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Advisor and Investor 9.0 released

Happy New Years! If you have noticed we have been quite silent on this blog over the past 5-6 months, mainly because the entire team was working towards a very busy 2012.
At MProfit we started 2012 with a bang, with the launch of latest version of MProfit Investor (v9.0). But in even bigger news is we launched our second product MProfit Advisor. MProfit Advisor was designed for companies, family offices, HNIs, CFPs, independent financial advisors (IFAs), insurance advisors, investment advisors and sub-brokers.
What’s new in MProfit Investor v9.0?
We have rebuilt MProfit Investor (download) to take advantage of the many new features we have planned for 2012 such as the ability to sync your data with advisors. In addition, you will be able to view your data on tablets and mobile phones (Android, iOS, Windows).
Some of the features you will notice right away:

  • Bigger font size of the summary screen
  • Many more import options have been added
  • Capital gains report with or without indexation for debt mutual funds and FMPs

MProfit Advisor commercially available
Since the launch of our first product MProfit Investor we were receiving many requests from financial advisors, HNIs and family offices.  In 2011, we decided it was time to start working on a new product based on the feedback and what you see today in MProfit Advisor (download) is a result of  it.
MProfit Advisor we designed to be easy to use and cost effective. MProfit Advisor allows you to manage 100’s of portfolios, put your logo on reports, generate overall AUM reports and many other features. In the near future, advisors will be able to share data with their clients in an easy and secure manner.  At MProfit, 2012 is the year we plan to make managing money a very simple task.
Click for a summary of the features in MProfit Investor and MProfit Advisor.

2 January, 2012