the Stock category because capital gain calculations are different for Shares and ETF.

    2) You need to create Debentures/Bonds under Bond category. They are not included in Stock category as their classification is not falling under Stocks(Equity) category. This is important so as to give you the correct capital gain reports and asset allocation reports.

  5. G.Prakash says:

    Looks interesting
    How to register? is not mentioned

  6. Thanks a lot for positive feedback.

    The registered (commercial version) will be announced in next few weeks. You can continue to use this free version till the commercial launch and you will be able to use the same data when we launch the commercial version. The current free version will be extended for some more time so that users can purchase the commercial version in time.

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