New v9.5 released

left-facing-boxLast week we released v9.5 of MProfit which packs many new features and fixed several older issues. Below is a complete list of all the new features, reports and enhancements.

New Features
– Create Mark to Market profit/loss in F&O which can be reconciled with broker’s ledger [Click to learn more]
– Settlement of all open expired contracts [Click to learn more]
– Import support for the new format of the Consolidated Account Statement from CAMS
– Import support for auto-mapping using ISIN numbers for many additional brokers’ contract notes

New Global Reports (Pro & Advisor Version)
– ‘Bank & Broker’ Report to see banks and Brokers’ balances for one or all families
– Transaction Reports, CN Summary and Detailed to view contract notes of all families and search any Contract note with contract no or Settl. No
– Closing Balance Report for one family or all families under one report
– Asset Holding – Closing Balances

Improved Reports
– Capital Gain Summary report – Added filter to see only intra-day, short term or long term gains
– Ledger Printing Report – Option to exclude stocks, MFs & traded bonds
– Closing Balance report, added two more columns, Curr. Price and Curr. Value
– Holding Report, added three more columns, Curr. Price, Curr. Value and Gain/Loss
– Display of current value of assets with Lock-in Period entry in due date report
– Trading Profit/Loss report of past date will show valuation of the respective date

Bug Fixes
– Fixed bug related to Capital gain for Transfer-In with IPO and Bonus
– Fixed error in Transaction report with Bonus and Split
– Fixed clubbing of buy transactions entered separately on same day in capital gain report for income tax report, now it shows individual entries
– Fixed error in report of Debt MF with Indexation if internet is not connected

Click to the see the full version history of MProfit.


  1. Manish Hingar says:

    M profit is good and best product for portfolio management . waiting for more..

  2. Thank you for the feedback.

  3. Does Mprofit Investor+ still have the limitation of 50Lakh

  4. No, Investor+ is the paid product and it does not have limitation on the amount invested.
    MProfit Investor (Free) version has the limitation of 50 lakh, for total of all portfolios

  5. While I like the software and it is functional, it is way too outdated. The software has not seen a major uplift in interface for several years. Dashboards / graphs are boring and non-interactive (static). Insights are hard to obtain, with no filters available such as IRR by vintage or sector. Time-series of historical performance is missing.

    It needs a major upheavel, and move away from the thinking of being a report card / accountant’s book keeping software to a wealth management tool. I guess the software is fine for those who are okay with the status quo, but if you are a power user, this one is not for you. Don’t think I’ll end up re-subscribing to the software again if there are no major upgrades on a constant basis.

  6. Hi! Gaurav,

    Thank you for your feedback. MProfit has always maintained its focus on complete portfolio management and accounting solution. We have been updating the features and reports based on feedback from our clients. You can checkout the details here. MProfit is a preferred choice for many serios investors, large family offices, financial advisors and CAs. Free version is used by many retail investors.

    We have started working on cloud solution, which may take some time. Once cloud is implemented, we will be able to introduce many more additional advanced features.

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