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MProfit v5.5 launched

The latest version 5.5 is available now!  Below are a couple highlights of this release:
1. Updated XIRR Report: Income column now includes only Income received as Pay-out. All dividend reinvestment and cumulative income are added in Current Value.
2. Import – We have added many more brokers to allow importing of contract notes from Antique, Concept Securities, Dalal & Broacha, Dani Shares, GEPL Capital, Integrated Master Securities, Pragya Securities, RK Global, Skyes & Ray Equities and many more. We have also updated many of the import options as well. (click for a current list of brokers)
How Do I Get The Update?
From the main menu select Help -> Check for Updates. You will need to restart MProfit to proceed with the update.
Please make sure that you have internet connectivity during this process and that your anti-virus software and/or firewall is not blocking the download.

26 July, 2011